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14 Handy Snow Blower Storage Ideas

Winter is approaching and it’s time to prepare your snow removal tools. If you own a snow blower to help clear your driveways and walkways more efficiently, you also need somewhere to store that snow blower. It spends a lot of time exposed to the elements and difficult weather conditions which can affect its life. So, if you want to use your snow blower for more than one season, you need to know how to maintain and store it properly. Not only do you need to store it in the months it’s not in use, but it is important to store it properly in between frequent uses.

That’s why today, I want to share with you 14 handy snow blower storage ideas, so you will never have to struggle with finding a place.

Garden Shed

Backlit Metal Shed
Image credits: Joshua Eckstein via Unsplash

One of the best outdoor storage solutions for your snow blower is your garden shed. It should have enough space to easily contain your device. You can get yourself a high-quality storage shed and put it in your backyard. However, if you have some more time, you can also create an easy DIY shed on a budget.

Before buying or building a shed, think in advance about how many devices and items you like to store in it. You don’t want to spend time and money on something that will be too small to contain all of your equipment.

Garage Space

storage area in a garage space
Image Credit: trekandshoot on Canva

Technically garages are meant for storing cars, but we all know their real purpose. Most of the garages serve us as an extra space for storing all our outdoor essentials, such as lawn mowers, garden tools, leaf blowers, a gas tank, and even your snow blower.

I recommend you put it in the front part of your garage as winter approaches so you don’t have to wade through other stored items.

DIY Garage Lift

If you have a garage, a basement, or any other area that you can use for storing your snow blower, but have limited space on the ground, this is a great solution. You can make a wood lift to hoist your snow blower essentially clearing any floor space. This will require a lot of time and effort but is a great solution for those with multiple yard tools.  

This option is the ultimate space-saver! 

Snow Blower Cover 

Craftsman Two Stage Gas Snow Blower Cover
Image Credits: Craftsman Store on Amazon

If you decide to leave your machine outside, you need to be sure it is protected from the weather and elements. The best way to do that is to keep it under a snow blower cover. These covers are made of materials that usually protect your device from the harmful effect of snow, rain, UV, and more.

They come in different sizes and are made of 300, 600 polyester, or fabric materials. They also come with a cord located at the bottom to fit tightly to your snow blower, making sure it is always well protected.

If you want to get a cover that will meet all of the above-mentioned requirements, we recommend you check out The Craftsman Two-Storage Gas Snow Blower Cover


storm doors to basement
Image credits: Joe_Potato via Canva

Basements are also those places you can use as long-term storage for multiple devices, machines, and other equipment. If you have a basement you can access directly from your yard, use it to store your snow blower. However, make sure your basement is protected from the elements and difficult conditions so nothing can happen to your machine.

Also, keep in mind that snow blowers are usually heavy, so if carrying it up the stairs every time you want to use it isn’t ideal, the basement is a better off-season storage idea.

Vertical Storage

wooden storage cabinet on a deck in the snow
Image Credit: Jason Finn on Canva

Construction or purchase of a regular-shaped garden shed can be expensive and time-consuming. If you want to have a place where you can store only a few items, consider buying vertical storage.

It’s a great alternative that will save you time, money, and effort. You will be able to leave your machine without worrying that it can get damaged. This solution is also perfect when you are limited in space in your backyard.

Simple Bag or Cover

patio furniture with a cover in the snow
Image Credit: vasare on Canva

If buying a snow blower cover for some reason is not an option, but you still have to leave your device outside, there is a cheaper solution. You could cover your machine with a simple commercial storage bag or cover that you can find in any tool store.

It will still keep your snow blower dry and shielded and can also be a good solution if you live in an area with a light climate without tough weather conditions.

Dog House

Two puppies and a dog house
Image Credits: Joanna Lopez on Unsplash

I know from experience that when the winter comes and the temperature decreases, dogs spend most of their time inside the house. Even though they have their own dog house, it’s just too cold for them to sleep there. What it means is that their dog houses are not in use for a couple of months.

Why don’t you use this free space as season storage for your snow blower? The only thing is that it has to be big enough to accommodate it. Other than that, you have a perfect solution for storing your machine.

Tarp or a Tent

Image credits: Shane via Unsplash

If you are looking for an easy and cheap solution to cover your snow blower, you can hang a tarp or a tent in your yard. While it may not be the most protective solution since the snow and wind can easily get into it, it can be an ideal option for storing it during the summer.

During hot months the only problem your snow blower will face when left outside is the rain. In that case, a simple tarp or a tent hung above it will do a great job, and you won’t have to find a special place for it inside.

Under The Deck

Two chairs and a table on a deck
Image Credits: Birgit Loit on Unsplash

The deck is an amazing opportunity to create some extra space. You can not only store multiple items on it but also under it. This kind of floor space is perfect for your snow blower. You can easily leave it there, and not worry that something will damage it.

It would be ideal if this area is surrounded by walls to add extra security and protection from not only the weather but also wildlife, but if not, you can combine this option with an inexpensive cover.

Children’s Playhouse

Children's playhouse
Image Credits: Chris Cooper on Unsplash

If you buy or build your children a playhouse that is strong enough to be left outside during the winter, you can make good use of it. Kids usually use it only when it is hot outside which means it is not being used when it is cold. In that case, think about using it to store your snow blower.

Some children’s playhouses are really big and can easily store large machines. It’s a perfect free space that otherwise wouldn’t be used. To be sure your snow blower is safe, you can try to isolate it first.

Garden Gazebo

Gazebo and deck
Image credits: ljlabarthe via Pixabay

Another free storage space that you can make good use of. If you have a garden gazebo, there is a big chance it will be empty during the winter. If winters in your area aren’t extremely cold and challenging, you can keep your snow blower there.

However, if the place where you live is exposed to difficult weather conditions, it’s good to prepare your gazebo before storing your machine. Try to cover the walls and isolate them first. You can also try to isolate the floor if needed.

Wood Storage

Wood storage in the backyard
Image Credits: Olia Nayda on Unsplash

Sometimes you don’t have a lot of possibilities, so every option is a good option! If you have wood storage that you don’t use anymore, why don’t you store your snow blower in it?

It will be protected from heavy snow and wind. This is another idea to combine with a commercial storage bag or cover to add some extra protection.

Storage Unit

Storage units
Image credits: [twilightproductions] via [Canva]
In the case of not having proper space to store your snow blower, you can rent a storage unit. Of course, this solution will be an added expense but there are certainly affordable options if you shop around. 

While it may not be the most ideal option during the months you’ll use your snow blower, it is a great option for storage for the spring, summer, and fall seasons. 

To Wrap Up

A snow blower can make your life easier. Thanks to this machine, you will clear the snow faster and without putting in so much effort. However, to make them last as long as possible, it’s crucial to keep them safe from harsh weather conditions and elements.

The 14 ideas we have presented will help you store your snow blower without worrying about it getting damaged. We are confident that you will be able to find the best way for yourself here! Also, don’t forget to check our outdoor furniture storage ideas to protect them this winter!

Let us know which idea you liked the most, and as always, please share!