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Our Ring Floodlight Cam Review

Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam Two-Way Talk and Siren Alarm, Black, Works with Alexa

Ring Floodlight Camera

The Ring floodlight camera is a high-quality system to help protect your home from predators and intruders. Ring offers some of the best outdoor lighting and security cameras in the game with plenty of features, high quality designs, and connectivity with other devices that will create a sort of “Ring ecosystem” in your household that’s way more affordable than your conventional security system.

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If you’ve ever looked for floodlight cameras online, then you must have come across the Ring brand before. They’re certainly a big name when it comes to DIY home security systems, best known for their best selling products like the Ring doorbell.

The Ring Floodlight Cam is practically unavoidable on Amazon or the front page of Google, so for many, the question arises: does it live up to the name and standard that Ring sets in home DIY security systems? Let’s find out.

The Product

Everyone wants to feel secure in their home and be able to afford the best possible ways to keep their home safe. Security systems that act as a service do get the job done but can be way out of a homeowner’s budget. Not to be confused with its spotlight model, the floodlight with cam is a great choice for homeowners.

Ring Floodlight Camera fix on cement wall.

Ring offers some of the best outdoor lighting and security cameras in the game with plenty of features, high quality designs, and connectivity with other devices that will create a sort of “Ring ecosystem” in your household that’s way more affordable than your conventional security system.

Buying the Ring floodlight camera is a big “yes” if you already have other Ring products in your household, and there’s a lot to like about it to outweigh the bad in any case.


  • Excellent range of view and video quality.
  • Works great in a “Ring household”.
  • Useful simple two-way audio communication.
  • Floodlights are some of the brightest on the market.
  • Premium subscription plan is reasonably priced and covers all your devices.
  • Installation takes no more than half an hour.


  • Limited usability without subscription.
  • Doesn’t come with a battery option.

Features & Benefits

Ring Floodlight Cam pair with Echo Dot.

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Ring, though they haven’t pioneered anything particular in outdoor home security, they’re surely one of the best at what they do. Their (arguably) most popular product, the Ring Doorbell, has little competition that matches or comes close in popularity to this day.

Along with video recording doorbell cameras, Ring has branched out and now makes several outdoor security camera options (and a few new indoor ones) that all have their own advantages but have the same general quality and specs that Ring has become known for.

Those who already use Ring products in their own home will definitely enjoy the Floodlight camera, given its connectivity with other Ring devices and anything connected to your Amazon Alexa home assistant. Ring Protect plans help you benefit fully from all your devices, giving you safely encrypted storage space for video on the cloud.

A look at the Ring Floodlight Cam

Even though it comes with two floodlights and a camera, the Ring floodlight camera has been engineered into a fairly compact design. It comes with an adjustable mount for easy positioning and attachment to give you the best possible field of view.


The Ring Floodlight Cam is incredibly bright and a big jump from their other line of camera/light hybrid devices, the Spotlight Cam Series. While those average at about 300 to 375 lumens depending on the model, the Floodlight Cam features two LED floodlights that amount to an impressive 1800 lumens with a much broader range than the more precise spotlight. With it, your camera can double as a light source in the night and more clearly help you spot details in any recorded activity or live view.

Both lights are accompanied by a cone-shaped shade on each making the light beams focus more intensely and don’t have a dimming option. This means the lights stay nice and bright while the floodlight is on.

Picture Quality

Ring Floodlight Camera video shown to smartphone.

The camera contained in a box is located right below and between the floodlights paired with a dome-shaped motion sensor just below.

This camera allows you to view footage in full HD (1080p) video quality, allowing you to catch every detail and clearly see everything that happens. This becomes invaluable as forensic evidence in the case of an incident.

If you’re out of your house for work or whatever reason, you can check in any time on-demand with Live View mode – you can see and interfere with anything that happens in real-time. The wide-angle lens has one of, if not the best, ranges of visibility at 140 horizontal degrees and 78 vertical degrees. You won’t miss a thing with a field of view that large.

At night, the video quality naturally takes a dip in quality, and there’s no night vision mode. In a way, it’s not very necessary because of the two extra bright floodlights that illuminate a wide area directly in front of the camera and everything’s still visible.

Motion Detection

Showing motion coverage of Ring floodlight Camera

Almost all Ring cameras including the Floodlight Cam have advanced motion detection with customized fields of motion. What this allows you to do is adjust the focus of motion detection (or “motion zones”) to certain important areas using the app. This allows you to get notified of any movement that could be considered suspicious activity as it happens, then you can respond accordingly.

The motion tracking is also capable of differentiating between moving people and moving objects, making it a two-tier function. You can adjust the sensitivity to only pick up human motion and reduce the frequency of alert notifications and potential false alarms. Its passive infrared sensors are more sensitive to objects such as animals or vehicles, but that setting may be adjusted so the camera only gives notifications when it detects people.

The Ring app (coming up below) gives you the freedom to create various motion zones which are particularly helpful in filtering out trees and shrubs from the range of the camera and lights to prevent false alerts. It also lets you fine-tune zones where motion will trigger the light to turn on. Fine-tuning zones become handy where you can select default zones so that the alarm does not constantly go off every time a car drives by.

You can avail of this service not only when at home but also when away. The motion-activated alerts will notify you on your PC along with your mobile devices such as phone or tablet if there is any suspicious activity on the premises. As an added perk, you can activate a siren from your devices to scare away any intruders on your property.


Ring Floodlight Cam,mounted on a wall.

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Unlike most other cameras that are set up or require batteries, the Floodlight Cam is mounted to a wall and hardwired to an outdoor weatherproof electrical box. The camera and lights are attached to the mount separately from each other so each component can be individually moved for a customized range of view and lighting.

When you first take your Floodlight Cam out of the box, you’ll have all the high-quality tools and components there for you, so there’s no need to look elsewhere for bolts or fastening hooks. Along with this and an easy to follow instruction manual (even tutorial videos on the app), your camera can be set up in less than thirty minutes!

The Floodlight Cam connects to your home Wi-fi for most of its functions, including using Alexa and the Ring app, and is compatible only with 2.4 GHz bands in order to benefit from better speed and range. Your camera is going to be outside and you don’t want choppy videos being uploaded or in live view.

The App

Close up shot of hand holding smartphone showing the control app for the Ring Floodlight Camera.

The app, available for iOS and Android, is user-friendly and easy to start up. Once connected to your devices, you have better control and communication wherever you are. You can control the live view and two-way audio, schedule the floodlight activation, even sound the siren and stay linked with every Ring user in the neighborhood.

If any activity gets picked up, Ring will send you a text notification alerting you that motion has been detected. You can decide whether to take action by communicating through the speaker or activate the alarm and scare off sketchy unwanted guests.

You can see from every Ring device on your phone or tablet thanks to device linking.

Connect to Amazon Alexa to view your live footage from your device, cast it to a bigger screen, or just activate certain features using the convenience of voice command.

Subscription Services

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When it comes to products like this, if you’re looking for the best price, Ring floodlight cam might be a good choice because it has options for buyers. Ring offers two plans: Protect Basic and Protect Plus. These plans are very useful and though not mandatory, make your devices very restricted in features without it.

With it you can access temporary cloud storage of 60 days and view previously recorded footage. There’s no need to fret about the cloud storage: it’s encrypted and can only be accessed by you. It tends to be a safer place than local storage from the craftier trespassers, who might otherwise make an attempt at nabbing the storage or camera and getting away with the evidence. You also get to save and share this recorded video should the necessary situation arise.

The Protect Plus Plan is all the better reason to purchase the Floodlight Cam, as you’re pretty much covered if you’re already benefiting from this subscription. Protect Plus extends your device’s warranty, so you’re covered even after the Ring standard one-year warranty expires. While the basic plan offers coverage by the individual device for $3 a month, the Protect Plus plan has your household covered (no matter the number of devices) for twice the amount, or $6, a month.

The camera offers a fair bit of weather resistance with the ability to withstand temperatures ranging from -20 degrees to 48 degrees. This makes it an ideal candidate for different climes and temperature settings.

Customer Reviews

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One of the best ways to research the product you’re looking at is to hear what others who’ve bought it have to say, as any of these experiences could be yours if you end up buying it. You want to take a chance on a product with a higher frequency of positive experiences than negative, and the Ring Floodlight Cam’s got plenty of things to like:


The general consensus for this camera regarding the installation is that it’s really as simple as advertised. It takes around 15 minutes to half an hour depending on how skilled you are with tools, but anyone who can read can figure out how to mount the camera. There may be some issues with getting a network connection if your Wi-fi is not the strongest or not the right band type, so it’s best to check that beforehand to see if it’s suitable for you.

Motion Detection

Many users agree that the motion detection on the Floodlight Cam is quite strong and the motion zone customizing is a nice touch, albeit a bit shaky at the boundaries. The adjustable motion sensitivity is useful for blocking out certain moving objects, especially the innocuous ones like wind chimes.

Picture Quality

Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam Two-Way Talk and Siren Alarm, Black, Works with Alexa and a smartphone

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Users like that the picture quality itself is quite clear, even at night when illuminated by floodlight. This is a huge plus because the camera doesn’t technically have night vision. Everything is easy to make out and in color, making it easy to identify everything in the image. Uploading images and video clearly could be an issue once again if you don’t have the strongest or right network connection.


Some users aren’t fans of the subscription model that is essentially a must-have for your Ring security system. If you have more than one product like additional floodlight or the Chime Pro, $99 a year for an unlimited number of devices in your household comes very inexpensive when compared to other security cameras. They tend to cost more while offering storage times that are more temporary.


Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam Two-Way Talk and Siren Alarm, Black, Works with Alexa

The Ring Floodlight Cam is a great buy and upgrade from your old floodlights. It might seem pricey initially, but the value in quality and range of features is very well rounded and has something that everyone can like enough to call it a worthwhile purchase.

Everyone wants that peace of mind knowing their home is safe while they’re gone or asleep. Staying up to date and connected with your Ring security system will give you that peace of mind (given you have a good network connection).

Previous owners of Ring who like their products enough to pay monthly or yearly for coverage will definitely like this floodlight addition to their household.