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95 Stunning Retaining Wall Ideas

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2. Jagged Stone

Image credits: redirockphotodatabase via Creative Commons

This retaining wall features jaggedly cut stone that gives the wall an almost ancient feel to it. This would be a great wall to have in a large outdoor area that requires a longer, taller wall than the typical backyard features. Maybe even a wall that encircles an entire property or lines the path to a large stable. Whatever the scene could be, this type of design deserves a larger space to truly appreciate its texture of it.

3. Clean Cut

Image credits: Phil_Parker via Creative Commons

This uniform, clean-cut wall is practically a short brick wall. The varying degrees of this retaining wall make the outside landscape look polished and neat. This would be the perfect scene in a suburb or on the outskirts of a larger city. The brick in this photo is reddish, but you could use any type and color of stone depending on the overall décor of the scene. This almost minimalist concept not only looks nice and uniform, but it will no doubt last a long while, too.

4. Walls and Fences

Image credits: redirockphotodatabase via Creative Commons

Whether you have a large front yard you’re trying to build a perimeter retaining wall around or a small area in the back you want to close in, any of these designs could help set you on your way in creating the perfect element for you. The plants growing over the brick of one of the retaining walls in this roundup are especially gorgeous.

5. Stone and Brick

Image credits: takomabibelot via Creative Commons

This page is full of great ideas that utilize the use of stone and brick retaining walls. Whether it’s a stone retaining wall with brick tiling, or the other way around, there are so many great ideas and designs to look at and more than likely generate inspiration from. These seem like relatively simple concepts that you wouldn’t necessarily need a professional landscape architect to help create. Although you should never try something you’re not familiar with right at the get-go, you could practice and be a pro in no time.

6. Hillside Home

Image credits: redirockphotodatabase via Creative Commons

These retainer walls leading up to the front of the house are stunning! This would be a great setup for a house located on a hillside or a winding road up a mountain range. The lanterns along the way up to the house add that extra touch to make the home look cozy and welcoming. Use a more uniformed style hedge to add lights into them for a wonderful display during the holidays!

7. Fireplace Wall

Image credits: GreenImpress via Creative Commons

Even if you already have an outdoor area with a large retaining type of wall, spruce up the décor by adding a fireplace within the actual wall. It would be the perfect addition for those cozy winter nights spent with friends and family, and if you add a grilling capability, it’d be the ideal hangout for a summer barbecue. Not only is this a fun idea, but it’d make the space look unique and elegant.

Garden Retaining Wall Ideas

1. Tire Retaining Wall

Image credits: mikemccaffrey via Creative Commons

Upcycle some old tires to create an amazing stacked retaining wall. This is such a great concept because you’re recycling and creating something beautiful. Even better, runoff from rain will help water each of these tire planters and self-maintain itself. This is a great idea for that earth-conscious consumer who prefers to reuse things rather than throw them away. Each of the tires can hold different types of plants for an even greater retaining wall scene.

2. Garden Wall

Image credits: redirockphotodatabase via Creative Commons

This bench rests easily against this stone and brick concrete retaining wall. This wall is a great, simple scene that adds so much character and design to any outdoor area. One great thing about using a retaining wall in a garden is that it will last for a long time. It’s easy to spruce up a garden wall with paint.

3. Concrete Wall Planter

Image credits: redirockphotodatabase via Creative Commons

This wall is such a fun concept that brings in plenty of color from the gorgeous little plants planted inside. Since the wall is pretty much made up of planter boxes, each little loop can easily hold a few plants, or in this case, just a few blooms at once. It’s a gorgeous idea that will bring so much character to any outdoor scene. The deep blue stone in this picture makes the wall look truly elegant. Pick your favorite color to make this idea your own.

4. Dirt and Stone

Image credits: ACM Design Architects via Creative Commons

Behind this great fire pit is a wonderful retaining wall holding smooth, black stones against larger dirt and moss retaining wall. This is a truly urban landscape that is modernistic and contemporary all at once. This would be a bit easier to execute compared to other scenes, but it still looks more intricate than it may entail. I’ve never made a retaining wall scene like this, however, so I’m merely speculating here.

5. Solid Stone

Image credits: redirockphotodatabase via Creative Commons

This stone retaining wall calls for smaller and larger stones that make a straight cut across the wall. Set in the suburbs, this scene is a great example of what exactly you could do with a smaller front yard space. The tiny water spigot and neatly laid stones around it add a sort of suburban charm in the middle of it. Hopefully, there is a small stream or wooded area nearby to complete the feel of this water feature.

6. Interlocking Concrete Wall

Image credits: Rochester Concrete Products via Creative Commons

This massive interlocking cement wall is impressive in this rural landscape. The stone is entwining almost as rope as it cuts across the scene. This retaining wall must be holding up a train track since I’m assuming that’s a train or bus on top of it. This is an interesting way to bring some décor to an otherwise mundane scene. The wall looks powerful, sturdy, and no doubt will be able to be strong enough to hold the weight of cars, busses, or trains.

7. Lattice Wall

Image credits: Adam Jones, Ph.D. – Global Photo Archive via Creative Commons

This massive wall looks as if it has latticework entwined in it. The plants peeking out of the space in between the railing are absolutely adorable and perfect for that person who needs to utilize a retaining all without interrupting nature too much. The decorative foliage around the scene, such as the blooming flowering tree, tiny succulents, and small bushes, make the yard look well-groomed and maintained. It’s a cute scene that holds the power of nature.

8. Rock and Cement

Image credits: ACM Design Architects via Creative Commons

This yard uses rock in between the cement steps that make this landscape look gorgeous. The small rock retaining wall flower bed along the side of the stairway makes the scene charming as the blooming plants peek out from their flowerbeds. This would be a great idea for decorative garden space or a courtyard expanse that needs filling. A cute stone bench would be the perfect addition to the scene. You could do so much with a scene like this.

9. Planter Bed Walls

Image credits: redirockphotodatabase via Creative Commons

Here’s a great way to have so many planter beds and a super great retention wall all at once! By utilizing these stacked planters, not only are you making it incredibly easy to water these plants, but the retaining wall will add so much character to your space. With so many interesting ideas to choose from, it’d be impossible not to want to try this fun concept out. This would be perfect for a smaller garden area or a larger outdoor space.

10. Living Wall

Image credits: ell brown via Creative Commons

This is literally a living retaining wall. The wall is entirely constructed of living plants held in varying boxes. It’s a great way to have a massive garden, even if you don’t have so much space to work with. Since the wall is vertical, the sky is the limit quite literally. This is a great way to add an interesting concept to your outdoor space and liven up the area by using all these great plants to your advantage. It’s funky, green, and unique.

11. Road to Paradise

Image credits: redirockphotodatabase via Creative Commons

This is a great concept that leads up to a hammock! Or in this case, paradise! It’s a super cute idea that even holds tiny little staircases along your trek. The short retaining wall adds character to each layer of this garden and stacks one on top of the other for a clean landscape. This is a perfect example of how you can do so much with so little. The varying sizes, shapes, and colors of plants only add more charm to the whole scene.

Retaining Wall Lighting Ideas

1. Light Wall

Image credits: Indiawest via Creative Commons

This seems like more of a retaining planter box than an actual retaining wall, but they play with light is super fantastic. The tiny strips of light add a glamorous effect to the garden, and it seems easy enough to create. With a simple led light strip, you could easily create your design based on this concept. Whether you prefer to use a larger or smaller garden box, you could easily design light strips to easily cater to any outdoor space.

2. Electric Trees

Image credits: PapaPiper via Creative Commons

At first glance, it almost looks as if the trees themselves are illuminated. It took me a second look to realize the trees are illuminated by floodlights at the bottom of this retaining wall feature. The circles of light along the actual retaining wall are also beautiful, and add a fluorescent glow to the whole scene. I could see this scene in a modern city park or even on the corner of a lively suburb. Whatever the scene may be, this is a great way to add light into the garden area.

3. Stone and Light

Image credits: Landscape Design Advisor via Creative Commons

Looking for patio retaining wall ideas? This is a great modern design that uses light and stones to add shadows and texture to this outdoor scene. The huge expanses of cut concrete in the middle act as stepping stones, almost, and really add so much depth to the arrangement. The trees and rocks in this scene all seem to work simultaneously to create a more modern outdoor area that would be perfect in a backyard, specifically in a patio barbecue area.

4. Light Lines

Image credits: Landscape Design Advisor via Creative Commons

If I could be anywhere at this moment, this backyard would probably be the place I choose. What’s not to love about this outdoor scene? The lights, trees, décor, and swimming pool – all amazing. This backyard area oozes relaxation and calmness. The sparkling lights throughout the scene give everything a soft, yellow glow that remains consistent throughout the scene. It’s gorgeous and would be perfect for a summer home or getaway cabin.

5. Breathtaking Brick

Image credits: Landscape Design Advisor via Creative Commons

This house front is nothing short of impressive with all this glorious brick and light! The glowing step light feature makes this entryway look incredibly elegant and modern classy. The dark gray bricks also add to the whole scene – utilizing those bold hues to transform the space into something extraordinary. This would be the perfect entrance to a house holding a wedding or a side reception party area. The walls along the sides add height and structure to the layout.

Retaining Wall Landscaping

1. Slated Fence

Image credits: siaronj via Creative Commons

This wide, slated fence retaining wall is a great addition to any landscaping makeup. The fence itself looks like a typical fence, but its larger size and structure are impressive along the garden line. Planting all types of bushes, small trees, and flowering plants would be a great addition to the space. I could even see this being made a more rustic scene easily by adding some redwood chips, succulent plants or cactus, and a great tiled garden space.

2. Nature and Stone

Image credits: Stanley Howe via Creative Commons

This is a great way to incorporate nature with stone retaining walls. The best kinds of retaining walls are those that don’t distract too much from the nature around them. I like it when the trees, plants, and flowers can grow freely around a wall. Although this lawn is obviously maintained and well-groomed, the fact that the foliage seems to be able to grow as high as it needs to adds a rustic charm to the area. The house in the back also signifies nature first.

3. Living Patio

Image credits: Stanley Howe via Creative Commons

This wall idea encompasses a perfect living patio area. This would be a great scene as part of a larger backyard area. Even a few of these retaining wall living plant areas would be great spread out throughout the outdoor area. You could plant all sorts of different plants, shrubs, and trees to really bring nature into the scene. The plants growing down the garden wall in the back also add so much charm to this green scene.

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4. Plant Wall

Image credits: D H Wright via Creative Commons

Lining a small retaining stone wall is a living shrub wall. It’s a cute concept that would need to be maintained regularly but would be worth it. Just look at the great cut between stone and plant. The vivid green is only more brilliant against the subdued brownish-gray stone. It’s a fun way to add depth and character to a truly unique outdoor space. I could imagine a type of holly bush with tiny red bulbs perfect for the holiday season.

5. Rose Wall

Image credits: Leimenide via Creative Commons

These creeping budding and flowering roses will keep you company in a gorgeous garden area. This wall idea may not have much to it, but these vines and flowers are the perfect addition to even the plainest of walls. Imagine adding a water feature somewhere in the middle of the scene. The babbling soft waters, the smell of roses, and the gorgeousness of nature all around – it sounds serene and wonderfully inviting.

6. Fire Design

Image credits: Texas_Custom_Patios via Creative Commons

This wall idea is up against a modern fire pit garden design that adds that contemporary feel to the whole scene. This is a feature that could easily be switched on and off, and although it may seem dangerous to have an open flame so close to plants, the architecture behind the feature has all the kinks worked out. All you’d have to worry about is maintaining the plants to prevent any overgrowth and spark chance.

7. Rock Fountain

Image credits: Jay Denney via Creative Commons

I don’t know which is more beautiful here – the fantastic rock retaining wall or the fountain that was constructed into it. It’s a serene scene that beckons all passersby to stand or sit for a while and enjoy the water wall. The brilliant yellow flowers around the scene brighten the mood up, but you could use any type of plant or flower depending on what kind of feel you want to stick to. A beautiful garden bench would be the perfect addition to this already great scene.

8. Pool Walls

Image credits: Concrete Forms via Creative Commons

This backyard scene calls for several rock walls that eventually all lead up to the great pool toward the back of the yard. The walls encompass the foliage in the front, while smaller retaining walls with the same kinds of stone circle the pool and areas leading up to it. It’s a great way to maintain consistency in décor and make a space that is so inviting you may have to extend your summer pool hours!

9. Pebbled Path

Image credits: Balaji Dutt via Creative Commons

This gorgeous pebbled path is just one great aspect of this scene as a whole. The giant rocks add so much decorative interest to the scene and the smaller wooden retaining fences along the way add a quaint feeling to the scene. The varying colors in plants along the slope far beyond the small retaining walls add so much character. That’s probably one of the best things about garden plants – they add so much life and fun to any space.


So, as you can see, there are so many ways to add a retaining wall to your garden or outdoor space. Whether you’re looking for something funkier, purely green, modern, futuristic, contemporary, or traditional and classic, all your bases are covered here! If you already have an existing wall feature, it’d be easy to add a concept you like to your existing wall to form the most perfect space imaginable.

Most of these ideas would be fun to do as a solo project, but almost all of them could be made into a family project perfect for summer days (and nights). Whatever concept you choose, it’s sure going to be fun making and creating your own beautiful outdoor space. So, which concept are you going to try out? How much will it cost you? Share some of your pictures, plans, or concepts with friends or neighbors to get some feedback. Happy creating and building!

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