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Should You Spiral Cut Your Hot Dog?

Nothing says summertime like the sound of those franks sizzling as they plump and develop grill marks, driving you crazy with hunger. Like burgers, hot dogs are a barbecue staple that are delicious and crowd-pleasers for all ages.

But, is there a way to kick up the “wow” factor of the same old wiener? Is there a way to make them appear or taste more exciting?

You’ve probably seen spiraled hot dogs or curly cut hot dogs or whatever you want to call them at amusement parks, county fairs, or even your local mall. The interesting thing is, the dogs are the same, but when those funny-looking spirals are cut into the meat, everyone wants to try this exotic version of an old standard.

How to Spiral Cut?

Yes, you can do it with a knife, but there are some cheap and easy tools to save your time and your fingers. Like this one, which is less than $10.

    Curl-A-Dog BBQ Spiral Grilling Hot Dog Slicer

    If you're convinced curly cut is where it's at, these will get the job done. The package comes with two slicers: one for quarter pound dogs and one for 1/8 pounders.

Why You Should Spiral Cut

Maybe you’ve been thinking about adding a spiral twist to your dogs, but you don’t see the point. The fact is, there are a few good reasons why you should:

The Meat Cooks More Evenly

Think about what a typical hot dog looks like when it’s on the grill. At first, the entire dog will start to turn dark and sweaty, but eventually, the dog starts to develop blisters. This is because certain parts of the meat are cooking faster than the rest. When the meat is ready to come off the grill, you’ll notice that some parts are charred, while other parts are still pink and slightly under-cooked.

When you spiral the meat before you cook it, blisters won’t form. The interior and the exterior of the meat will be exposed to heat, which allows for a more even cooking and flavor experience.

The Hot Dog will Caramelize

For some, the best part about eating a hot dog is eating the crispy, caramelized parts. Imagine being able to experience that taste with every bite of your wiener. This is what will happen when more of your meat is exposed to the heat and flames of your grill.

The Grooves Accommodate Chunky Condiments

hot dog spiral with crescent roll
Image Credits: Canva

Ketchup and mustard rest on top of wieners just fine, but what about other favorite toppings such as relish, onions, peppers, salsa, sauerkraut, and coleslaw? Normally, condiments like these slide out of the bun and on to your plate. But, after you cut spirals into your dog, you’ll see that the grooves create pockets that allow your chunky condiments to nestle in. This allows you to enjoy the full flavor experience of the condiments with every bite.

One of my favorites is to wrap the spiral cut hot dog with a crescent roll and put it on a skewer. It’s easy to grill, easy to dip, and is surely a barbeque party hit!

Spiral Cut Dogs Add the Fun Factor

Finally, imagine everyone smiling at your spiraled hot dogs. Not only will adults get a kick out of this, kids will absolutely love it! It even helps take away choking worries!