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7 Reasons to Add Snapdragons to Your Garden

Snapdragon plants grow some of the most beautiful flowers you can add to your garden, but they boast more than just eye-catching blooms! Did you know that these uniquely-shaped blossoms come in plenty of colors and produce a sweet smell? What about the fact that they repel animals you want to keep out of your garden, while also benefiting pollinators?

Below, you’ll discover all the reasons you should add snapdragons to your garden. By the end, you’ll wonder why you didn’t sooner!

Easy to Grow

White snapdragon flowers
Image credits: Ralphs_Fotos via Pixabay

Snapdragons are incredibly easy to care for, requiring full to partial sun and well-draining soil. During warmer weather (above 80 degrees Fahrenheit), they will bloom most with partial shade, while cooler weather will result in a need for more sun. Opt for a soil high in organic matter and remember to fertilize when the plants first begin to bloom.

Overall, snapdragons are a low-maintenance option for your yard, requiring little attention when it comes to lighting and soil conditions. Plus, they are frost tolerant, so you don’t have to stress about losing your blooms once the first chilly days arrive.

Fragrant Blooms

Close up image of snapdragon flowers
Image credits: Morkin via Pixabay

If you’re looking to add an appealing and welcoming floral fragrance to your yard, the search ends with snapdragons. The scent is light and fruity, almost comparable to bubblegum. The sweet aroma adds to the excitement of the plant’s beautiful blooms. That said, the smell isn’t overpowering and won’t take over your garden.

Attract Pollinators

Bumblebee and snapdragon flower
Image credits: PurpleOwl via Pixabay

The sweet scents aren’t just for you to enjoy! They will also attract pollinators to your garden. Pollinators, such as bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies, are essential to the ecosystem and plant reproduction, so they are a beneficial addition to your yard. There are many plants that will attract these creatures to your outdoor space, but snapdragons are some of the most beautiful!

Deer and Rabbit Resistant

little roe in the garden
Image credits: shutternelke via Shutterstock

If you’re fed up with deer and rabbits chewing away at your luscious garden, you’ll be happy to hear that snapdragons repel common yard pests. The strong fragrance of snapdragons repels deer, while most parts of the plants are unpalatable to rabbits. With that in mind, snapdragons are non-toxic to humans and most animals, so they are safe to plant, though consuming them in large quantities is never a good idea.

Wide Array of Color Choices and Sizes

variety of beautiful Antirrhinum majus or Snapdragon flowers in farm
Image credits: Jon Kraft via Shutterstock

Available in saturated colors in almost every hue, snapdragons are perfect for adding warmth, color, and brightness to your garden backyard space. You can also suit them to the season, whether you’d like cool violets and blues for the spring, hot pinks and peaches for the summer, or deep reds and warm oranges for the fall.

In the same token, snapdragon varieties range in size from 6 inches to 3 feet, so you can add height, layers, and dimension to your garden. Remember to choose the right variety for where you intend to plant!

Ideal for Containers

Lush, Colorful Snapdragon Flowers Growing in Flowerpot
Image credits: Jon Kraft via Shutterstock

If your garden is already filled with spectacular blooms, consider planting snapdragons in containers. This will add dimension and versatility to your yard, though you can also opt for a container garden on a balcony, patio, or smaller outdoor space. Snapdragon blooms are whimsical and striking, making them the ideal option for a centerpiece in your containers, though they will also stand out on their own.

Blooms, Blooms, and More Blooms!

Blooming snapdragon flowers
Image credits: janeb13 via Pixabay

Snapdragons are popular for their tubular blossoms, especially since they last all season long. Pinching back the stems when the plants are young will encourage bushier growth and more blooms. Plus, proper watering techniques, temperature, and lighting will help the plants continue to put out flowers, but these conditions are easy to achieve! Also, remember to deadhead the plant to encourage new blooms.

Because snapdragons are cold-hardy, they also bloom throughout spring and fall. This means you’ll enjoy them for most of the year! Snapdragons are also short-lived perennials, which is why most gardeners plant them as annuals. But if you live in zones 5 and 7, you can also overwinter first year snapdragons and enjoy them again next year!

Snap to It!

Snapdragons are some of the most low-maintenance, beautiful plants you can add to your yard. Though the plants boast bright and attractive flower clusters, deer and rabbits avoid them. In saying that, the fragrant blooms are perfect for adding a sweet scent to your yard and inviting pollinators to your garden.

Will you be planting snapdragons this season? Share in the comments below!