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7 Reasons To Plant Marigolds in Your Garden Today

Marigolds have bright yellow and gold petals, but did you know there are several other reasons to add them to your home or garden? From their hardiness to their companion planting abilities, these flowers are a must-have for any yard.

Their bright blossoms combined with their ability to grow in even adverse conditions, make these a great choice for anyone. They even make great hanging baskets! Keep reading to find out more about marigolds and why they are a great choice for any garden.

1. Easy to Care For

A single blooming orange marigold flower
Image credits: Myriams-Fotos via Pixabay

Marigolds make a great choice for beginners, or anyone looking for a no-hassle flower, as they don’t need much hands-on work. They should do just fine in the ground or in a hanging pot. As long as they get enough sun and you water them occasionally, you should have great blossoms within eight to ten weeks.

Another tip, is if you would like your marigolds to grow and look more full, you can trim the buds before they blossom in the Spring. This will cause the flowers to grow more ends, and grow more tightly together.

2. Grow Well in Poor Conditions

A bunch of budding orange marigolds
Image credits: _Alicja_ via Pixabay

If you have had trouble growing flowers in the past, making the switch to marigolds might be a great choice! They tend to do well even if soil conditions are poor and in areas where there are fewer nutrients, you may even find that these golden flowers thrive.

They still need full sun, and if you live in a very warm climate, some shade during the midday heat is best. Marigolds do prefer the soil to be well-drained, and watered when the top one or two inches of soil becomes dry. These flowers also do not like being cold, so make sure to plant them after the threat of frost has passed.

3. Few Diseases and Pests

A multicolor scarab beetle on orange and red marigolds. 3092
Image credit:Rebekah Zemansky via Shutterstock

Another reason to choose marigolds is that they’re not very susceptible to diseases, though you may encounter some pests such as the Japanese Beetle. If this happens, there are counter methods you can use to help, such as treating the plant with a water and dish soap solution.

If you are looking to keep away mosquitoes throughout the Summer months, Marigolds can also assist with keeping your yard free from these annoying insects.

4. Attract Pollinators

Macro vire of seven spotted lady beetle in red and yellow marigold flower
Image credit: pixelworlds via Shutterstock

Marigolds’ orange-yellow blossoms help attract bees, ladybugs, and other pollinators that are great for a fruitful garden. These insects and bugs are key to growing flourishing plants and will help your garden overall!

5. Companion Plant for Vegetables

Garden plot with raised bed
Image credit: Gina Lee Rodgers via Shutterstock

Some people find that marigolds work well as a companion plant for some vegetables. As stated above, marigolds can attract pests like Japanese Beetles, which can keep them from attacking other garden plants. This is often called a trap crop.

Marigolds are strong smelling and tend to keep away most pests from both themselves and plants that are growing nearby.

6. Bloom Fast

flowers marigolds orange in the garden
Image credit: nata_fler via Shutterstock

Marigolds are annuals, but they bloom fast in comparison to other plants. Even in less than ideal conditions, most marigold varieties bloom within eight to ten weeks. This makes them a great choice to plant soon after the last frost in the early spring, since they’ll add a splash of color to your home or garden without a long wait.

Plus, if you are a beginner to planting flowers, it’s a great feeling to see that pop of brightness and know that your efforts have paid off!

7. Vibrant Colors

a blooming orange marigold
Image credits: manfredrichter via Pixabay

A final reason to add Marigolds to your list of flowers is, of course, the colors! Marigolds vary from pale yellow to neon oranges and all the shades between.

These amazing colors, combined with their groups of petals, makes these flowers something to keep in mind the next time you are making a list of plants to add to your garden. They add a great burst of color to any garden, yard, or home.

Growing Marigolds

Marigolds are a great addition to your garden, and can attract pollinators and keep away pests from more important vegetable plants. You will be able to see the results of your efforts as they are quick to bloom.

These plants ability to survive in harsh conditions combined with their quick blooming, make these an amazing go-to option for new and experienced gardeners alike. And with their bright vibrant colors, they are sure to be a center point of any garden. They also make great additions to hanging baskets, and are sure to spark conversation when you have company over.