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95 Stunning Retaining Wall Ideas

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Gabion Retaining Wall Designs

1. Wire Mesh

Image credits: oliva732000 via Creative Commons

This massive wall features a wire mesh that holds all the stones together. This concept is easily customizable in shape, size, thickness, and color of both stone and wire. Imagine copper wiring across the dark blue of these stones? The possibilities are endless and the concept will always be a gorgeous way to incorporate a retaining type wall into any outdoor space. Even the patterns of the stones could be customizable if you’re aiming to be even more unique.

2. Neutral Stones

Image credits: Owen P via Creative Commons

This is a great gabion retaining wall design that features all neutrally colored stones. The varying shapes, sizes, and colors of the stone will add depth and character to any outdoor garden space and could easily be customizable. Don’t feel like using earth tones for your retainer wall? Use colored stones or clear, crystal-like garden rocks instead. The possibilities are endless with this concept, and thankfully, if you don’t happen to have so many rocks lying around, most home improvement stores have them on hand.

3. Wire Netting

Image credits: Tony Webster via Creative Commons

This wire netting is so thin, you can barely see it. This idea draws more attention to the stone. If you’re looking for a gabion retainer wall idea that only utilizes the wiring for structural advantages, this is your go-to! The wire strictly serves a purpose in this photo, so adding a brilliantly colored wire or even a thicker wire is not necessary. This is ideal for someone who wants to maintain the natural look of loose stone without the hassle.

4. Caged Rocks

Image credits: pixeltoo via Creative Commons

It almost looks as if these rocks are caged by this modernistic outdoor concept. Much like garden boxes, these retaining walls are shorter and hold plants instead of just outlining an outdoor area. The ferns and succulents in this photo peer out of the box design, while the rocks add an interesting artistic design to the whole scene. The rocks vary from large to small, and all the colors of the rocks make the eye naturally run across them.

5. Terracotta Filled

Image credits: ian02054 via Creative Commons

This cheap retaining wall idea just might be my favorite… at least thus far. The caged retaining wall is filled with different sizes and shapes of terracotta pottery. It’s so cool! The circles, lines, and shapes of the terracotta make this an interesting concept and design. This design looks much more complicated than it is to construct. It’s such a great idea that you could easily make with leftover tiles and pottery.

Tiered and Sloped Retaining Wall Ideas

1. Multi-Level Wall

Image credits: redirockphotodatabase via Creative Commons

It is a great design for a multi-level retainer wall. The walls even have thicker pillars in between that give the scene a fenced-in feeling that adds a unique type of construction to the project. The bottom layer of this design holds light blue pillars, while the upper levels have pillars that are more inset with the brick color. It is a great concept for an outdoor area with a massive slope or large wall area to cover.t

2. Tiered Shrubs

Image credits: redirockphotodatabase via Creative Commons

This is a gorgeous idea that uses multiple levels for plants. The shrubs peek out of these great garden box-like retaining walls that have become a wall of life. Each level or tier of this retaining wall holds a different type of shrub. IT would be a great idea for a garden area or even a smaller outdoor design you want to utilize for vegetables, herbs, or varying flowering plants. The stoned wall barriers add a level of elegance to the scene.

3. Usable Space

Image credits: redirockphotodatabase via Creative Commons

Are you looking for patio wall ideas? This design uses the sloped space to its advantage, and hence it’s one of the most popular retaining wall ideas for sloped front yard. Just because there is a massive slope in an outdoor area doesn’t mean it’s useless. The space is used by creating a staircase, patio area, and wall right onto the area. This design is making the most of the area since this space would have otherwise been rendered useless. Being able to create a gorgeous space from a sloped piece of earth is not only useful, but it’s also smart.

4. Natural Stone and Rock

Image credits: dynamosquito via Creative Commons

This design concept uses the natural stones and rocks familiar to the area. Almost as if the stones and rocks had been hand collected, this great wall concept looks as if someone just spent a Saturday piling these rocks to make an old-fashioned yet authentic wall. Using materials originally from the area is a great way to maintain the feeling of nature in a modern scene. The varying shapes and colors of these rocks are made even greater by the unique design.

5. Three Tier Retaining Walls

What’s better than reading up on how to create your own outdoor retaining wall? Watching an instructional video on it, of course! This is a great video to help you create an intriguing concept that definitely will look harder than it looks. The best part about videos like these is that they give you so many options and variables to choose from. You can customize any design, of course, by utilizing your own materials.

6. Lit Wall

Image credits: redirockphotodatabase via Creative Commons

Have you thought about any retaining wall lighting ideas? Yes, it’s a thing, and yes, it’s totally worth it and stunning! A great lighting idea like this one plays with the texture of the stone and the shadow of light. Make your outdoor garden area that much more elegant by utilizing a lit-up retaining stone wall. Not only is it gorgeous (just see for yourself), but it’s also a great way to add outdoor lighting without using floodlights or floor lamps.

7. Stone Labyrinth

Image credits: redirockphotodatabase via Creative Commons

This amazing scene uses stone retaining wall plants as a stone labyrinth. Although the odds of you getting lost in this space are slim (thank goodness), the intricate design and layout of the scene are gorgeous. The house is set on a stilted platform while the sunken in the garden below spirals on. Make a gorgeous home like this even more gorgeous by adding an interesting retaining wall concept to the outdoor scene.

8. Retaining Wall Gallery

Image credits: redirockphotodatabase via Creative Commons

There are so many great ideas within this website for utilizing and creating retainer walls. Whether you have a large space to work with or just want to spruce up a small garden area, you’re sure to find at least two designs on this website page to help you on your way. Use any type of stone you like to execute your idea plan to fruition. Get as creative with the designs as you’d like, or keep it elegant and simple.

9. Stone Pathway

Image credits: Donnaphoto via Creative Commons

Use similarly shaped and colored stones to create a unique stone path along the wall. This is a great way to use up the leftover stone and create a one-of-a-kind outdoor area that everyone will love. Add some great patio furniture, and your outdoor area could be party-ready in no time. I also like that the stone path could be as wide, narrow, small, or large as you need. It’s a great concept without having to go above and beyond when it comes to outdoor décor.

10. Steel Walls

Image credits: Andym5855 via Creative Commons

These short steel retaining walls are a great idea to fill a modern landscape. Sticking to its natural element, the steel in this photo also seems slightly rusted from the elements. Although rust is typically viewed in a garden as a negative thing, in this setup, the rust only adds to the natural feel of the outdoor area. You could use steel walls that wouldn’t rust, but it’s really up to you and what concept you’re going for.

Retaining Wall With Steps Ideas

 1. Stone Stairway 

Image credits: redirockphotodatabase via Creative Commons

This is a great way to incorporate a garage area with a stone stairway. The retaining wall lines the scene with elegant, sun-bleached stones that run from the stairway to the top of the garage. It’s a great way to give a large outdoor area a similar feel when it comes to decoration and consistency. Imagine rolling up to this scene on your way to an extravagant dinner party in the hills of California? Absolutely stunning.

2. Garden Stairs

Image credits: redirockphotodatabase via Creative Commons

Imagine this stairwell leading to a secret garden? That’s exactly what this looks like. The retaining wall seems old – the stones layered carefully with concrete that seems to almost ooze out from in between them. This scene may have an old feeling to it, but one thing is for sure, this stone and cement wall has certainly lasted. Half the charm of these kinds of walls is that they will, undoubtedly, last for a very, very long time.

3. Ornate Stairs

Image credits: redirockphotodatabase via Creative Commons

This is another great stairwell with a surrounding retaining wall. The ornate design in the side of the wall leading up to the stairs almost looks like a windowsill or a mirror. Ornamental elements such as these can add so much charm to any outdoor space, but being inset the wall makes the whole scene look whimsical and fairy-like. Many concrete and stone elements add to that feeling in this photo.

4. Stacked Planters and Walls

Image credits: redirockphotodatabase via Creative Commons

This image looks like something you’d find in a great ruin of a castle or sacred realm. The stairways cut into the planters and stone walls make the scene statuesque and impressive. The green of the grass is even more prominent due to the dark browns in the stone. The fact that all the stone is the same color and texture adds to the impact of the scene. Making planters from retaining walls is a great idea and easy to add.

5. Outdoor Kitchen

Image credits: Landscape Design Advisor via Creative Commons

What a fantastic way to utilize and easily decorate a contemporary outdoor kitchen space! The stone retaining walls add so much charisma to the scene. The cooking ware and sink add enough interesting perspective as it is, but the effortlessly cool surrounding area makes the outdoor kitchen that much more elegant. It would be an ideal setup for entertaining or hosting a cocktail barbecue. Perfect for those long summer nights.

6. Terrace Slope

Image credits: Landscape Design Advisor via Creative Commons

I’m not sure if this is a reading nook or someone’s backyard – or both. Whatever this space is used for, it’s gorgeous, and I want to just curl up in it and read a book myself. The varying shapes in retaining walls are going upward. The shorter wall toward the front and the largest wall toward the back. The interesting shifts in a dimension not only tie this entire scene together, but it’s elegant and pleasant to look at. I can only imagine how great it is to read in!

7. Nature’s Staircase

Image credits: Pascal via Creative Commons

Nature has created its staircase and retaining walls. At least to the naked eye, that is. Obviously, a lot of time and design concept went into this idea, but at the front, this just seems to be nature’s way of saying, “go up the stairs to reach Utopia.” I’d go, without question. The natural grass and plants have grown around a design that was brilliantly executed. The soft grass lines the stairs that are probably made from stone, while the wisps of foliage line the edges like a retaining wall.

8. Stone Walkway

Image credits: Landscape Design Advisor via Creative Commons

This stone walkway leads up to a stairway that matches the scene perfectly. The neutral gray stones in this setup make the colors around it seem much more vivid and bright. Using the retainer walls on either side as planter’s boxes makes the scene uniform without taking too much away from the natural ambiance. Plants with vivid flowers would look great filling these stone garden boxes.

Retaining Wall With Water Feature Ideas

1. Pond With Retaining Wall

Image credits: redirockphotodatabase via Creative Commons

This is a gorgeous water feature concept that utilizes a retaining wall. The wall encircles the water feature using the same types of stones and colors to maintain the feel of the décor. Little plants make the scene that much more relaxing – as you can almost hear the flowing water, hear the chirping birds, and sink into the scenery. This would be the perfect addition to a cornerstone courtyard area or even a small, hidden garden.

2. Courtyard Pond

Image credits: Andrew Rollinger via Creative Commons

In a world that is constantly moving, this scene demands you to stop, take in nature and ease your mind for a bit. The stones may vary in color and size, but the interesting texture is constant throughout the scene. Even the surrounding tiles are textured, following the same color scheme. The bench is in a great location and perfect for relaxing for a bit to take it all in. This would be a great scene in a larger garden area of the backyard.

3. Forest Stream

Image credits: Landscape Design Advisor via Creative Commons

It almost looks as if you could stumble upon this while on a hike in the woods or stroll down a mountain trail. The water spills over the gorgeous gray bricked retaining wall, the only element in the photo that doesn’t feel as old as the surrounding trees. Although the wall water features are man-made and relatively new, the whole scene is tied together thanks to this interesting feature. It’s classic yet contemporary.

4. Split-Level Garden Water Feature

Image credits: ell brown via Creative Commons

These pipes allow water to effortlessly spill out into this wonderful outdoor garden water feature. The retaining wall acts as the vessel between the growing garden and the life-giving water. I can imagine this scene in a quaint side garden or hidden courtyard off to the far end of an elegant garden. This feature would be perfect for the avid gardener, or just in a yard of someone who respects gardening and plans to take it up one day.

5. Water Slice

Image credits: Landscape Design Advisor via Creative Commons

This water feature slices across the retaining wall stones and spills into a pool under it. The textured stone is gorgeous as the water beautifully cuts across it. This would be a great feature for a yard that is relatively small, yet more modern. The tiny shrubs behind it give the feeling of a contemporary household, full of interesting gadgets and design spaces. Even if this is a larger yard you’re trying to fill, this water feature is a great addition.

6. Wall Design

Image credits: mckaysavage via Creative Commons

This whole outdoor area screams modern décor. From the interesting design along the broad retaining wall to the green grass, the whole area beckons visitors to sit, chill and have a cold one. These great concepts to the scene all play in correlation to the entire feel of the yard. The retaining wall toward the far back also holds an outdoor courtyard area that you could probably watch tennis players from.

7. Stone Tudor

Image credits: nan palmero via Creative Commons

Keeping that artisan feeling from the Tudor realm, this statuesque water feature utilizes copper to red stones for a feeling of strength and magnanimity. I can almost imagine the grandiose scene the golden stairway toward the back end of the area will take you. Water, much like this whole scene, is powerful. The water feature along with the strong colors, stones, and textures make this scene straight out of a movie.

8. Mediterranean Escape

Image credits: mezuni via Creative Commons

This is the perfect scene to make you feel as if you’ve left your life behind to go on a Mediterranean escape. The pool is lined with a brick retaining wall that holds a multi-spouted water feature. The spills of the water pool together make the water feature elegant and relaxing. I can only imagine what types of lighting fixtures have been set to capture the feel of the Mediterranean and make the scene complete.

Brick Retaining Wall Designs

1. Spring Has Sprung

Image credits: Christopher B. Hoffman, Landscape Architect via Creative Commons

Spring has truly sprung in this scene. The stone stairway is matched by a gorgeous retaining wall on each side. With each side stacked, the retaining wall features also make way for thriving green plants. You could plant any type of bush, flower, or tree in the feature. The subdued colors of the stone make the surrounding foliage pop. I can imagine some great blues and purples from flowering little plants along the retaining walls.

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