95 Stunning Retaining Wall Ideas
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95 Stunning Retaining Wall Ideas

When sprucing up an outdoor area, we’re used to the typical landscaping – cleaning up brush, potting plants, adding a bush or vegetable garden here and there. In larger landscaping projects, however, sometimes lawns can become multifaceted depending on the space.

In most cases, adding or utilizing a retaining type of wall is necessary to hold soil and rain runoff back, but they can also add depth and deeper intrigue to an outdoor space.

Whether you absolutely need to utilize an existing retainer wall, or are thinking of adding one for a sunk-in courtyard, we’ve rounded up some great ideas on how to incorporate a wall design o your space that are gorgeous and relatively easy to maintain.

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Entwined Brick

Concrete retaining wall designs don’t have to be one color. In this unique design, neutral gray and brown stones entwine for an eye-catching layout. Pairing neutral toned bricks like these together can add interesting depth and texture to any outdoor area, especially if they happen to match a tiled garden floor, as pictured. It’s an easy way to “decorate” a wall without making it too apparent that it is there. It naturally meshes with the landscape and décor.


Overlapping Stones

Here’s one of the more interesting brick wall design ideas that we came across – it’s simple, yet complex. Having the stones overlap to show “pockets” of shadows is a great way to add a new concept to an old wall. This would look great if you have a larger wall space to cover since the more shadow pockets, the better with this particular design. This concept would really make your house stand out in any neighborhood.



Concrete Planter Boxes

When it comes to retaining wall landscaping, this concept is unique in that it calls for regular garden planter boxes. Again with the “shadow” effect, this wall creates those great pockets of shadows that just makes the whole wall look incredible. Since any home improvement store should carry these types of planter boxes, you can find a design, color and shape that would suit your needs perfectly and match any type of décor you have.



Interlocking Blocks

This design is super neat when it comes to cool retaining walls. The design calls for interlocking blocks to complete the wall. Outside of the normal brick or planter box concept, these blocks are cylindrical shaped and add so much depth to the whole concept. You can really choose any type of shape you like, but these cylindrical blocks are incredibly unique for that artsy garden concept you may be wanting to achieve.



Concrete Block Retaining Wall

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Here’s a gorgeous design using concrete blocks. Massive concrete blocks, that is. If you’re browsing through any cinder block retaining wall ideas, this one may be the design to stop at. The blocks are neutral grey, but huge and textured to add interesting character and depth to any garden space. The stone steps cut into the massive blocks looks almost like a fairy tale scene in the woods. This is a great idea for a summer getaway home or lodge in the mountains.


If you’re looking for any diy retaining wall ideas, here’s a nifty video explaining just how to do it! Filled with plenty of advice and examples, this short video will set you up with all the right materials needed for the project and offer a few insights and options in order to achieve your ideal retainer wall design. This video breaks down the whole process and makes it seem easy enough. Take the advice given in the video and use it to create your own interesting design!



Stacked Retaining Walls

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Stop here if you’re looking for any short retaining wall ideas! This is a great short retainer wall stacked concept that offers so much depth to the outdoor space. The walls are so short, that you wouldn’t even need a whole lot of material to get the job done. You could even make this an easy garden layout and plant different types of flowers or plants in each tier of the garden. The wall design would make the design look polished and clean.


Jagged Rock Wall

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One of the most unique rock retaining wall ideas – this design utilizes jagged textured slabs of rock to create a wall picturesque enough to be in a garden magazine! The slabs of stone or concrete make the viewer believe that the wall is actually comprised of a bunch of roughly cut rocks instead of clean slabs of textured stone. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but it’s so easy to install since the slabs have done all the work for you!




Retaining Wall with Wooden Barrier

While searching through wooden retainer wall ideas, this one particular design stood out. Not only is it your classic stone retainer wall, but this design has a wooden fence to act as an added barrier. Not that the fence would do a rock or landslide much justice, but the design is what’s truly unique about this setup. Something about mixing the concrete or stone wall with wood gives this an interesting feel and adds a lot without taking away from the wall.



Grass, Timber and Stone

An interesting concept to these wall ideas, this photo has grass, timber and stone all in one! Make your own artistic masterpiece by combining all these elements to create a retainer wall that will encompass nature. The wooden retaining wall is short and made of timber, which cleanly separates the grass and rocks. This would be perfect for a small outdoor garden area or backyard courtyard where guests can sit and enjoy the scenery.



Plywood Fence Wall

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There are plenty of retaining wall fence ideas out there, but this handy article gives you all the materials and steps you’d need to execute it! You can easily make this your own design by adhering to these simple, basic tips. If keeping the natural wood look isn’t what you’re going for, you could easily paint the plywood to match your décor. Plywood is also relatively cheap to buy and you can find it in any lumber yard or home improvement store.



Wooden Retaining Fences

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This article is full of garden retaining wall ideas that mostly feature using timber or wood. Since wood is more natural, it will more than likely match any type of décor in the backyard area or garden. One of the photos featured in the article depicts wide panels for a fence that is not only unique, but incredibly beautiful. Take some of these ideas into consideration before planning out your wooden retaining fence.



Rock Wall

Learn More at Seattle Retaining Wall

This article features several stone and timber retaining wall pictures that you could easily add to your outdoor areaor courtyard garden. The third photo in features a tiered wall of stained timber that not only adds intrigue to the space, but just looks amazing, too. The two tiers with beautifully selected plants create an interesting wall that will no doubt be admired by anyone who sets their eyes on it. This would look great in the backyard, possibly around a garden space for a view to be enjoyed while relaxing in your own private space.



Backyard Garden Option

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Skimming through backyard retaining wall ideas, these photos also use wood as the main material for retaining fences. These ideas would be great for a backyard garden or courtyard area – especially if the scene was set in the woods. Of course, this is not a requirement, but how great would it be to be snuggled around a fire with loved ones in the middle of nowhere in a gorgeously landscaped outdoor area?



Vertical Railway Sleepers

Learn More at Gardening DIY Life

Here is a picture of a retainer wall with sleepers. The clean wall cuts across the lawn in clear cuts. The wood against the green of the freshly cut grass is not only gorgeous, but it’s delightful to look at. Add a retaining wall with sleepers to your backyard space, or front yard area, for a clean, polished look that all your guests would love. This is a great design concepts for all types of outdoor areas, no matter the size.



Panel Wall

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This image and article depict a wide wooden wall used as a retaining fence. The sunken in garden area is beautiful, as the large panel wooden wall cuts the outline of everything in the background. It’s a gorgeous layout that is so different from typical retainer walls. The larger spans of it really adds a degree of height and art. Pair this with a few interesting statues or lawn furniture, and your next party awaits!




Minimalist Concept

Here’s a great concept when searching for retaining wall ideas for a slope. The natural rocks may seem like they were just there by chance, but the rocks actually serve as a pretty great wall. The larger stones compared to the smaller rocks at the bottom make the whole scene look rugged and natural. This is a perfect décor concept for a minimalist or someone who doesn’t like too many frills outside.



Natural Stone

Here is a great example for lake retaining wall ideas. This property set by a lake is circled by a stone wall. The color of the stone and the house are almost identical – but with different tone. This add interesting depth, texture and landscape, especially when set right next to the beautiful lake behind it. This is a great way to use nature to your advantage and decorate a side wall with natural stone.



Kaleidoscope of Color

This large stone retaining wall circles the outside of this incredibly beautiful house. The whole scene is gorgeous and the colors meld effortlessly against the gray sky. The green of the grass, grey of the stone and brilliant purple of the tree next to the estate all add to the great kaleidoscope of color this scene encompasses. This is proof that a retaining concept can be so much more than just a wall outside a property.



Edged Path

This wall snakes alongside a great walking trail in the middle of nature. The pale stones outline the trail, which is even great at night. Since the stone is pale, the moonlight would reflect off the stone and create a great path for night walkers or people who prefer not to walk in the heat of the day. This is a gorgeous path idea that would be suitable for any outdoor space that is longer or a wall that needs sprucing up.



Shapes and Lines

This wall idea is an artist’s dream! With so much texture, shape and lines, the wall is practically an art piece on its own. To make it even more interesting, incorporate varying colors of stone to create a mosaic masterpiece that would naturally be eye-catching. The grout between the stones could also be changed – either lighter or darker colors could be used to make this great concept your very own masterpiece.



Double Wall

This great idea calls for a main retainer wall, but the planter is also a retaining design of sorts. The varying stones that cut away from each other add depth and texture to the scene. The planter box acts as its own retaining wall made of stone and is completely different from the retainer wall in the back. Placing a smaller retainer wall planter box in front of the main wall is a great idea with so many possibilities.



Colorful Stone

This interesting wall features thinly cut, stacked colorful stone. It’s a great idea for a shorter wall concept or even a smaller wall that you’re trying to build around a planter. The stacked stone adds so much texture and color the scene, it’s amazing there aren’t more ideas that include this type of stone. I could see this idea in an artistic garden compete with the relaxing sounds of a water feature babbling in the background.



Carousel Stone

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These crescent-shaped retaining wall ideas almost act as a carousel, circling along the wall and creating a concept that is gorgeous and unique. It almost looks as if these walls could act as planters on their own. You could most certainly use this textured concept purely for an area that has many plants, or even a rock garden. The possibilities are endless with this idea, and by adding more color into the scene you could construct an outdoor area completely your own.


Congruent Shapes

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This is a great retaining type wall idea that holds within in congruent shapes. The vintage feel of the subdued colors of the stone make this an interesting trail to walk along. You could easily create your own custom mosaic designs by using cut stone set in larger pieces. This is a great way to give your outdoor area plenty of personality without bogging it down by repetition. This stone seems to be a bit on the thicker side, but you can easily use any width of stone for the project.


Wrought Iron Fence on Stone Wall

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There are many designs when searching for retaining wall ideas for a hill, but one of the most elegant images includes a wrought iron fence standing tall above a great stone wall. Everything about this layout is great – from the house set in the back to the luscious ferns spilling out over the wall. Using a retaining wall as a planter, of sorts, is always a great idea because it’s a great way to polish up nature.


Traditional Landscape

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This layout seems to be more on the traditional side. The home seems old fashioned, but definitely not outdated. The gorgeous wood cuts across the sky and you can’t help but notice that great stone retaining wall across the edges. There is something with the incorporation of stone and wood that makes a home look classy and really put together. This would be a great idea for a home in the woods or a summer getaway in the trees.


Stone Art

Learn More at Pierson Masonry

This is a beautiful retainer wall that tells a story, it seems. There is a sun, woods and trees all in one great wall that holds a picture. You could easily start a project like this, or even add to an existing wall, by cementing or gluing colored bits of rock and stone to create your own rustic masterpiece. I would imagine this would be a great project for a family that has kids and tries to stay true to traditions.


Stone Steps

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When browsing through retaining wall with steps ideas, you’ll come across everything from elegant design to rustic beauty. This photo, for example, could be considered elegant due to the cut, texture and color of the stone. I could only imagine how gorgeous the patio the stairs lead up to would be. You can create a retaining wall to line stairs, like this, and completely make the space your own. The colored flowers along each side are added bonuses to this great layout.


Thick Barrier Wall

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This thick barrier wall is the top of a retainer wall made completely of dark stone. The variation of tone and color make this wall so interesting to look at and it comes completely customizable since you can virtually find all colors of stone out there these days. The way the top of this wall snakes across the garden scene makes the yard seem more put together and clean. Add some flowering plants and trees to the sides of the wall, and you have a custom, beautiful garden.


Large and Small Stones

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This is a great layout that features both large and smaller stones to create a retainer wall that is absolutely gorgeous! Not only gorgeous, but this concept is so unique in design. I love the idea of starting a wall with large stones and filling in the gaps with smaller stones. To make this idea more fun, use varying colors of stones to create a gorgeous outdoor art masterpiece. Again, this would also be a fun project for families with kids.


Multi-Tiered Retaining Wall

Learn More at Benson Stone

Here’s a great idea for a tiered retaining wall made of stone bricks. The rounded bricks almost look old – as if they were the same bricks used to cobble a street way back when. When using stone bricks such as these for retaining wall designs, it’s easy to spruce up the front yard or back garden. Add your favorite shrubs or flowering plants for a gorgeous garden area come spring.



Wire Mesh

This massive wall features a wire mesh that holds all the stones together. This concept is easily customizable in shape, size, thickness and color of both stone and wire. Imagine a copper wiring across the dark blue of these stones? The possibilities are endless and the concept will always be a gorgeous way to incorporate a retaining type wall to any outdoor space. Even the patterns of the stones could be customizable if you’re aiming to be even more unique.



Neutral Stones

This is a great gabion retaining wall design that features all neutrally colored stones. The varying shapes, sizes and colors of the stone will add depth and character to any outdoor garden space and could easily be customizable. Don’t feel like using earth tones for your retainer wall? Use colored stones or clear, crystal-like garden rocks instead. The possibilities are endless with this concept, and thankfully, if you don’t happen to have so many rocks lying around, most home improvement stores have them on hand.


Wire Netting

This wire netting is so thin, you can barely see it. This idea draws more attention to the stone. If you’re looking for a gabion retainer wall idea that only utilizes the wiring for structural advantages, this is your go to! The wire strictly serves a purpose in this photo, so adding a brilliantly colored wire or even a thicker wire is not necessary. This is ideal for someone who wants to maintain the natural look of loose stone without the hassle.



Caged Rocks

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It almost looks as if these rocks are caged by this modernistic outdoor concept. Much like garden boxes, these retaining walls are shorter and hold plants instead of just outlining an outdoor area. The ferns and succulents in this photo peer out of the box design while the rocks add an interesting artistic design to the whole scene. The rocks vary from large to small and all the colors of the rocks make the eye naturally run across them.


Terracotta Filled

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This retaining wall design just might by my favorite…at least thus far. The caged retaining wall is filled with different sizes and shapes of terracotta pottery. It’s so cool! The circles, lines and shapes of the terracotta really make this an interesting concept and design. This design definitely looks much more complicated than it is to construct. It’s such a great idea that you could easily make with leftover tiles and pottery.



Multi-Level Wall

This is a great design for a multi-level retainer wall. The walls even have thicker pillars in between that give the scene a fenced-in feeling that adds a unique type of construction to the project. The bottom layer of this design holds light blue pillars while the upper levels have pillars that are more inset with the brick color. This is a great concept for an outdoor area that has a massive slope or large wall area to cover.



Tiered Shrubs

This is a gorgeous idea that uses multiple levels for plants. The shrubs peek out of these great garden box-like retaining walls that have become a wall of life. Each level or tier of this retaining wall holds a different type of shrub. This would be a great idea for a garden area or even a smaller outdoor design you want to utilize for vegetables, herbs, or varying flowering plants. The stoned wall barriers add a level of elegance to the scene.



 Usable Space

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This design uses the sloped space to its advantage. Just because there is a massive slope in an outdoor area doesn’t mean it’s useless. The space is used by creating a staircase, patio area and wall right onto the area. This design is really making the most of the area since this space would have otherwise been rendered useless. Being able to create a gorgeous space from a sloped piece of earth is not only useful, it’s smart.


Natural Stone and Rock

This design concept uses the natural stones and rocks familiar to the area. Almost as if the stones and rocks had been hand collected, this great wall concept looks as if someone just spent a Saturday piling these rocks to make an old fashioned yet authentic wall. Using materials originally from the area is a great way to maintain the feeling of nature to a modern scene. The varying shapes and colors of these rocks are made even greater by the unique design.


What’s better than reading up on how to create your own outdoor retaining wall? Watching an instructional video on it, of course! This is a great video to help you create an intriguing concept that definitely will look harder than it looks. The best part about videos like these is that they give you so many options and variables to choose from. You can customize any design, of course, by utilizing your own materials.



Lit Wall

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Have you thought about any retaining wall lighting ideas? Yes, it’s definitely a thing, and yes, it’s totally worth it and stunning! A great lighting idea like this one plays with the texture of the stone and shadow of light. Make your outdoor garden area that much more elegant by utilizing a lit up retaining stone wall. Not only is it gorgeous (just see for yourself) but it’s also a great way to add outdoor lighting without using floodlights or floor lamps.


Stone Labyrinth

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This amazing scene uses a stone retaining wall as a type of stone labyrinth. Although the odds of you getting lost in this space are slim (thank goodness), the intricate design and layout of the scene is absolutely gorgeous. The house is set on a stilted platform while the sunken in garden below spirals on. Make a gorgeous home like this even more gorgeous by adding an interesting retaining wall concept to the outdoor scene.


 Retaining Wall Gallery

Learn More

There are so many great ideas within this website for utilizing and creating retainer walls. Whether you have a large space to work with or just want to spruce up a small garden area, you’re sure to find at least two designs within this website page to help you on your way. Use any type of stone you like to execute your idea plan to fruition. Get as creative with the designs as you’d like, or keep it elegant and simple.


 Stone Path

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Use similarly shaped and colored stones to create a unique stone path along the wall. This is a great way to use up leftover stone and create a one-of-a-kind outdoor area that everyone will love. Add some great patio furniture and your outdoor area could be party ready in no time. I also like that the stone path could be as wide, narrow, small or large as you need. It’s a great concept without having to go above and beyond when it comes to outdoor décor.


Steel Walls

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These short steel retaining walls are a great idea to fill a modern landscape. Sticking to its natural element, the steel in this photo also seems to be slightly rusted from the elements. Although rust is typically viewed in a garden as a negative thing, in this setup, the rust only adds to the natural feel of the outdoor area. You could use steel walls that wouldn’t rust, but it’s really up to you and what concept you’re going for.



Stone Stairway

This is a great way to incorporate a garage area with a stone stairway. The retaining wall lines the scene with elegant, sun bleached stones that run all the way from the stairway to the top of the garage. It’s a great way to give a large outdoor area a similar feel when it comes to decoration and consistency. Imagine rolling up to this scene on your way to an extravagant dinner party in the hills of California? Absolutely stunning.



Garden Stairs

Imagine this stairwell leading to a secret garden? That’s exactly what this looks like. The retaining wall seems old – the stones layered carefully with concrete that seems to almost ooze out from in between them. This scene may have an old feeling to it, but one thing is for sure, this stone and cement wall has certainly lasted. Half the charm of these kinds of walls is that they will, undoubtedly, last for a very, very long time.



Ornate Stairs

This is another great stairwell with a surrounding retaining wall. The ornate design in the side of the wall leading up to the stairs almost looks like a windowsill or a mirror. Ornamental elements such as these can add so much charm to any outdoor space, but being inset the wall makes the whole scene look whimsical and fairy-like. There are many concrete and stone elements that add to that feeling in this photo.



 Stacked Planters and Walls

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This image looks like something you’d find in a great ruin of a castle or sacred realm. The stair ways cut into the planters and stone walls make the scene statuesque and impressive. The green of the grass is even more prominent due to the dark browns in the stone. The fact that all the stone is the same color and texture adds to the impact of the scene. Making planters from retaining walls is a great idea and easy to add.


 Outdoor Kitchen

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What a fantastic way to utilize and easily decorate a contemporary outdoor kitchen space! The stone retaining walls add so much charisma to the scene. The cooking ware and sink add enough interesting perspective as it is, but the effortlessly cool surrounding area makes the outdoor kitchen that much more elegant. This would be an ideal setup for entertaining or hosting a cocktail barbecue. Perfect for those long summer nights.


Terrace Slope

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I’m not sure if this is a reading nook or someone’s backyard – or both. Whatever this space is used for, it’s absolutely gorgeous and I want to just curl up in it and read a book myself. The varying shapes in retaining walls are going upward. The shorter wall toward the front and the largest wall toward the back. The interesting shifts in dimension not only tie this entire scene together, but it’s elegant and pleasant to look at. I can only imagine how great it is to read in!



Nature’s Staircase

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Nature has created its own staircase and retaining walls. At least to the naked eye, that is. Obviously a lot of time and design concept went into this idea, but at the front, this just seems to be nature’s way of saying “go up the stairs to reach Utopia.” I’d go, without question. The natural grass and plants have grown around a design that was brilliantly executed. The soft grass lines the stairs that are probably made from stone while the wisps of foliage line the edges like a retaining wall.



Stone Walkway

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This stone walkway leads up to a stairway that matches the scene perfectly. The neutral gray stones in this setup makes the colors around it seem much more vivid and bright. Using the retainer walls on either side as planter’s boxes makes the scene uniformed without taking too much away from the natural ambience. Plants with vivid flowers would look great filling these stone garden boxes.



Pond with Retaining Wall

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This is a gorgeous water feature concept that utilizes a retaining wall. The wall encircles the water feature using the same types of stones and colors to maintain the feel of the décor. Little plants make the scene that much more relaxing – as you can almost hear the flowing water, hear the chirping birds, and sink into the scenery. This would be the perfect addition to a corner stone courtyard area or even a small, hidden garden.


Courtyard Pond

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In a world that is constantly moving, this scene demands you to stop, take in nature and ease your mind for a bit. The stones may vary in color and size, but the interesting texture is constant throughout the scene. Even the surrounding tiles are textured, following the same color scheme. The bench is in a great location and perfect for relaxing for a bit to take it all in. This would be a great scene in a larger garden area of backyard.


Forest Stream

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It almost looks as if you could stumble upon this while on a hike in the woods or stroll down a mountain trail. The water spills over the gorgeous gray bricked retaining wall; the only element in the photo that doesn’t feel as old as the surrounding trees. Although the wall water features is clearly man made and relatively new, the whole scene is tied together thanks to this interesting feature. It’s classic, yet contemporary.


Split-Level Garden Water Feature

These pipes allow water to effortlessly spill out into this wonderful outdoor garden water feature. The retaining wall acts as the vessel between the growing garden and the life-giving water. I can imagine this scene in a quaint side garden or hidden courtyard off to the far end of an elegant garden. This feature would be perfect for the avid gardener, or just in a yard of someone who respects gardening and plans to take it up one day.


Water Slice

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This water feature slices across the retaining wall stones and spills into a pool under it. The textured stone is gorgeous as the water beautifully cuts across it. This would be a great feature for a yard that is relatively small, yet more modern. The tiny shrubs behind it give the feeling of a contemporary household, full of interesting gadgets and design spaces. Even if this is a larger yard you’re trying to fill, this water feature is a great addition.



 Wall Design

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This whole outdoor area screams modern décor. From the interesting design along the broad wooden retaining wall, to the stone fire pit in the center, the whole area beckons visitors to sit, chill and have a cold one. These great concepts to the scene all play in correlation to the entire feel of the yard. The retaining wall toward the far back also holds an outdoor courtyard area that you could probably watch tennis players from.


Stone Tudor

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Keeping that artisan feeling from the Tudor realm, this statuesque water feature utilizes copper to red stones for a feeling of strength and magnanimity. I can almost imagine the grandiose scene the golden stairway toward the back end of the area will take you. Water, much like this whole scene, is powerful. The water feature along with the strong colors, stones and textures make this scene straight out of a movie.


 Mediterranean Escape

This is the perfect scene to make you feel as if you’ve left your life behind to go on a Mediterranean escape. The pool is lined with a brick retaining wall that holds a multi-spouted water feature. The spills of water pool together to make the water feature elegant and relaxing. I can only imagine what types of lighting fixtures have been set to really capture the feel of the Mediterranean and make the scene complete.



Spring has Sprung

Spring has truly sprung in this scene. The stone stairway is matched by a gorgeous retaining wall on each side. With each side stacked, the retaining wall features also make way to thriving green plants. You could plant any type of bush, flower or tree in the feature. The subdued colors of the stone really make the surrounding foliage pop. I can imagine some great blues and purples from flowering little plants along the retaining walls.



Jagged Stone

This retaining wall features jaggedly cut stone that gives the wall an almost ancient feel to it. This would be a great wall to have in a large outdoor area that requires a longer, taller wall than the typical backyard features. Maybe even a wall that encircles and entire property or lines the path to a large stable. Whatever the scene could be, this type of design deserves a larger space to truly appreciate the texture of it.



Clean Cut

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This uniform, clean cut wall is practically a short brick wall. The varying degrees of this retaining wall makes the outside landscape look polished and neat. This would be the perfect scene in a suburb or on the outskirts of a larger city. The brick in this photo are reddish, but you could use any type and color of stone depending on the overall décor of the scene. This almost minimalist concept not only looks nice and uniformed, but it will no doubt last a long while, too.


Walls and Fences

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This website features several natural and brick fences and retaining walls that would be perfect for any scene. Whether you have a large front yard you’re trying to build a perimeter retaining wall around or a small area in the back you want to close in, any of these designs could help set you on your way in creating the perfect element for you. The plants growing over the brick of one of the retaining walls in this roundup is especially gorgeous.


Stone and Brick

This page is full of great ideas that utilize the use of stone and brick retaining walls. Whether it’s a stone retaining wall with brick tiling, or the other way around, there are so many great ideas and designs to look at and more than likely generate inspiration from. These seem like relatively simple concepts that you wouldn’t necessarily need a professional landscape architect to help create. Although you should never try something you’re not familiar with right at the get go, you could practice and be a pro in no time.


Hillside Home

These retainer walls leading up to the front of the house is absolutely stunning! This would be a great setup for a house located on a hillside or on a winding road up a mountain range. The lanterns along the way up to the house add that extra touch to make the home look cozy and welcoming. Use a more uniformed style hedge to add lights into them for a wonderful display during the holidays!


Fireplace Wall

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Even if you already have an outdoor area with a large retaining type of wall, spruce up the décor by adding a fireplace within the actual wall. It would be the perfect addition for those cozy, winter nights spent with friends and family, and if you add a grilling capability, it’d be the ideal hangout for a summer barbecue. Not only is this a fun idea, but it’d make the space look completely unique and elegant.



Tire Retaining Wall

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Upcycle some old tires to create an amazing stacked retaining wall. This is such a great concept because you’re recycling and creating something beautiful. Even better, runoff from rain will help water each of these tire planters and basically self-maintain itself. This is a great idea for that earth conscious consumer who prefers to reuse things rather than throw them away. Each of the tires can hold different types of plants for an even greater retaining wall scene.


Garden Wall

This bench rests easily against this stone and brick concrete retaining wall. This wall is a great, simple scene that adds so much character and design to any outdoor area. The wall in the photo looks like it’s seen a few visitors, as it seems to be worn from elements and bleached from the sun. One great thing about using a retaining wall in a garden is that they will last for a long time. It’s easy to spruce up a garden wall with paint.



Concrete Planter Wall

This wall is such a fun concept that brings in plenty of color from the gorgeous little plants planted inside. Since the wall is pretty much made up of planter boxes, each little loop can easily hold a few plants, or in this case, just a few blooms at once. It’s a gorgeous idea that will bring so much character to any outdoor scene. The deep blue stone in this picture makes the wall look truly elegant. Pick your favorite color to make this idea your own.



Dirt and Stone

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Behind this great fire pit is a wonderful retaining wall holding smooth, black stones against a larger dirt and moss retaining wall. This is a truly urban landscape that is modernistic and contemporary all at once. This would be a bit easier to execute compared to other scenes, but it still looks more intricate that it may entail. I’ve never made a retaining wall scene like this, however, so I’m merely speculating here.


Solid Stone

This stone retaining wall calls for smaller and larger stones that make a straight cut across the wall. Set in the suburbs, this scene is a great example on what exactly you could do with a smaller front yard space. The tiny water spigot and neatly laid stones around it add a sort of suburban charm in the middle of it. Hopefully there is a small stream or wooded area nearby to complete the feel of this water feature.



 Interlocking Concrete Wall

This massive interlocking cement wall is impressive in this rural landscape. The stone is entwining almost as rope as it cuts across the scene. This retaining wall must be holding up a train track, since I’m assuming that’s a train or bus on top of it. This is an interesting way to bring some décor to an otherwise mundane scene. The wall looks powerful, sturdy, and no doubt will be able to be strong enough to hold the weight of cars, busses or trains.


Lattice Wall

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This massive wall looks as if it has lattice work entwined in it. The plants peeking out of the space in between the railing is absolutely adorable and perfect for that person who needs to utilize a retaining all without interrupting nature too much. The decorative foliage around the scene, such as the blooming flowering tree, tiny succulents and small bushes, make the yard look well-groomed and maintained. It’s a cute scene that holds the power of nature.


Rock and Cement

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This yard uses rock in between the cement steps that makes this landscape look absolutely gorgeous. The small rock retaining wall along the side of the stairway makes the scene charming, as the blooming plants peek out from their flowerbeds. This would be a great idea for a decorative garden space or a courtyard expanse that needs filling. A cute stone bench would be the perfect addition to the scene. You could do so much with a scene like this.


Planter Bed Walls

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Here’s a great way to have so many planter beds and a super great retaining wall all at once! By utilizing these stacked planters, not only are you making it incredibly easy to water these plants, but the retaining wall will add so much character to your space. With so many interesting ideas to choose from, it’d be impossible not to want to try this fun concept out. This would be perfect for a smaller garden area or a larger outdoor space.


 Living Wall

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This is literally a living retaining wall. The wall is entirely constructed of living plants held in varying boxes. It’s a great way to have a massive garden, even if you don’t have so much space to work with. Since the wall is vertical, the sky is the limit quiet literally. This is a great way to add an interesting concept to your outdoor space and liven up the area by using all these great plants to your advantage. It’s funky, green and totally unique.


Road to Paradise

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This is a great concept that leads up to a hammock! Or in this case, paradise! It’s a super cute idea that even holds tiny little staircases along your trek. The short retaining wall adds character to each layer of this garden and stacks one on top of the other for a clean landscape. This is a perfect example on how you can do so much with so little. The varying sizes, shapes and colors of plants only adds more charm to the whole scene.



Light Wall

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This seems like more of a retaining planter box than an actual retaining wall, but the play with light is super fantastic. The tiny strips of light add a glamorous effect to the garden and it seems easy enough to create. With a simple led light strip, you could easily create your own design based on this concept. Whether you prefer to use a larger or smaller garden box, you could easily design light strips to easily cater any outdoor space.


Electric Trees

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At first glance, it almost looks as if the trees themselves are illuminated. It took me a second look to realize the trees are illuminated by floodlights at the bottom of this retaining wall feature. The circles of light along the actual retaining wall are also beautiful, and add a fluorescent glow to the whole scene. I could see this scene in a modern city park or even on the corner of a lively suburb. Whatever the scene may be, this is a great way to add light into the garden area.


Stone and Light

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This is a great modern design that uses light and stones to add shadows and texture to this outdoor scene. The huge expanses of cut concrete in the middle act as stepping stones, almost, and really add so much depth to the arrangement. The trees and rocks in this scene all seem to work simultaneously to create a more modern outdoor area that would be perfect in a backyard, specifically in a patio barbecue area.


Light Lines

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If I could be anywhere at this moment, in this backyard would probably be the place I choose. What’s not to love about this outdoor scene? The lights, trees, décor and hot tub – all amazing. This backyard area oozes relaxation and calmness. The sparkling lights all throughout the scene give everything a soft, yellow glow that remains consistent throughout the scene. It’s absolutely gorgeous and would be perfect for a summer home or getaway cabin.


 Breathtaking Brick

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This house front is nothing short of impressive with all this glorious brick and light! The glowing step light feature makes this entryway look incredibly elegant and modern classy. The dark gray bricks also add to the whole scene – utilizing those bold hues to transform the space into something extraordinary. This would be the perfect entrance to a house holding a wedding or a side reception party area. The walls along the sides add height and structure to the layout.



Slated Fence

This wide, slated fence retaining wall is a great addition to any landscaping makeup. The fence itself looks like a typical fence, but its larger size and structure is impressive along the garden line. Planting all types of bushes, small trees and flowering plants would be a great addition to the space. I could even see this being made a more rustic scene easily by adding some red wood chips, succulent plants or cactus and a great tiled garden space.



Nature and Stone

This is a great way to incorporate nature with stone retaining walls. The best kinds of retaining walls are those that don’t distract too much from the nature around it. I like it when the trees, plants and flowers can grow freely around a wall. Although this lawn is obviously maintained and well groomed, the fact that the foliage seems to be able to grow as high as it needs to adds a rustic charm to the area. The house in the back also signifies nature first.



Living Patio

This wall idea encompasses a perfect living patio area. This would be a great scene as part of a larger backyard area. Even a few of these retaining wall living plant areas would be great spread out throughout the outdoor area. You could plant all sorts of different plants, shrubs and trees to really bring nature into the scene. The plants growing down the garden wall in the back also adds so much charm to this green scene.

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 Plant Wall

Lining a small retaining stone wall is a living shrub wall. It’s a cute concept that would definitely need to be maintained regularly, but would totally be worth it. Just look at the great cut between stone and plant. The vivid green is only more brilliant against the subdued brownish gray stone. It’s a fun way to add depth and character to an outdoor space that is truly unique. I could imaging a type of holly bush with tiny red bulbs perfect for the holiday season.



Rose Wall

These creeping budding and flowering roses will keep you company in a gorgeous garden area. This wall idea may not have much to it, but these vines and flowers are the perfect addition to even the plainest of walls. Imagine adding a water feature somewhere in the middle of the scene. The babbling soft waters, the smell of roses and the gorgeousness of nature all around – it sound serene and wonderfully inviting.



Fire Design

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This wall idea is up against a modern fire pit garden design that adds that contemporary feel to the whole scene. This is a feature that could easily be switched on and off, and although it may seem dangerous to have an open flame so close to plants, the architecture behind the feature has all the kinks worked out. All you’d have to worry about is maintaining the plants to prevent any overgrowth and spark chance.


 Rock Fountain

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I don’t know which is more beautiful here – the fantastic rock retaining wall or the fountain that was constructed into it. It’s a serene scene that beckons all passersby to stand or sit for a while and enjoy the water elements. The brilliant yellow flowers around the scene brighten the mood up, but you could use any type of plant or flower depending on what kind of feel you want to stick to. A beautiful garden bench would be the perfect addition to this already great scene.


Pool Walls

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This backyard scene calls for several rock walls that eventually all lead up to the great pool toward the back of the yard. The walls encompass the foliage in the front, while smaller retaining walls with the same kinds of stone circle the pool and areas leading up to it. It’s a great way to maintain consistency in décor and make a space that is so inviting, you may have to extend your summer pool hours!


Pebbled Path

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This gorgeous pebbled path is just one great aspect to this scene as a whole. The giant rocks add so much decorative interest to the scene and the smaller wooden retaining fences along the way add a quaint feeling to the scene. The varying colors in plants along the slope far beyond the small retaining walls add so much character. That’s probably one of the best things about garden plants – they add so much life and fun to any space.


So, as you can see, there are so many ways to add a retaining wall to your garden or outdoor space. Whether you’re looking for something more funky, purely green, modern, futuristic, contemporary or traditional and classic, all your bases are definitely covered here!
If you already have an existing wall feature, it’d be easy to add a concept you like to your existing wall to form the most perfect space imaginable.

Most of these ideas would be fun to do as a solo project, but almost all of them could be made into a family project perfect for summer days (and nights). Whatever concept you choose, it’s sure going to be fun making and creating your own beautiful outdoor space.
So, which concept are you going to try out? How much will it cost you? Share some of your pictures, plans or concepts with friends or neighbors to get some feedback. Happy creating and building!

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