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How to Shovel Snow Faster (Safely!)

No matter how much you love the cold, snow, or physical exertion, you probably don’t want to spend any more time in the snow than you have to. It’s tough, never-ending work. Whether you’re eager to get inside to drink hot cocoa or to go skiing, you don’t want to dedicate hours to shoveling your steps or driveway. Fortunately, you can learn how to shovel snow faster. Without cutting corners, you can have your driveway and paths clear in a short time.

The Fastest Way to Shovel Snow

plow shovel snow pusher in snow driveway with dogSo, still, wondering how to shovel snow faster? There’s one highly effective method of snow shoveling that could prevent you from having lost time, heat, and energy.

It all starts with using the right shovel. For one, you should never use a spade or metal dirt shovel for snow removal. You need a product designed to remove snow, which means having a flat and wide shovelhead. Even then, not all snow shovels are alike.

You also may want to have more than one shovel. While the standard flat snow shovel is useful, some areas of your yard may require a plow shovel. If you want to clear your driveway quickly, a plow shovel is a proper tool for the job.

Picking the Right Shovel

When choosing a shovel, you need to consider efficiency. A shovel with too short of a handle will require more effort to use and take up more of your time. Therefore, consider the length of the shovel and whether or not it’s ideal for your body type.

Look for a shovel with an ergonomic handle. If you’re not comfortable, shoveling will take longer than it needs to. Avoid buying or using a shovel with an uncomfortable grip.

Do the Backyard First

If you want to make shoveling move quickly, start in the backyard. Do your patio, back pathways, and deck. Because it takes less time to finish clearing your backyard than your front, doing so allows you to accomplish a lot in a short time. After finishing your backyard, you may feel invigorated and ready for the larger front yard.

Additionally, doing your backyard first prevents you from tracking snow into your home. While doing your backyard first won’t save you hours, it could save you a few minutes, a messy floor, and some misery.

Shovel Down the Middle

When you’re ready to do the driveway, start in the middle. Use a plow shovel to make a straight line to the end of the driveway. Then, use that same shovel to make a line next to the initial line. Continue until you’re done with one half of the driveway and move onto the other side.

After the driveway is mostly clear, use a regular snow shovel to scoop away the plow shovel piles. When you’re done, you can enjoy your wide driveway.

Man is shoveling his driveway after large snowstorm

The Timing

You can also speed up the process by shoveling at the right time. If you until several days after a snowfall to shovel, the snow will be crusty and hard. It could take twice as long as it would take to shovel soft snow. For rapid shoveling, head outside as soon as the snow stops falling. Avoid going outside during a snowstorm, though. This increases your chance of injury.

Is This the Fastest Way to Shovel Snow?

The fastest way to shovel snow safely is to go at your own pace, use the right tools, and go in an organized manner. For every individual, the process may be slightly different.

As you focus on getting the job done, remind yourself that safety is key. If you’re not cautious, you could suffer from a back injury or a slip and fall accident. The fastest way to shovel and the safest way to shovel are two different things. Furthermore, an injury will significantly slow down your efforts. Avoid common winter injuries, and stay safe while you shovel.

Man shoveling snow off a driveway

Other Ways to Remove Snow Faster

Of course, there are other ways to remove snow. If you’re willing to put down the shovel, you can use a tool to remove the snow from your property. Any one of the following is a highly efficient way to remove snow:

man uses snow blower to clear deep snow

Snow Blower

After spending years doing damage to your back while you shovel, a snow blower will seem like a magical tool. There are several types of snow blowers available to homeowners, but they all have one thing in common – they’re easier than shoveling.

A snow blower takes in snow through one end and forces it out through another. To earn its name, the product uses a motor to blow the snow out. Rotating blades allow the snow to move through the blower, and the amount and width of those blades affect how much snow you can move.

As with everything, be sure to use your snowblower safely. Doing so can make the winter much easier on you and your back. If you’re not certain whether or not you like the idea of a snowblower, check out this comparison of snow blowers versus shovels.

Electric Snow Shovel

If you like the concept of a snowblower but want a simpler alternative, the electric snow shovel is right for you. Much like a snowblower, this machine blows the snow out of your way. But it usually relies on a cord or small battery pack to work.

The benefit of an electric shovel is its small size. Typically, it looks like a shovel. The major difference is the shovelhead, which has an auger. It’s ideal for hard-to-reach places, like your stairs and tight pathways.

Leaf Blower

Believe it or not, you can use a leaf blower to remove snow. There are limitations to using a leaf blower, and it won’t always get the job done. For instance, leaf blowers only work on light snow. If you have wet, heavy snow, only a snow blower or electric shovel can handle the job of snow removal.

You’ll need a powerful leaf blower. Typically, cheap blowers have weak motors that won’t move much snow. Only a high-quality leaf blower can take the place of shoveling.


Perhaps the easiest snow removal option is the plow. And no, you don’t need to go out and buy a huge truck with a snowplow attachment. These days, you can find plenty of plow attachments that work with everyday vehicles. You can even attach one to your ride-on mower, but that could be detrimental to your machine.


Instead of wondering how to shovel snow faster, get started with your new technique. Start shopping around for shovels and have a plan in mind. After the snow falls, you can get outside and finish the job in record time.