Should You Hire a Lawn Service?

The summer season of lawn care has quickly come upon us, and no matter how much you love your lawn, the time and effort it takes can quickly begin to cut into your leisure time. It also can cut into your monthly budget in no time as well, which makes people consider if hiring a lawn service isn’t a more economical way of both time and money.

Despite your lawn being a year-round endeavor, your investment in it is usually highest during the warmer growing seasons. Many lawn care services offer year-round care as well, although you can hire them on a monthly, contractual basis for when your need is at its highest. When deciding if a lawn care service is worth the investment, you should break down a rough estimate of what it is currently costing you to care for your lawn on your own each month.


Be sure to consider the cost of your equipment and maintenance, fuel, weed killer, and insecticides (if needed), reseeding, and fertilizer schedule. Also, include the time it takes each season to care for your lawn. Is your time worth $10 an hour? $15 an hour? If you are considering a service due to the time it takes to care for your property, then this is a very important consideration indeed.


Most lawn care companies offer various service packages to help you stay within your budget. They also may offer other landscaping maintenance such as tree and hedge trimming, tree removal, and even flower bed planting. Most cost comparative results yield a difference of a few hundred dollars one way or another for a whole year’s worth of service vs maintaining your property on your own.


Since many people enjoy the outdoor seasonal work, then a service may not be worth the overall investment; afterall, caring for your landscape is a health-conscious choice. But if you have a large property, struggle to find time, or simply are unable to dedicate yourself to the task, then considering a lawn service may be a worthwhile endeavor.

To help you begin thinking about these differences, and how they affect you, check out the infographic below:


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