51 Rustic Farmhouse Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas
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51 Rustic Farmhouse Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas

Oversized Ornaments

Large Christmas Ornaments
Image credits: LabyrinthZX via Canva

Some fun oversized outdoor Christmas ornaments are a great way to add some Christmas cheer to the yard. You’ll need some large plastic bouncy balls, used yogurt cups (yay, recycling!), spray paint, wire, silicone, and some tools for this fun project, and a few hours’ time (including drying time for the paint).

Vintage Christmas Milk Can

milk can
Image credits: NNehring via Canva

For this gorgeous, truly farmhouse-style Christmas piece (a literal dairy can!), scroll down on the page a bit for the visuals. There’s no specific tutorial, but you will get the gist just by checking the image. You’ll need an old-fashioned milk can, pine branches, and any embellishments you want. Put it all together in a nice arrangement in less than 5 minutes for the perfect top off for that porch décor!

Bushel Basket Lid Wreath

Wooden bushel basket
Image credits: JanetLa via Canva

Similar to the tobacco basket wreath, this idea uses a bushel basket lid instead. Grab the lid, some greenery, embellishments (I’d recommend some ribbon, berries, and maybe some florals), and hot glue to craft this beautiful idea in less than an hour. Be sure to use the greenery as the base, securing all the embellishments to the greenery and the lid at the same time, to help keep everything secure through windy days. I highly recommend using crafting wire for that double adherence.

Burlap Winter Pot

Small trees in a pot wrapped in burlap
Image credits: GOLFX via Canva

For those of you able to host a winter feast by the firepit out back, having a nice winter-friendly centerpiece for your festivities will be a lovely touch. This burlap winter pot is the perfect choice for that. Grab a tin can, some burlap, greenery, pinecones, Epsom salts, and some Elmer’s glue or mod podge. Then follow along with the tutorial for crafting that gorgeous centerpiece.

Farmhouse Winter Porch Pot with Greenery

Christmas or Winter planter
Image credits: Mary Baratto via Canva

This idea for a porch planter pot with greenery is absolutely gorgeous and so simple! I love that it uses rustic baskets and fresh greenery and only takes a few minutes to construct. Follow along with the tutorial for easy, fast construction.

Simple Pine Wreath

Christmas pine wreath with spices and candy cones
Image credits: VeselovaElena via Canva

If you’re looking for something simple and attractive, this tutorial for a basic pine wreath is a great choice. Follow the tutorial using a large evergreen branch and some evergreen tips, and wire, and you’ll have this fantastic wreath up in an hour. Or, if you’re like me and want some color pops, toss on some simple ribbon or a few ornaments for embellishments.

Magnolia Leaf Wreath

Interior Magnolia Leaf Wreath over Old Window with Table
Image credits: StephanieFrey via Canva

Another simple but extremely attractive option for a holiday wreath is this magnolia leaf wreath. It leans more into Southern charm farmhouse style and doesn’t require any embellishments (though, of course, you can always add some!). Follow the tutorial for this simple, elegant piece.

Joy Wreath Welcome Sign

Rustic Christmas wreath
Image credits: Delpixart via Canva

This project combines the beauty of a wreath and the boldness of a doorstep sign. Follow the tutorial for your favorite wreath, then check out this tutorial for crafting the sign itself.

Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Embroidery hoop layout
Image credits: Daddy1971 via Canva

One such wreath you could choose for your Joy sign or for hanging independently could be this gorgeous, simple embroidery hoop wreath. You’ll just need an embroidery hoop, hot glue, greenery, ribbon, crafting wire, and some ribbon.

Farmhouse Wreath Sign

Big Christmas Wreath
Image credits: dashapetrenkophotos via Canva

Here’s another Joy holiday wreath sign on a much smaller scale. Grab the tutorial from Ana White, one of the most popular woodworking sites out there, then follow along for a simple, easy, and beautiful display for your front porch or back patio – or, if you’ve got one, a shepherd’s hook for the front lawn.

Recycled Rustic Tire “Ornaments”

Christmas Greetings for the tire trade
Image credits: dirkkoebernik via Canva

Okay, here’s a fun way to recycle those old tires you haven’t been able to figure out what to do with! Clean them up, grab some spray paint, and follow this tutorial from Addicted 2 DIY for these recycled rustic tire “ornaments” for decorating the front gate or stoop.

Rustic Merry Christmas Sign

Merry Christmas sign
Image credits: DonnaSuddes via Canva

This tutorial offers ideas for multiple rustic holiday signs with messages of all sorts, centered on the holidays. Consider making one or two, or a whole slew and giving them as gifts! You’ll need some scrap wood, paint, and tools, and in a weekend, you could whip up a whole bunch.

Vintage Skates Door Hanger

Christmas Ice Skates
Image credits: JTGrafix via Canva

If you love the idea of a door swag but don’t feel so keen on the same-old pine and ribbon swag, consider grabbing some vintage skates and making up a beautiful swag with them instead! You’ll tie together the laces for the “hook” and stuff the skates with evergreen branches, pine branches, florals, or anything else you like, plus toss on some jingle bells and ribbons for some lovely embellishment.

Repurposed Vintage Wagon Display

Christmas Wagon
Image credits: PondShots via Canva

Repurposing old stuff in the attic is always something I love doing. I’ve created Christmas décor from tons of items I thought would never see life again – but with tutorials and ideas like these, there’s no end to creativity for reviving old “junk.”

For this one, grab an old wagon – that one you’ve held onto because you knew you’d find a use for someday! – and decorate it up like this tutorial demonstrates for your Christmas porch wagon decor. You’ll love the end result.

Mini Wood Slice Wreath

Wood Wreath on Barn Wood
Image credits: studioimagen via Canva

I love the idea of doing all-natural pieces like this mini wood slice wreath. You can go for the smaller size like the tutorial suggests for more of a large ornament, or you can expand it to make a full-size wreath for the front door.

Citrus and Greenery Door Swag

Woman Decorating a Christmas Wreath
Image credits: Gpoint Studio via Canva

I’m a huge fan of dried fruit in décor. I love this particular dried citrus and greenery swag for the front door (or decorative piece for that sled!) and highly recommend it. You can opt, instead, to do cranberries with the citrus from some extra color pops.

Porch “Topiary”

Firewood - Home Decor
Image credits: Thurtell via Canva

For a quick, gorgeous, five-minute project for the front porch that celebrates all things Christmas and country, follow this porch “topiary” tutorial from Coordinately Yours. It’s super easy and, oh, so pretty! I have the perfect planter for mine and I’m eager to get to it myself. Can’t believe I haven’t thought of doing this before!

Leather Ornaments

Luxury leather christmas ornament
Image credits: Arnonlee via Canva

Of course, one of the best things for decorating outdoors is having some intriguing ornaments to hang in those spindly winter trees. These leather ornaments are the perfect answer to that – especially if you intermingle them with some bold red ball ornaments or golden string lights. Toss them up on the tree and enjoy all season!

Layered Greenery Garland

Wall of natural greenery
Image credits: jenyhanter via Canva

For this one, I don’t have a tutorial, but the concept is easy enough. Find multiple types of greenery for your garland. Grab some evergreen in a few different types, maybe some eucalyptus leaves or magnolia leaves, some green berry strands, grapevines, green pinecone twigs, cedar twigs, too. Then combine them together in layers, using green crafting wire. Top them off with some berries and pinecones. In about an hour, you’ll have this gorgeous, unique garland you can hang on the fence, around the door frame, or practically anywhere else outdoors that you like.

Twig Stars

christmas homemade twig star
Image credits: Maryna Petrenko-Shvets via Canva

From Cottage Chronicles comes this sweet little tutorial for easy twig stars you can make with the kids for use anywhere outdoors. Follow along for exact replicas, or change them up with a little spray on glitter for an extra special touch of shimmery something then hang them up with twinkle lights in the barren trees for a dazzling look.

Advent Calendar Clock

Wooden Clock without Numbers
Image credits: Moose via Canva

I have a thing for Advent calendars and clocks. My earliest childhood Christmas memories involve a felt wall hanging with little felt pockets filled with little felt “ornaments” to pin up each day of the Advent season.

For a unique twist on that, there’s this Advent clock you can post on the porch wall, sharing the happy countdown with the whole neighborhood.

Rustic Leaf and Bell Wreath

Christmas Wreath with Golden Bells
Image credits: Adrian Mocanu’s Images via Canva

Scroll down about one-third of the way through the list on this one to see the actual leaf and bell wreath I’m talking about for this one. It’s a simple but beautiful option for use indoors or outdoors, using simple leaves, ribbons and bells for a gorgeous rustic touch for your holiday celebration.

Greenery and Wooden Ornament Door Swag

Holiday Evergreen Door Swag with Red Bow
Image credits: Jovanka_Novakovic via Canva

For this one, you’ll take the same premise of the other greenery door swags but instead of using berries or bells or pinecones, you’ll replace the embellishment with treated wooden ornaments. Simply tie the pine branches together with ribbon and add in the ornaments on matching ribbons for an easy, five-minute project that’s perfect for the front door, backdoor, decorative sled, or even hanging from the eaves.

Popsicle Stick Sled Ornaments

Popsicle Sticks
Image credits: Iman Raza Khan via Canva

For a great project to do with the kids, make these popsicle stick sled ornaments for use indoors or outdoors in that barren tree, that evergreen, or even for a door swag of greenery. You just need craft sticks, paint, string, greenery, and some glue to craft them up in no time.

Metal and Wood Christmas Sign

Christmas sign
Image credits: DLMcK via Canva

For more advanced crafters, this wooden and metal Noel sign is a dazzling way to spruce up your space for the holidays. You’ll need some pine furring strips, wood screws, wood stain, wood conditioner, metal and wood letters, a wreath, and a circular saw, and standard tools to craft this big sign for the front porch.

Your Best Christmas Yet

Farmhouse décor has been all the rage for quite a while now, for good reason. The country class, as Dolly Parton puts it, gives your home a warm, inviting feeling unlike any other. So, grab some classic country supplies and craft up some of these gorgeous pieces for a country-themed home. Of course, if you’re not all about country, there are tons of other amazing Christmas theme decorating styles you can consider that also bring out the best in your home.