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128 Backyard Garden Ideas: Great Ways to Transform Your Yard

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Integrating Slope

Rocky garden
Image credits: swedewah via Canva

An uneven landscape should be viewed as a fun challenge that can incorporate fine lines and rocky garden beds that move with the yard rather than cut into it. Embrace the shape your property is in to create unique looks for both gardens and lighting.

Rising Walls

Zen Garden
Image credits: Elena Photo via Canva

An uneven terrain provides a lot for your imagination to run with. Rising stone walls that double as garden beds are a popular choice to help keep erosion at bay and to provide more surface area for vegetative plantings.

Hidden Corners

Gardener's corner
Image credits: Dhoxax via Canva

Take advantage of those hidden corners and provide depth and visual deception with the use of tall focal features. These help hide unsightly corner meetings and allow for a backdrop for more colorful garden ideas- or even sitting areas as showcased here.

Tiered Hillsides

Tiered Rockery with Stone Walls
Image credits: TMGZ2021 via Canva

If you happen to have steep hillsides, you can easily break this surface area up into raised tiers that provide flattened garden areas, help keep moisture runoff from eroding your yard, and also make space look larger than what it is. Rock walling and intermittent steps are showcased here to provide an example of how this might work for you!

Urban Garden Sheds

Pub in urban garden
Image credits: Deb Drury via Canva

A garden shed is a perfect place to store all your gardening materials, lawnmowers, snowblowers, and children’s toys both out of the way and for seasonal protection. A simple wooden cabin design blends well into the surrounding neighborhood to keep your property secure.

A Place to Rest

old metal furniture in garden
Image credits: compuinfoto via Canva

Give new life to old chairs as seasonal garden features, or simply provide a place to sit and enjoy a garden; these old wooden benches are the perfect addition to a more rustic landscape design. Take advantage of local thrift shops to find your very own aged effects.

Seemingly Natural

Garden Pond with Fountain
Image credits: eeenevski via Canva

There is no reason why you cannot provide a landscape design to wide-open areas and large natural features, such as a pond. Although natural vegetation is allowed to grow seemingly unchecked here, carefully placed variances of colors and textures are included in the overall effect to provide a visual to be proud of.

Careful Planning

flower bed
Image credits: Peggy_Marco from Pixabay via Canva

Simple and yet so enticing, this carefully planned garden bed looks as if sprung from the ground untouched by man. Only a closer look reveals that much detail was taken with both tree pruning and careful placement of early spring blossoms.

Greenhouse Effect

Greenhouse Gardening
Image credits: Nickel_Bell via Canva

This sprawling greenhouse spares no expense when it comes to creating larger-than-life gardens for visitors to enjoy. It is almost hard to imagine that this entire garden is contained in a large bubble in which temperatures are carefully controlled for year-round blooming enjoyment. Also, make sure you know how to properly use a greenhouse!

Spring Growth

Garden pond
Image credits: CrazyD via Canva

Carefully placed flora around natural features can be an amazing touch to provide an unexpected pop of color and texture. Spring bulbs, in particular, can bring highly sought-after greenery early in the season to get your growing season started.

Wrought Iron Metal

Iron fence
Image credits: balticboy via Canva

Wrought iron was a popular fencing and garden addition back when sprawling estates were looking to provide boundaries from one plot of land to the next. These delicate metal lines are awesome for use in any landscape. They also serve as a wonderful addition for seating and gathering arrangements.

Rambling Gardens

Cottage garden
Image credits: AndyRoland via Canva

Take advantage of large vertical backdrops to highlight your rambling cottage gardens. Climbing vines are obvious additions but bring in pops of color with climbing roses and other tall, texturized vegetation.

Tulip Boxes

Tulip Box
Image credits: Andrew Grossberg via Canva

The great thing about planting boxes is how easy they can be planted to showcase seasonal blooms and vegetation. Various bulbs that showcase the colors through the spring-summer and fall are the perfect supplement to your favorite perennials.

Watering Solutions

Close up of in-ground sprinkler system
Image credits: David Tran via Canva

It can be hard to get water to all your garden beds when you have a large amount of land. Forgo inground sprinklers for easy place above-ground choices to help accommodate any garden changes you may want to make in the future.

Lacking Borders

Garden Border
Image credits: JohnGollop via Canva

Many people feel that every garden bed requires a well-defined border made of rocks. Bricks or some other noticeable and permanent structure. A well-trimmed lawn or even a hedge can do the job quite nicely and save your budget from a more expensive option.

Along the Fenceline

Nasturtium on a garden fence
Image credits: ZU_09 via Canva

Many people prefer to keep their grassy lawns open to the play of their children and pets but still love the idea of a garden. Garden borders and raised beds are easy to place even in the roomiest of yards along property borders and fence lines that serve as a great backdrop to use for vertical growth.

Vegetable Beds

Vegetable gardening
Image credits: PaulMaguire via Canva

Reclaim that unused corner of your yard and divide the area into small garden beds to encompass various favorite vegetables you can harvest all summer long. It is a simple task that needs very little effort other than the amendments of small areas of soil and the care of these small beds.

Small Backyard Garden Ideas

If you love gardening but feel restricted on your space and have held up on making plans because of it, these ideas are about to give you a reason why you need to get to work. Small yards, balconies, patios, and even apartment roofs can all be utilized for a green getaway, and the excuse of not having enough room needs to be put to rest.


Plant Growing Vertically in Vertical Garden
Image credits: pawita warasiri’s Images via Canva

Another vertical arrangement– this towering pyramid of plants allows for you to plant your favorites without the worry of where they will spread out into. These types of designs are perfect for strawberries and herbs as well. Also, check our article to learn more about vertical gardening to find some awesome ideas!

Temporary Touches

Temporary Touches
Image credits: muffrat via Instructables

If you aren’t quite ready to commit to a plan or are unsure of where to begin, look to simple container gardening, All you really need are various containers, such as these barrels that have been cut in half, and a vision of which plants to put in.

City Living

Small garden
Image credits: HannamariaH via Canva

Well-shaped plants and defined borders highlight one of many ways you can take advantage of the smaller, more defined boundaries of city-scaped backyards. Avoid clutter with variances in texture with simple blooms for year-round visual interest.

Upcycling Options

Image credits: duke_sm via Canva

Think twice before tossing your old pots, BBQs, and furniture. You can easily take these, or parts of them,  to use in your garden as upcycled flower planters, fountains, and other interesting features.


Bathtub Planter
Image credits: Shellphoto via Canva

Just about any sort of container can be upcycled into your very own garden. Wire baskets, water containers, or old tanks make perfect places for your garden to grow and bloom!

Hanging Herbs

Plant herbs pots hanging on wall
Image credits: boonsom via Canva

Do you want to add a little freshness to your culinary experience? Herbs grow wonderfully in small spaces, and recycling a hanging shoe organizer into a planter is a great way to help green, garden freshness all year long.

Claim Your Plot

Garden Fence with Roses
Image credits: jorgeantonio via Canva

Nothing helps keep your plot organized and undisturbed than a small fence. It not only looks aesthetically pleasing but is a great addition to a small yard to help unwanted pets and pests from disrupting the growing process.

Going Up

Vertical garden
Image credits: pkanchana via Canva

Container gardens are a great way to have a garden in very small spaces. They fit well on porches, decks, patios, and even apartment balconies. Consider going up rather than out to maximize your space even further.

Garden Borders

Garden Borders
Image credits: Mr. Rig It via Instructables

Don’t waste that unused space next to the garage or fence. Instead, create a few bordered beds and grow your plants upright or along a fence to provide a bountiful harvest!

Simple Summer

Image credits: BrettCharlton via Canva

If you have a certain lack of planting space but still want to create a garden to call your own- never underestimate the power of the planter. A few well-placed pots and a choice of vegetation brighten any area to make it picture-perfect.

Fence Space

Pots Hanging on Fence
Image credits: serenitysheep via Canva

Often overlooked as possible decorative planting spots are fences and walls. Hanging pots and baskets are easy to attach and allow you to set up your space exactly how you want it. Whether you keep it simple or fill it up is up to you.

Between Buildings

Garden and modern building
Image credits: Shamsanor via Canva

Urban gardening is all the rage, and if a plot of land lays unused between buildings, you have your chance to take advantage. You don’t need much space to begin to beautify and add in pops of color, texture, and other interests.

Portable Plantings

Flower pots on the vertical wall
Image credits: promicrostockraw via Canva

Put all those old pots you’ve collected to good use. Even old bowls and dishes make great, decorative portable planting solutions. If all you have is a patio, this is an awesome way to incorporate a small garden.

Cool Shadows

narrow garden
Image credits: Markus Volk via Canva

Narrow yards and the use of tall lattices can help create the structure you need to support draping vines and provide cool, green sunlight to help shade your garden areas.

Tiered Herb Garden

Tiered Retaining Wall
Image credits: Mark Herreid via Canva

Have an empty corner that you aren’t sure what to do with? No matter what the foundation is, you can easily build a tiered garden planter to utilize as much space as possible and create room for your favorite plants and veggies.

Cheap Space

wood pallet wall planter
Image credits: psching via Canva

Unwanted, used wooden pallets and the like are generally easy to find once you get looking. Piecing them together is equally as easy to make a backdrop and support for your tin can container garden. Old paint cans are perfect for a project like this and can generally be picked up for free!

The Artist in You

The Artist in You
Image credits: Greasetattoo via Instructables

I think small spaces are the best because they often have the coolest ideas incorporated into them. Rather than thinking traditional, people begin to think outside the box- like with this artist’s pallet that grows all the colors you need to paint the rainbow.

Cold Frame Duty

Cold frames
Image credits: ChrisAt via Canva

You can both protect your plants from climate weather and freezes, as well as showcase them with a simple cold frame. There are many different kinds you can use, but upright ones work best in small spaces.

Rocky Terrain

Garden Walkway
Image credits: Eak8dda via Canva

Even the rockiest of terrains can be home to a wide variety of eclectic potted gardens and simple features. This rocky walkway is the perfect place to highlight larger vegetative growth and bright pops of color.

Spacial Advantage

Inca floating stairs
Image credits: bmyl2 via Canva

Small yards with big features are most definitely a reality with these amazing floating stairs that save on space and provide an excellent feature. Don’t be afraid to bring your seemingly impossible visions to life just because you feel you are limited by the room you have.

Sideyard Advantage

Image credits: irina88w via Canva

Take advantage of any sideyard you may have with small garden beds that are easy to access for planting, weeding, and harvesting purposes. You can also take advantage of vertical growth to save on even more room with the addition of well-placed trellises.

Small Spaces

Using a tree stump as a planter
Image credits: Kristen Prahl via Canva

This small garden space takes advantage of left behind a tree stump and reclaims an area once overgrown by a large, unruly shrub. Cute, decorative additions and bright annuals bring new life to previously overlooked areas.

Narrow Spaces

Narrow path in tropical garden
Image credits: imanolurquizu via Canva

Urban living often dictates small yard spaces and close neighbors. Privacy fences and walls can provide the peace you need but can create an even smaller, more closed-off-looking area. Open up these paces with simple landscaping plans that provide openings and are not too cluttered with larger plants or features.

Small Space Solutions

Homemade planter
Image credits: Diego Martin Lopez via Canva

If you need to add height to your landscape or are looking for ways to save on space in a small yard, pyramid planters are an awesome answer to your needs. These provide year-round interest and are available to use with a variety of annual plants, as well as herbs and small fruits such as strawberries that have shallow roots.

Garden Oasis

Small vegetable garden with risen beds
Image credits: irina88w via Canva

If you have a narrow yard, you can still take advantage of a vegetable garden oasis. This bed has been tilled and readied for planting and provides plenty of space for an excellent harvest. As you can see, the yard leaves room for flowers and easy garden access without looking crowded.