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27 of the Best Sledding Quotes for Just the Right Time

Are you about to head out for a sledding expedition with the family? Why not brush up on the best quotes about sledding and the snow beforehand? We’ve put together a list of the best 27 sledding quotes for just the right time. We made sure to include a little something for everybody.

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Sledding Quotes for Kids

The first 15 quotes of our list of this year’s best sledding quotes for just the right time are all kid-friendly.

kids and adults sledding outdoors winter in park

1. When the Sledding is About to Start

“And so the sledding begins…” – This one is great for when you’ve just topped the hill with your kids and are preparing to start sledding their hearts out.

2. When You See Other Kids With Sleds

“Friends don’t let friends go sledding alone.” – A great quote for when you join up with a lone friend on the way to sledding.

3. As You Sled Down The Hill for the First Time of the Day

“Sleigh all day!” – A legit battle cry for your first trip down the hill. It also makes a lovely caption for sledding photos.

4. When You Are Bundling Your Kid Up For Sledding

“The snuggle is real.” – Silly words to share with your children while preparing them in warm enough clothing and gear for sledding in the cold.

5. What You Say to Your Kid(s) When You’re Sledding (and It’s Really Cold Outside)

“This might be our chilliest adventure yet.” – Another goofy line to use with your family while preparing and in route to sledding.

family selfie on sledding hill snow day

6. Caption for Photos of Your Kids Misbehaving With Their Sleds

“Up to snow good.” – This sarcastic line is perfect for captioning photos. It’s also a nice one-liner at the beginning of a snowball fight.

7. For Explaining What Sledding is to Kids

“Happiness is fresh snow and a sled.” – For kids who’ve never experienced the thrill of sledding, this quote is as good as it gets.

8. Good One-Liner Before Sledding Down the Hill Like a Goofball

“Time to sled like nobody’s watching (hopefully nobody is actually watching)!” – Yet another goofy kid-friendly quote to spout off while sledding or to use as a caption.

9. When You’re Having a Good Time Sledding With Your Kids

“You know what’s great about sledding? More sledding!” – This quote is music to your children’s ears when they’re not ready to quit sledding yet.

10. When You’re Really Really Cold

“Tiss the season to be freezin!” – A funny one-liner that also works wonderfully as a Social Media image post caption.

kids snow tubing ouside in melting snow on blue tube

11. Before Bed When Your Kids Are Wishing For Another Snowday

“Pray for snow!” – A cute thing to tell your young kids before bed when they’ve inquired about the possibility of sledding tomorrow.

12. When Your Kids Are Off From School For a Snowday

“Snowdays are for sledding.” – The best one-line piece of news you can give children who love sledding, first thing in the morning.

13. For Explaining Snowflakes to Small Children

“Snowflakes are winter’s butterflies.” – An adorable quote to explain away snowflakes to young and curious children.

14. Stick on the Fridge or Chalkboard For Your Kids to See At Breakfast

“To do list: go sledding!” – Another great way to break the good news to your sledding squadron.

15. Right Before You Snap That Picture of Your Children With Their Sleds

“Say “Freeze!” – A classic wintertime photo-op saying that speaks for itself.

Funny Sledding Quotes

The last 11 sledding quotes for just the right time are some of our very favorite funny quotes.
man sledding head first closeup

16. When You’re Chatting With Friends and Sledding

“It takes one to snow one!” – A great rebuttal when a friend makes a sarcastic remark.

17. Another While You’re Chatting With Friends and Sledding Quote

“I’m gonna let this one slide.” – Another rebuttal of sorts for when someone says something sarcastic or “offensive.”

18. For Those Photos of You at the Top of the Hill With Your Sled

“It’s all downhill from here.” – A silly but classic one-liner that is worthy of being uttered by sledders everywhere. It also makes a great caption for photos.

19. When You’re Freezing to Death and Ready to Call it a Day

“There’s snow place like home.” – A funny way of saying that you’re ready to park the sled and head home to hang up your boots and warm up your tootsies.

man falling from sled in snow

20. For Social Media Photo Captions of You or Your Kids Bundled Up

“If you think I’m cute now, wait until you see me on my sled!” – A cute quote for Social Media image post captions.

21. Good For a Laugh With Your Partner While Sledding

“It’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you.” – An adorable and heartwarming quote to share with your significant other while outside in the snow.

22. When Introduced to Someone New While Sledding

“Ice to meet you.” – A very silly first-line to use when meeting someone new during the wintertime.

23. When You’re Sledding in More Mud Than Snow

“Keep calm and wait for snow.” – The perfect caption for sledding photos which are lacking in the magical ingredient of snow.

girl in snowsuit sledding down tracks in winter

24. For Those Social Media Posts of You in Your Most Adorable Sledding Outfits and Poses

“Sleigh.” – A favorite millennial-style quote for Social Media image post captions.

25. When You’re the First to Top the Hill After a Good Snow

“With great powder comes great responsibility.” – A sophisticated-sounding snow quote that’s great for the first adventure of the day with plenty of fresh snow.

26. Caption For End of the Day Photos After Sleighing

“I’m a sled-head.” – Few quotes say so much in so few words when accompanied with the right photo.

27. When Things Don’t Go The Way You Had Envisioned

“You might say I was misled.” – A downright goofy thing to say, but hey, that’s just how some people roll.


boys sledding in crowded park in bright sunshine and snow

Sledding is truly one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities of the year, regardless of how cold it is. Knowing the best sledding quotes for just the right time makes sledding all the merrier of a time. Hopefully, our list helps you pick out a few good lines to use this winter.

On another note, if you’re actively looking for the best sled to invest in this year, check out our sled recommendations and reviews.

Do you have a great sledding quote to share with our audience? We’d love to hear it in the comments section below. Captioned pictures and memes welcomed.

Have a great time sledding!