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23 Salsify Recipes to Try This Month

Salsify your food this season with this delicious superfood, packed with fiber, iron, vitamin C, calcium, and potassium. This versatile vegetable has a slightly nutty and subtly earthy flavor that has earned it comparisons to asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes, and weirdly enough, oysters.

You’ll love its unique taste in these 23 delicious salsify recipes, including vegan salsify recipes, braised salsify recipes, salsify soups, salsify salads, and more!

Braised Salsify Recipes

When it comes to meat and veggies, what’s better than braising? It brings out the flavor, juiciness, and tenderness of dishes. It’s especially effective in enhancing the flavor of salsify in these incredible braised salsify recipes.

Braised Salsify

braised salsify recipe
Credit: Food Network

It doesn’t get much simpler than this delicious braised salsify recipe. Sautéed with tomatoes in a slightly lemony and garlicky sauce, this braised salsify is to die for. Top it off with a garnish of basil to finish off this excellent appetizer or superb side dish.

Braised Salsify, Pickled Shallots Kale, and Celeriac Mash

Magret Duck Recipe Braised Salsify, Pickled Shallots Kale & Celeriac Mash
Credit: The Taste

This exquisitely elegant, braised salsify, pickled shallots, kale, and celeriac mash features moist duck with decadently crispy skin, perfectly braised salsify, a savory and sweet red-wine based sauce, and creamy celeriac mash. It’s safe to say that this recipe is not for beginner chefs.

Braised Short Ribs with Celery Root Puree

Braised Short Ribs with Celery Root Puree
Credit: Martha Stewart

These mouthwateringly delicious braised short ribs with celery root puree will become your new favorite winter comfort food. This sophisticatedly savory meal features decadent braised short ribs in a savory marinade with salsify, other veggies, and a silky celery root puree. This mildly difficult recipe is worth the work.

Salsify Pasta Recipes

Adding a warm, unique flavor to pasta dishes, salsify perfectly complements traditional Italian ingredients. These delectable recipes put a delicious twist on classic Italian dishes, creating appetizing adapted versions that heavily feature salsify.

White Risotto with Salsify and Avocado Puree

White Risotto with Salsify and Avocado Puree
Credit: Eat Smarter

This nutritious and delicious white risotto with salsify and avocado puree features some funky flavors that come together incredibly in this creamy, no-guilt dish. The creamy risotto’s texture is incredible, with the addition of silky avocado. The slightly nutty flavor of the salsify tastes delicious in contrast with this dish’s hints of citrus.

Salsify Carbonara with Confit Pork Cheek, Crackling, and Chestnuts

Salsify carbonara with confit pork cheek, crackling and chestnuts
Credit: Great British Chefs

Again, ribbons of this ridiculously delicious root vegetable make an incredible low-carb pasta alternative in this salsify carbonara with confit pork cheek, crackling, and chestnuts. The salsify’s softness perfectly juxtaposes with the crunchiness of the pork crackling and juiciness of the pork cheek. Put it all together with a creamy carbonara sauce, and this dish makes the perfect winter meal.

Salsify Soup Recipes

The best time of year to eat salsify is in the winter, not only because that’s typically when this underrated root vegetable is most widely available, but also because it has a warm, nutty flavor that tastes incredible in wintery foods like these soups.

Game Meat Stew with Veggies

 Game Meat Stew with Veggies recipe

This super satisfying game meat stew with veggies is a comfortable, warm, and flavorful meal perfect for cold winter nights. With only three steps for preparation, and a dozen ingredients, most savory spices, this stew is doable and delicious for advanced and beginner chefs alike.

Mussel and Salsify Soup

Mussels and Salsify Soup
Credit: Saveur

Playing off of salsify’s slightly seafood-like flavor, this mouthwateringly delicious mussel and salsify soup have a rich, salty taste that you will dream about. It somehow masters a satisfyingly creamy texture without including any cream.

The salsify and mussels are the stars of this savory winter soup.

Black Salsify Soup

Black salsify soup
Credit: Kitchen Stories

Featuring flavorful black salsify, this black salsify soup has a rich nutty taste that’s accentuated by the addition of nutmeg, pumpernickel bread, and of course, salsify. You can make this creamy soup, which also features potatoes, shallots, white wine vinegar, and scallions, in less than 30 minutes.

Pumpkin Apple Soup with Salsify Garnish

Pumpkin Apple Soup with Salsify Garnish
Credit: Food 52

Perfect for the fall time, this pumpkin apple soup with salsify garnish pairs classic fall ingredients like pumpkins and apples in a creamy, colorful concoction. It’s lovely for fall events and cozy nights in with the family after days spent jumping in leaf piles or picking apples. The salsify garnish and nutmeg spice add a delicious pop of nuttiness to this fabulous fall soup.

Vegan Salsify Recipes

Bringing its uniquely nutty and earthy flavor to vegan recipes, salsify is a great flavor booster and meat substitute. If you love oysters but are now vegan, salsify’s surprisingly oyster-like taste will be right up your alley.

Healthy Vegan Vegetable Stew

Healthy Vegan Vegetable Stew
Credit: Palatable Pastime

Often when people think of vegan recipes, they think of heavily healthy, light meals. Vegan food can be hearty too, though, like in this delicious healthy vegan vegetable stew recipe. This cozy, comfort food is full of warming flavors- but not calories. With onions, carrots, celery, mushrooms, potatoes, and salsify, it contains all of the aromatics that produce great stews.

Spicy Roots

spicy roots gordon ramsay
Credit: BBC Good Food

For a flavorful, filling vegan side dish, try making these spectacularly delicious spicy roots. All of your favorite root vegetables, parsnips, carrots, and of course, salsify are covered in a spicy marinade with hints of citrus and garlic. These flavor-packed vegetables are sauteed until their skins become crispy, and their interiors become soft.

Black Salsify with Capers and Chives

Credit: Green Evi

This sautéed black salsify with capers and chives recipe makes a perfect vegan appetizer or side dish. It’s super simple to make, requiring only a couple of prep steps, and featuring only salsify roots, olive oil, lemon, chives, capers, and salt or pepper. However, this zesty and refreshing dish is packed with flavor.

Roasted Salsify with Toasted Walnuts and a Lemony Tahini Dressing

Credit: Exceedingly Vegan

One of my favorite sauces of all time is tahini, so naturally, I’m a huge fan of this fantastic roasted salsify with toasted walnuts and a lemony tahini dressing recipe. The perfectly roasted salsify develops a caramelized layer that’s heavenly and pairs wonderfully with the crunchy toasted walnuts and savory, citrusy tahini dressing. This is the perfect, refreshing, vegan winter salad!

Meaty Salsify Recipes

If the last section was so not in your wheelhouse, fear not. Salsify not only goes well with veggie dishes, but it also perfectly complements meat- whether they are sausage, fish, beef, or chicken. It’s that versatile a vegetable!

Salsify in Blankets

Salsify in blankets
Credit: Great British Chef

For all the pork lovers out there, this recipe will change your life. What would normally be a small sausage wrapped in flaky pastry or biscuit dough has been reimagined as a salsify baton wrapped in smoky, salty bacon and roasted to perfection. Beautiful as an appetizer, as a main with a green salad and soup, or as an offbeat movie-night snack, the resulting sweet and savory dish is insanely good.

Steelhead With Sorrel Sauce and Salsify

Credit: Honest Food

While this steelhead with sorrel sauce and salsify recipe certainly isn’t quick or easy, its delicious flavor profile makes it well worth the work. With buttery sorrel sauce, boiled soft salsify, and a decadent steelhead slab, this meal is restaurant quality, blending sophisticated culinary flavors effortlessly.

Healthy Sausage, Fennel, and Salsify Tray Bake

Healthy Sausage, Fennel and Salsify Tray Bake

Who doesn’t love a one-pan dish? Especially one that packs in as much food and flavor as this healthy sausage, fennel, and salsify tray bakeWith savory sausage, roasted salsify, and flavorful fennel, this traybake is an excellent winter meal, beating back the cold with flavor-filled comfort food.

Turbot with Mussels, Sea Vegetables, and Salsify

Turbot with mussels, sea vegetables and salsify
Credit: Great British Chefs

While this turbot with mussels, sea vegetables, and salsify recipe deals with lots of complex flavors, it’s relatively simple to make, taking less than 30 minutes to bake and prepare. This superb seasonal recipe features a seafood medley, perfectly accented by the rooty notes of salsify and its vaguely oyster-like taste.

Asian-Inspired Salsify Recipes

Perfectly complementing classic Asian cuisine like miso soups, stir fry, noodles, and curry, salsify flawlessly enhances traditional Asian ingredients. Below are some of the best Asian cuisine-inspired salsify recipes you’ll find online.

Miso Soup with Pork and Udon

Miso Soup with Pork and Udon
Credit: Good Food Stories

To know miso soup is to love miso soup. This miso soup with pork and udon is no exception. With fresh udon noodles, salsify, mushrooms, scallions, and kombu, this soup balances salty, savory, and earthy flavors. This soup is a quick and easy winter meal with enough flavor to break you out of any winter blues.

Stir-Fry of Duck and Winter Vegetables

duck salsify stir fry
Credit: Gordon Ramsay

This stir-fry of duck and winter vegetables is not like the other stir-fries. With celeriac, salsify, wild mushrooms, truffle oil, and perfectly cooked duck breast, it won’t be like any other stir fry you’ve ever tried. But that’s okay because it has no trouble blending all of its unique culinary flavors into one sautéed masterpiece.

Salsify Salad Recipes

Upgrade your salad game by adding the unique flavor of salsify. Not only does it go super well with traditional salad ingredients, but it also flawlessly melds into more colorful and unique salad recipes. Is there anything salsify can’t do?

Bulgur Salsify Salad

Bulgur Salsify Salad

This delicious, slightly unusual bulgur salsify salad recipe has a roasted celeriac base and salsify and beautifully boiled bulgur. The tangy dressing, which features shallots, garlic, and grapeseed oil, tops the dish off, bringing the salty, savory flavors together. Although there are some complex flavors in this salad, it’s relatively simple to make.

Black Salsify, Apple and Hazelnut Salad

Black Salsify, Apple and Hazelnut Salad

While this black salsify, apple, and hazelnut salad is unusual-looking, it’s many ingredients and flavors were indubitably destined to coexist together. The sweetness of the apples and lemons, nuttiness of the hazelnuts and salsify, and the tanginess of white wine vinegar all go beautifully together.

Colorful Winter Vegetable Salad

Credit: Elegantly Vegan

Bring some color to your table to get yourself out of a grey, winter gloom with this colorful winter vegetable salad. With a healthy dose of winter vegetables and a sprinkle of seasoning, this warm winter salad has some simple but satisfying flavors.

Lobster Salad With Salsify and Orange

Lobster salad with salsify and orange
Credit: Olive Magazine

While this lobster salad with salsify and orange is not the most straightforward salad to make, after all, it does have lobster in it, this filling salad, unlike some of the other ones on this list, is a well-rounded meal within itself. This recipe is only for experienced chefs or those willing to put the time into getting this right. When you get it right, though, you’ll never want to go back to hum-drum salads.

Bottom Line

Whether you were looking for braised salsify dishes, salsify pasta, vegan salsify dishes, or salsify soups, this list had a recipe for you. Pair any of these salsify recipes with some delicious winter vegetables for truly unforgettable winter meals this season. 

What was your favorite salsify recipe? Let me know in the comments, and if you found this list inspirational, be sure to share it!

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