Sloggers Garden Shoe Reviews
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Sloggers Comfort Garden Shoe Reviews

When I’m home my yard is very much a part of the household and serves as an extension of our living area. We move between the lawn, porches, and garage multiple times through the day, and like most households with children, shoes are removed at the door to help minimize dirty floor build up. In the summer months flip-flops serve as a great way to protect the soles of my feet as I move from one area to the next, but when it rains or begins to get colder, I have to turn to something a bit more protective- especially when entering into muddy garden areas, or where we keep livestock. Bending down to secure shoes is not a step I enjoy as it slows me down in my progress from one area to the other, and I never can seem to find a shoe that keeps my feet dry. Until I discovered Sloggers. Sloggers

Our Sloggers garden shoes reviews below provides an overview of why I decided this was an excellent choice for my household and highlights the benefits and features of the product so you can decide if it is a design you would want to consider.

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What is a Slogger?


Although the Slogger name wasn’t used until 1997, the company history dates back to 1948 when a clear, plastic overshow called a Drizzle Boot was first introduced. Since then the company has released a series of shoes (and other products) geared for comfort and usefulness for around your home and garden. Based in California, all Slogger shoes, boots, and hats are made in the USA and come in a wide variety of prints and colorful designs to fit everybody’s personal style.

Slogger Garden Models


Sloggers come in styles both for men and women and are a waterproof, washable, comfort for garden work, and other outdoor activities. Their line of shoes, clogs, and boots are a favorite amongst yard work enthusiasts, and the stylish hats now offered help keep you in the shade even on the sunniest of days.

Comfort Shoes

81SXaKTKuNL The comfort shoe is their most popular garden shoe. It is easy to slip on and off without having to bend down, provides protection all the way around the foot and heal, and comes in a multitude of different patterns and designs.







Clogs The clog is patterned after the shoe but has no heel rise or coverage to allow you for even faster on and off access. These come in a variety of plain, muted colors for easier wear when out and about.




Ankle Boot

Ankle Boot Their ankle boot is designed to provide a bit more waterproof protection and support. These also come in a wide variety of colors and patterns and are just as easy to slip on and off as their shoe to help keep you moving in and out as needed.





Rain and Garden Boot

Rain and Garden Boot Rain and garden boots are a high sided boot to provide your feet durable protection through inclimate weather and seasonal moisture changes. They also are easy to slide on and off by stepping into them, and come in fun, vivid and colorful patterns.







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Breakdown of the Sloggers Garden Shoe


There are quite a few features that can be highlighted concerning this particular design. In my research of these I decided to go check them out at a local farm and feed store, and just about came home with three different styles. These are definitely a quality product, and it is easy to tell why they are such a popular item with anyone who works outdoors around their property.


Easy On and Off Sloggers are all designed with convenience in mind and can be easily slipped on and off without having to bend down or set down any loads you may be carrying. They are made to hold your foot, but not grip, and with the correct fit should not slide as you walk. I found them easy to slip on and off on my own and loved how well it encompassed my foot without feeling tight. But at no time did I feel as if my foot as going to slip out when walking.





7120RG5j The all-day comfort insole is designed to cradle your foot in comfort and provide pressure relief as you work. A molded arch helps keep your foot secure, and the 7mm and 5mm respective heel and ball cushioning allow your foot to stay above hard surfaces to avoid fatigue. My initial reaction to the comfort was surprised for such a simple product.





81OC9t3xGbL I’m happy to report their sizing was very much true to size with half sizes needing to go up. The optional sizer insole can be used as well to provide a little less space within the shoe if it is needed. These insoles are removable in order to be cleaned. SImply soak and then leave out to dry before replacing within the shoe.







Heavy Duty Traction   These shoes are made to work in, and therefore need to provide good footing. The sturdy, durable rubber sole provides excellent traction where needed in wet, slippery conditions, and wear slowly to provide you long use. No matter what terrain you work within, the thick soles of these shoes protect your feet, and keep you from feeling the ground you walk upon- no matter whether it is smooth, or riddled with pebbles.


Waterproof True to the foundation of the company, Sloggers were created first and foremost to keep your feet dry. They are of a molded construction to minimize seams that come, your feet will be comfortably encased and safety out of the water. uld allow in water and much with wear over time and use waterproof materials in their design to keep your feet completely dry. Even if you need to stand in water for any amount of it.






81FCHjGBMKL As mentioned above, the insoles can be removed to be cleaned. The rest of the shoe can be hosed off, both inside and out, to remove any muck you’ve ‘slogged’ through – or even gotten within the shoe if enthusiasm was part of your journey. They are a quick dry material construction to get you back to work in no time. No more having to set your shoes out for a few days to ensure it is dried all the way through.





9151rCIn8mL This may be the biggest selling point as no other comparative company seems to have as many bright, bold, and fun prints from with to choose. They even have limited edition releases pertaining to their prints! Whether you are looking for a simple, plain shoe, or one that describes your personality – they have one for you. You can even get your favorite farm animals in print!



100% recyclable sign Each show is made from 50% recyclable materials thanks to the company’s Commitment to Sustainability Program which collects used sloggers, pays to do so and reuses them in their construction of the soles of their boots and shoes. Not only is this a great way to reduce waste in our landfills, but also is ecologically friendly in every step of the life of these products.





911WtP6THGL._SL1500_ There are both men’s and women’s Slogger size and styles available to fit everyone’s lifestyle and needs. The men’s choices are made from the same construction design and come in both a black and brown faux leather look that is just as waterproof and comfortable as their original design.




Depositphotos_4583318_l-2015 Their happiness guarantee policy ensures you are 100% impressed with the quality and feel of your Slogger purchase. Shoes can be returned for a full refund after 14 days as long as they do not show any sign of wear- meaning you can wear them around the house, but not out of it.







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Consumer Feedback

Depositphotos_40969431_l-2015Sloggers are consistently praised for both fit and quality across all styles of products. Long hours, excellent durability, and quality construction to provide years of regular use are regularly mentioned. They breathability of them compared to other rubber-like, waterproof boots is also mentioned quite often – which is a great perk since many shoes like this can make your feet hot and sweaty. Obviously, the designs and patterns are a popular reason o purchase these as well. The plain style shoes and clogs are easy to wear out and about when running errands if you are conscious about brighter colors, but if not, they are great for all day use no matter where you are headed. The half size insoles only go up to a 10, so the only true complaint surrounded getting a truly good fit for larger feet (especially men) who did want the extra insole to help snug up the overall feel.


Not only have thousands of consumers mentioned how wonderfully these shoes have fit and worn for them in their daily gardening, chores, and other yard work. I especially was impressed with them myself for the short time I was able to check them out, and have an adorable print currently on order that fits my lifestyle on our small farm. Hopefully, the breakdown I’ve provided above gives you a good overview of the Slogger Garden Shoe in particular and has enough detail of the features provided to allow you the chance to decide if they are a good choice for you. If you have any more questions or comments, please let us know below. And, as always, please share!