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10 of the Best Red Christmas Tree Ideas

The color of passion is also the color of Christmas, especially when you think about jolly old Santa and his easy-to-recognize suit. Combined with the green of a Christmas tree or the white of a beautiful winter snow setting, red is a color chosen by many because it looks sensational in winter décor. 

If you’re not sure how to integrate red as part of this year’s Christmas tree, discover the collection of ideas below to get some inspiration and turn your decor into something beautiful! 

Red and Silver Christmas Tree Ideas

Pops of Red on White

If you have a silver artificial Christmas tree, half of your décor problem is solved, as all you need to do is to throw in some red tree decorations. Here you can see that some gifts have been put under the tree, making the whole design look even more beautiful!

Red in the Alpine Forest

You can have a natural or green artificial Christmas tree and decorate it with silver and red ornaments. The beauty is that you can mix ribbons and garlands in any of these two colors with whatever globes or tree trinkets you fancy. You can add personalized decorations, like something made with holly, or place some poinsettias underneath the tree.

Red and Blue Christmas Tree Ideas

Merry Christmas, America

Red and blue aren’t your average Christmas tree combination. However, adding a third color as a buffer can diminish some impactful contrast. If your patriotic spirit is with you during the Christmas holidays, explore the possibility of buying a white Christmas tree and decorating it with blue and red ornaments related to the United States.

Go, Patriots!

Of course, nothing stops you from using the red and blue combo on your natural Christmas tree. However, this is an example that a buffer color makes the red and blue combination more pleasant to the eye. Here you can see different globes and ornaments that every Patriots fan will love!

Red Rustic Christmas Tree Ideas

Village in the Woods

This woodsy wonderland pulls elements from traditional Scandinavian Christmas designs, as seen in the tree skirt, as well as rustic Americana (in the plaid ribbon). Foregoing a tree topper for sprigs of red berries sets this tree apart, but there’s nothing better on a rustic red design than flocking, pine cones, and that adorable squirrel ornament.

Hats Off to Tradition

When you think about a traditional-style Christmas, you’re probably picturing those rustic wooden toys that would make children happy. Wooden toy cars and rocking horsies were everything a kid could dream of back in the day, so adding these as part of a rustic red Christmas tree setup makes sense. If the wooden toys are too big, you can scatter them underneath and around the tree.

Red Elegant Christmas Tree

Timeless Red and Gold Ribbon

When it comes to elegantly decorating Christmas trees, there aren’t many ways in which you can go wrong. Choosing two colors for the ornaments and the string lights is one way to make a Christmas tree look super classy. Usually, people combine red ornaments with golden ones, as these colors create a wonderful visual effect. Large and thick ribbons are also a great way to make a tree appear more elegant.

Red Poinsettias

Here is another example of how effective ribbons can be when you want to create a magical tree theme using the color of passion. Aside from the magnificent effect created by the large ribbons, you also see plenty of other similarly-colored decorations, including Christmas flowers, red and golden ornaments, and a simple but very effective string of warm Christmas lights.

Natural Elements with Elegant Flair

This lovely example of a red and golden Christmas tree shows how easy it is to create an elegant décor using only two colors. The giant golden flowers are complimented by red ribbons and holly berries in a nature-inspired Christmas tree theme that’s worthy of finding its way into your living room.

Red on Red on Red Christmas Tree

If you know that you want this year’s predominant tree color to be red but aren’t sure what other combinations to go with, you can always opt for a full red setup. Just buy all the ornaments, garlands, and tree lights in red and scatter them over the branches. It is a simple solution, but you can’t go wrong with it because you won’t be trying any color combinations that are too bold or too complicated to pull off.

It’s Never Too Early To Start Decorating Your Christmas Tree

Decorating a Christmas tree with red ornaments is one of the easiest things to do because this color is associated with Christmas the most. Everything from Rudolph’s nose to Santa’s suit shows just how big of a role the color red plays in the winter setup.

Red also allows you to get playful when it comes to the style of the tree as well. You can go for something more rustic that fits into a traditional-style décor or elegant and modern, a perfect Christmas tree for a more contemporary home design.

Comment below which Christmas tree idea you like the most, and as always, please share!