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The Best Snow Fort Kits on the Market

Having the ultimate snow fort is one way to maximize outdoor fun for kids (and adults!) in the winter. But aside from the fun of playing in the snow fort, building building a fort is a fun process! There are a few easy steps, and with the right techniques (and maybe one of our favorite snow fort kits) you’ll have the coolest snow fort on the block. Here’ we’ve outlined all the best techniques and gathered our favorite tips for building a snow fort. Check it out!

CreateACastle Sand/Snow Castle Building Set - The Best Snow Fort Kits on the MarketCreateACastle Sand/Snow Castle Building Set
  • Package contents: tower/turret split system cylinder, Ridged battlement brick form, Multi-purpose tool, Mesh backpack
  • Materials: plastic
  • Dimensions: 12 x 9 x 5 inches
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Mutual Sales Snow and Sand Toys Play Set - The Best Snow Fort Kits on the MarketMutual Sales Snow and Sand Toys Play Set
  • Package contents: snow brick makes, 2 snow scoops, snow/sand shovel
  • Materials: plastic
  • Dimensions: 16 x 11 x 6 inches
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Flexible Flyer Snow Fort Building Block - The Best Snow Fort Kits on the MarketFlexible Flyer Snow Fort Building Block
  • Package contents: snow brick maker
  • Materials: plastic
  • Dimensions: 10 x 5 x 7 inches
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BigWood Boards Lucky Bums Snowball Snowbrick Maker Set - The Best Snow Fort Kits on the MarketBigWood Boards Lucky Bums Snowball Snowbrick Maker Set
  • Package contents: snow brick makes, 2 snowball scoops
  • Materials: plastic
  • Dimensions: 16.38 x 7.09 x 5.98 inches
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Tips for Making Snow Forts

Whether your kids are ready to tackle this challenge alone or have you by their side while they’re building their snow fort, there are some tips that you can give them to make the process easier, but also to help them have more fun while they’re doing it.

a snow fort in a yard made with a brick former mold


The first step that’s required in this process is measuring the space where the fort is going to be built. Children don’t know this, but as an adult you should know that the very first thing one has to do before building anything is having the measurements for it, as well as for the space where it’s going to go. You can use any object to limit the perimeter in the snow: from a broomstick to regular tree branches. The important thing is to visualize where the four walls of the fort are going to be. If your kids don’t have that much snow for building a fort, you can suggest a single wall with short wings. And as you’re considering the size of the fort, you also have to keep in mind how many children are going to use it. You can’t build a small fort for 4 kids.


Bricks are the best mean to construct a snow fort and there are multiple ways to make bricks even if you don’t own a special snow brick maker. Some even use kitchen silicone molds to make the pieces that will eventually build up to create the walls of the snow fort. If you’re helping your kids with this, show them that the best snow to use in process is moist packing, not powder. Moist-packing snow is way easier to work with. You can think of it as the snowy equivalent of wet sand that’s used to make sandcastles.

Type of Snow

When you’re looking for the right type of snow to make your snow fort, it’s best if you look around patches along the house or closer to the street. The snow found here will be wetter and warmer, being way better for making the aforementioned snow bricks.

Start Building

a boy hoists a plastic snow shovel from inside a small snow fortWhen you have at least part of bricks needed to make your snow fort, you can follow the outline you traced at the first step. You can teach your kids to stack up bricks by following the same pattern that’s used in construction: lay down a line of bricks along the perimeter, and then proceed with the second row by placing one brick straddling two from the lower row. It is wise if you leave just a little bit of spacing between two adjacent bricks which can then be filled with snow. This will add more stability to the snow fort’s walls.


You will have to consider the height of the wall very carefully. It has to be high enough for the children to crouch and crawl behind it, but also short enough to allow them to stand and throw their snowballs in case of a battle. There is not right height for the walls, as it depends on the age and height of your children.

Smoothing and Sculpting

If you want the walls of the fort to be more durable, you can consider smoothing and sculpting them. You can use additional snow for that, plus something to smoothen out the surface (like a hand trowel or a snow shovel). What you’re aiming for is a pyramid-like shape that adds more stability to the walls of your snow fort.

Ice It

The best way to finish off the construction process of a snow fort is to add a coat of ice. To do this, you can grab a bucket of water and add a water coat to the walls which will eventually freeze and create a harder shell. Make sure that you start pouring the water from the bottom up because if there is too much ice, its weight might cause the structure to collapse. We strongly suggest that you do this yourself if your kids are too young to understand how to do this step properly.

Best Snow Fort Kits Reviews

Let’s look at some of the items that will make your kid’s lives a whole lot easier because they are designed to speed up the process of making their own snow forts.

Best Snow Fort Kit for Your Buck

If you’re looking for good products at a decent price, these CreateACastle sets are just what you’re looking for. The particular tool we’re now looking at is designed to be used with both snow and sand, which means you get double the value since your children can use this both during the summer and during the winter. ‘

The kit is pretty generous as it include the following: a mesh backpack for storing and transporting all of the items inside it, a tower/turret split system cylinder, one multipurpose tool , plus a brick form that will help your kids gets those snow forts done a lot faster.

CreateACastle Sand/Snow Castle Building Set
    This is the type of snow fort kids for parents looking to buy products of good value, as the price of the product is really convenient considering that the tools inside can be used both for building sand castles, as well as snow forts.



Best All-Around Snow Fort Kit

This is the kit that we feel is good enough to deserve a chance and we wanted to push it forward and show you what it can do. It is a bundle that includes the basic items needed to make snow forts and sand castles. The set is available in a beautiful red color that will make your children want to play with it whenever they have the chance.

It includes a large mold for making snow bricks, an essential tool needed when building now forts. There are also two scoops that are perfect for making round snowballs: all the ammo kids will ever need when engaging in a winter battle. There is also a small shovel that can be used for scooping both snow and sand.

Mutual Sales Snow and Sand Toys Play Set
    If you want a product made from resistant plastic and which contains the two items needed for a snow fort (snow brick makes and snowball scoops), this is the product that’s worthy of your attention.



Best Snow Fort Brick-Maker

Truth of the matter is, the only tool you actually NEED to make a snow fort quick is a snow brick maker. Since snow bricks are the main component of the fort, you need a tool that will help your children make plenty of these so they won’t get frustrated with spending too much time in making the actual fort. And, in terms of snow brick makers, this is one of the best choices on the market.

Measuring 10 x 5 x 7 inches, this snow brick maker has a generous size which allows kids to make big bricks, but it weighs only 0.8 pounds, which makes it really easy to maneuver. The top handle gives kids the freedom to grab the maker and flip it to make snow bricks really fast. It is made from child-safe materials and it’s suitable for all children above the age of 3.

Flexible Flyer Snow Fort Building Block
    If you’re looking to spend less money and all you need for your kids to make a snow fort is a snow brick maker, this mold will serve its purpose for years to come.



Snow Fort Kit Best-Loved by Buyers

Here is another snow fort kid set that caught our attention because it comes at a reasonable price and includes two items that are needed for fun in the snow: a snow brick maker and scoops to shape snowballs. Available in a beautiful shade of pink but also a dreamy shade of blue, this set is perfect for parents who want to incentivize their children to spend more time outside, especially during the upcoming winter holidays.

If your child has been cooped up inside the house for far too long this year (which is completely understandable, given the circumstances), this set might just lure them out of the house and provoke to have fun the old fashioned way: through a good snowball battle. The set can be used with sand as well and it’s made from durable plastic that’s suitable for children use.

BigWood Boards Lucky Bums Snowball Snowbrick Maker Set
    Those of you looking for a snow fort kit that was tested by other parents and bears the ultimate approval of people wanting the best for their younglings, the BigWood kit is definitely worth checking out.



Bottom Line

If you want your little ones to spend more time outside this winter, then buying them a snow fort kit can really improve their experience in terms of what it means to play in the snow. Most kits include a snow brick maker which helps speed up the process of constructing a snow fort. Some kits even come with scoops that help the little ones mold the snow into perfect snowballs, just waiting to be tossed in the fight for neighborhood snow domination. Just be sure to warm up by the fire after you have completed your masterpiece!