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12 Retaining Wall Ideas For Above-Ground Pools

Nothing beats the relaxation of sitting by a pool and enjoying the water. However, such an experience is prefaced by the hassles of installing a pool. On one hand, in-ground pools can be really expensive to install and could take months to be completed. On the other hand, above-ground pools spark controversy because they aren’t the most flattering to have propped up in your backyard, but what if that flaw can be addressed? Cue retaining walls.

A retaining wall is designed to serve as a barrier around a pool to prevent foreign objects from falling in. They also help fit an above-ground pool into a designated space like a corner or on a slope. Along with their technicalities, retaining walls can be customized to compliment your home and backyard. No more hesitation over whether your above-ground pool will fit in or not. Read on for some inspiration and insight on retaining walls.

Retaining Wall Ideas For Above-Ground Pools

1. Incorporate a Lounge

This design features a lounging area built in adjacent to the pool. The perimeter of the above-ground pool is blended in with the couch which leads the eyes over to a furnished lounging area complete with composite flooring, an in-built table, and stools.

2. In-Ground Illusion

This raised deck provides a retaining wall for the above-ground pool and acts as a terrace to place plants and could be furnished with lounging chairs. This design is also cost-effective in that it doesn’t alter the pool directly but rather incorporates it into the setting.

3. Add Tiles for Style

The tiles in this layout are doing some heavy lifting in seamlessly integrating the above-ground pool. The use of black tiles matches the overall color scheme of the setting and exudes a modern and sleek feel. Adding a bit of drama to the scene is the distinct up-lighting placed around the layout but especially around the pool, rendering it a focal point.

4. Greenery and Panelling

A great way to blend a pool into your garden is by putting up wooden panels to match the earthly tones present in the garden. This lush garden features shrubs, ornamental grasses, and a vibrant lawn that acts as a retaining wall for the above-ground pool. Along with the bordering garden are mahogany panels which are distinguished from the lawn by the garden bed. Having the garden nearby also means the potential for pests, so it would need to be maintained regularly along with the pool.

5. Terraced Pools

A pond accompanies this above-ground pool at its base, which masks the height of the pool’s frame and a small pool that flows into it from above. The flagstone paving present on the pool, pond, and patio unifies the area and enhances the depth of terraces extending from the entrance all the way to the edge of the pond.

6. Hillside Design

This design is ideal for a hillside because the slope is a natural retaining wall for the above-ground pool. The featured pool has flagstone paving and is part of a paved yard that is furnished with chairs and surrounded by trees that partially enclose the area.

7. Constructed Pond Design

Make your above-ground pool look like a pond by incorporating stones, plants, and fountains. The featured pool has sleek paving with clean-cut edges and is placed atop a flagstone patio with grass sprouting between the tiles, which mimics the look of stepping stones. Along with the neutrally toned furniture, the relaxing scene is complete with the fountains spraying water along the pool’s length.

8. A Lap Pool Upgrade

A lap pool is long, narrow, and rectangular, and is usually installed in-ground. This lap pool is above-ground, however, it has been paneled with oak timber and features a deck furnished with lounging chairs and sunbeds. The paneling on the pool has also been cushioned to serve as seating around the pool, making the layout perfect for entertaining guests.

9. Fenced Raised Deck

This retaining structure is adjoined to a house and features a walkway making the pool within fair reach. The raised deck has horizontal wood fencing which includes a small shade. At the base is a lattice design which adds interest to the large extension.

10. Add Some Thatching

Thatching with reeds can give your pool a tropical quality and can give character to the plain frames usually associated with above-ground pools. Featured is a trimmed reed fence and a thatched parasol umbrella that gives shade to a poolside tiki bar.

11. Abut and Panel

Abutting an above-ground pool involves adjoining it to an adjacent structure. Placed on top of a soil bed with a border of perennials, the wood-paneled pool was abutted into a corner.

12. Composite and Gravel

This lengthy backyard has a gradually declining slope which works well with above-ground pools. The featured composite deck is there for the seating area more than it is for the pool because the hillside slope incorporates the pool into the backyard.

In Summary

There are many reasons why people opt for retaining walls for an above-ground pool. From preventing soil erosion to keeping dirt away from your pool, retaining walls are a great addition to your backyard. Gone are the days of a misplaced pool in your backyard. There are a plethora of ideas to choose from and/or combine to get your above-ground pool looking like a part of the home.