26 Raw Recipes You Have Got to Try This Winter!
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26 of the Best Raw Winter Recipes You Have to Try

Cold weather may make you think of warm, hearty meals, flavorful soups, and decadent desserts, but have you ever considered eating raw in the winter?  I actually find that when the weather gets cold, my cravings for cold food increase, perhaps because of all the delicious winter veggies and seasonal flavors I can incorporate into raw meals. 

You’ll want to eat raw this winter, too, after seeing these 26 incredibly delicious raw winter recipes that you have to try. 

Raw Winter Salad Recipes 

Although summer salads are more popular, I prefer winter salads because of all the delicious seasonal ingredients and flavors that they incorporate. You’ll love the festive, flavorful, and savory produce featured in these winter salads. 

Raw Winter Vegetable Salad with Vegetable Juices

Raw Winter Vegetable Salad with Vegetable Juices
Credit: Jamie Kennedy

This yummy raw winter vegetable salad with vegetable juices incorporates all of the best winter vegetables, featuring carrots, radishes, beets, and shallots. They are all finely chopped and then coated with a vinegar and olive oil-based dressing mixed with their delicious juices. 

Fruit Salad with Lemon Poppyseed Dressing


Winter Fruit Salad with Lemon Poppyseed Dressing
Credit: AllRecipes

Get fruity this winter by making this fruit salad with lemon poppyseed dressing. This unique salad mixes sweet and savory flavors, featuring a wintery mix of onions, lettuce, swiss cheese, cashews, cranberries, apples, and pears. It’s then topped off with a tangy but sweet lemon poppyseed dressing. 

Winter Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette

Winter Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette
Credit: Love & Olive Oil

While I love citrus in the summer, it really shines for me in winter recipes. You’ll agree with me after trying this wonderful winter salad with citrus vinaigrette recipe. A base of persimmons, tangerines, and pomegranates is coated in a citrus vinaigrette that beautifully and flawlessly brings out their sweetness. 

Winter Salad with Apples and Cherries 

Perfect Winter Salad
Credit: Taste of Home

I know it’s hard to decide whether you love vegetable salads or fruit salads better. This winter salad with apples and cherries is here to ask: why choose? The sweetness of fresh greens, apples, cherries, and pecans is brought out by this salad’s tangy dressing, which will take a hit at dinner parties and holiday events. 

Raw Winter Smoothies 

Nothing wakes me up in the morning like a refreshing produce-packed smoothie, and trust me, I especially need that energy boost on cold winter mornings. These revitalizing raw winter smoothies will convince you: wintertime is smoothie-time. 

Green Smoothie 

green smoothie raw winter recipes

One of the best things about smoothies is how they allow you to experiment with blending ingredients that you traditionally wouldn’t put together. This green smoothie is a great example of that experimentation gone right, including avocado, oranges, banana, celery, and apples. 

Winter Citrus Smoothie 

Winter Smoothie
Credit: Martha Stewart

Again, I love citrus in the wintertime, so naturally, I’m a huge fan of this pleasantly sweet and sour winter citrus smoothie. This smoothie is a satisfying breakfast alternative, blending oranges, pineapple, yogurt, and sliced bananas. 

Blueberry Banana Smoothie 

Credit: Live Eat Learn

This refreshingly sweet blueberry banana smoothie makes a wonderful breakfast or even afternoon snack. It’s super simple with just bananas, blueberries, yogurt, and milk, but so delicious. This satiating smoothie will easily appease your sweet tooth! 

Raw Winter Gazpacho Recipes 

The hot soup gets all of the attention in the wintertime, but the warm flavors concentrated in cold gazpacho are just as satisfying on freezing winter nights. Below are some of the best winter gazpacho recipes you’ll find online. 

Creamy Cucumber Gazpacho

Creamy Cucumber Gazpacho (Raw!)
Credit: Full of Plants

It doesn’t get more classic than this creamy cucumber gazpacho. Not only is it super delicious, but it’s also extremely easy to make, only taking about 10 minutes. This healthy side dish, or even meal, features creamy, blended cucumbers with basil pesto, miso, and coconut milk. 

Raw Vegan Tomato Gazpacho

Gazpacho – raw vegan Spanish tomato soup
Credit: Live Love Raw

This raw tomato gazpacho is a great dish for healthy eaters and vegans. Not only is it packed with veggies, vitamins, and minerals, it’s also packed with flavor. The soup’s savory base is made from blended tomatoes, red peppers, cucumbers, and garlic. You can then add whatever chopped veggie cubes you want on top to finish the dish off. 

Raw Vegan Avocado Gazpacho

Credit: Food.com

If you have ever wished that you could just eat guacamole with a spoon, then this raw vegan avocado gazpacho will be right up your alley. This deceptively rich soup is one of the more complex gazpachos on this list, with 15 ingredients, but it’s worth the extra work. The creamy avocado, spicy green chiles, hint of lime, and diced tomatoes elevate this gazpacho from good to great. 

Pepper and Tomato Vegan Gazpacho Soup 

Easy Vegan Gazpacho Soup
Credit: The Spruce Eats

I love the slightly spicy, subtly herbal taste of this perfect pepper and tomato vegan gazpacho soup. This very basic gazpacho recipe has cucumber, tomato, and bell pepper base that’s blended with garlic, lemon juice, basil, and parsley. So yummy! 

Raw Vegan Winter Recipes

Although the vegetable selection in the winter is more limited, the veggies available are all absolutely delicious, making it a good time of year to be vegan. These exceptional raw vegan winter recipes are easy, healthy, and yummy. 

Vegan Winter Salad

Credit: Lazy Cat Kitchen

Combining all of the best winter produce, this vegan winter salad makes a great side dish or even meal. With 15 ingredients, it’s not exactly the quickest salad to prepare, but it is so delicious you may not care. With a fruity and leafy base, including pomegranate seeds, turnips, apples, and spinach, and a sweet and tangy dressing, you’ll be dreaming about this superb salad. 

No-Bake Cereal Bars 

Credit: Lazy Cat Kitchen

These no-bake cereal bars are great to have around the house in case you need to grab a fast snack or to-go meal. Not only will they provide you with a quick bite to eat, but they are also quick to make taking less than a half-hour. The sweetness of these bar’s maple syrup and cranberries goes perfectly with their saltier elements. 

Raw Pad Thai 

raw pad thai
Credit: AllRecipes

A lot of times, raw dishes keep it simple, but there is nothing simple about this flavorful raw pad thai recipe. Incorporating all of the classic pad thai ingredients on top of zucchini noodles, this delicious citrusy and savory meal will become one of your new favorite raw recipes. 

Raw Vegan Protein Bowl 

raw vegan protein bowl
Credit: Young & Raw

Get all of your daily vitamins, minerals, and protein from this raw vegan protein bowl. With fresh broccoli tops, carrots, cabbage, peas, sunflower sprouts, and sundried tomatoes, this protein-packed bowl features some of my favorite vegetables. The savory and citrusy dressing drizzled on top of them makes them even more delicious. 

Raw Winter Side Dishes 

Not ready to commit to a fully raw meal? No problem! Try these delicious raw winter side dish recipes. Be warned, though: they’ll steal the show from whatever your main dish is. 

Easy Apple Coleslaw 

Credit: Simple Veganista

Although coleslaw is typically associated with the summer, this sweetly flavored easy apple coleslaw will go perfectly with savory, hearty winter dishes. It features a colorful assortment of fruits and veggies, which are all mixed together in an addictively delicious peppery-sweet creamy coleslaw dressing. 

Fig and Arugula Salad with Honey-Mustard Dressing

Fig and Arugula Salad with Honey-Mustard Dressing
Credit: Chowhound

I love honey-mustard based dressing, so I’m a huge fan of this wintery fig and arugula salad. The mildly tangy dressing brings out the sweetness of the fresh figs and pepperiness of the arugula. This warmly flavored salad is the perfect way to end cold winter days. 

Avocado Mango Salsa

Avocado Mango Salsa
Credit: Six Pack to Go

Heat things up in the winter with this flavorful avocado mango salsa. I love how the buttery avocado, sweet mangos, citrusy lemon juice, and spicy habanero peppers fuse in this unforgettable salsa. This is a great, simple dip to have at dinners and holiday events. 

Festive Fruit Salad

Pomegranate Winter Fruit Salad Recipe – Easy and Festive!
Credit: Melanie Cooks

Rarely have I seen a fruit salad as beautiful as this colorful, festive fruit salad. Featuring pomegranates, kiwis, oranges, pineapples, and bananas, it includes all of my favorite winter fruits. It makes a wonderful appetizer, side dish, or even dessert.   

Easy Raw Winter Dessert Recipes

While gingerbread men and other baked goods get most of the winter dessert hype, I would argue that these easy raw winter dessert recipes are even more delicious. 

Raw Avocado Chocolate Pudding

vegan raw chocolate pudding three ways
Credit: Veganista

One of my favorite desserts has always been chocolate pudding, but I’ve never been a fan of the calories that come with it. This raw avocado chocolate pudding recipe is incredible because it provides you with the decadence of chocolate pudding but not the calories. It’s super simple to make, only containing avocados, bananas, cacao powder, maple syrup, and vanilla. 

Lemon Fluff Dessert 

Credit: Simple as That

People sleep on citrusy desserts. I love a bit of lemon and lime in my confectionery creations, so naturally, I’m super into this lemon fluff dessert. Not only is it super simple to make with only five ingredients, but it’s also beautiful, with a light yellow color, and tasty, with an airy texture and slightly sweet, slightly citrusy flavor. 

Creamy Oreo Dip Dessert 

Creamy Oreo Dip Dessert
Credit: Family Fresh Meals

You had me at “Oreo.” This decadent creamy Oreo dip dessert captures all of the deliciousness of Oreos in a heavenly, decadent, fluffy dip form. Bring this to events and holiday parties for crowds of people to enjoy. Before you know it, it will all be gone! 

Coconut Rough Bliss Balls 

Coconut Rough Bliss Balls
Credit: Becoming Ness

With a lot of coconuts and a little bit of chocolate, these coconut rough bliss balls hit all of the sweet spots for me. They are deceptively simple to make, with only five ingredients and a few steps. These will become your new favorite quick-and-easy go-to dessert. 

Healthy Raw Winter Dessert Recipes

Just because its dessert doesn’t mean that it can’t be healthy! These decadent raw winter dessert ideas will satiate your sweet tooth with healthy ingredients. 

Raw Coconut Cheesecake

Raw Coconut Cheesecake Recipe
Credit: Brit+Co

Whether you are vegan, gluten-free, paleo, or refined-sugar free, this raw coconut cheesecake recipe could be your new favorite dessert. It’s packed with healthy but delicious ingredients like coconut oil, cashews, and macadamia nuts. Yum! 

Edible Cookie Dough 

raw cookie dough dessert
Credit: Real Healthy Recipes

Who doesn’t love edible cookie dough? Especially when it’s packed with healthy ingredients, like garbanzo beans, nut butter, stevia, flax meal, coconut milk, and honey, like in this fabulous recipe. Whip up this low-calorie dessert in less than half-an-hour!

Nice-Cream, Walnuts, and Chocolate Raw Dessert

Nice-Cream, Walnuts and Chocolate Raw Dessert
Credit: Refresh My Health

We all scream for ice-cream, or rather “nice-cream” if you’re following this decadent nice-cream, walnuts, and chocolate raw dessert recipe. This elegant dessert, while a lot of work to prepare, is so beautiful and delicious that it’s worth it. It features yummy ingredients like bananas, berries, avocados, coconut sugar, walnuts, homemade frosting, and homemade “nice-cream.” 

Bottom Line 

Whether you were looking for a raw winter salad, dessert, or vegan recipes, this list had a delicious dish for you! Keep it cold this winter with healthy, flavorful, and simple raw recipes. 

Comment below with your favorite recipe, or any raw recipe questions. As always, if you found this list inspiring, be sure to share it!

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