103 Snowman Crafts and Ideas for Christmas
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Snowman Inspirations: 103 Ideas for Christmas Crafts

Kids and adults alike love this time of year as they roll into the holiday season and look forward to the cheer it brings to family and friends. It’s never too early to begin planning your Christmas decor – including your all-important Christmas tree – especially if you are a DIY enthusiast. Most craft stores are already well stocked in the fall to help you create all you envision, and a few good ideas are all you need for inspiration. Read on to explore the many Christmas snowman crafts we’ve provided below.

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The Snowman That Never Melts

Three decorative small snow men with colorful ties and a black hat

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Some colorful felt and styrofoam balls are all you need to create some chill little snowmen that can survive even the warmest of temperatures. Great for a craft as kids, whether you purchase a kit, or create your own, these make great additions to your decor or even as gifts!

Recyclable Art

Shredded Bond Paper form into a snow man with a stick hands and a brown hat

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If you regularly shred paper, consider how you can make further use of it rather than simply fill a garbage bag for disposal. Paper has many uses (did you know you can compost it?), but also provides some awesome texture for arts and craft purposes!

Foam Core Fun

Hanging Snowman made of styrofoam and painted with hat, scarf and eyes and smile

Foam core is a sturdy, durable material that can be bought in varying thicknesses for presentation purposes as well as for crafting. These are easy to shape and form with a sharp knife and provide an excellent structure to draw upon.

Crafting Stick Snowman

Popsicle sticks formed a face of snowman painted with black and white attached with googly eyes and a smile

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Craft sticks are a staple in art drawers, and allow you to envision many different types of projects to use them within. When laid side by side they create an excellent surface to decorate (and could you imagine making a larger version of this with fencing instead!?).

Knotty Man

White cord strings formed as body of snowman and red cord string as scarf with two small eyes and red nose

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Not that this little guy is trouble (in fact, quite the opposite), but keep your kids off the naughty list and busy tying knots to create these fun nautical inspired ornaments. All you need is some paracord and wire to make your own.

PomPom People

Two mini-snowman with pompom bodies with blue and orange hat on each

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Who doesn’t like pom-poms? They are the perfect shape and texture for making snowman inspired crafts and can add a pop of color in flower arrangements, centerpieces, or even to top off gifts.

Snowflake Ornaments

Snowflake shaped with a hanging string and a smiling snowman face in front of it

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Foam sticker sheets are easy to cut and shape or can be bought prefabricated in order to put together your own, unique ornament designs. Perfect to use for gifting, or even as a gifting tag, these types of projects are perfect for little fingers.

Paper Plate Perfection

Paper plate with two googly eyes and five buttons forming a smile attached with orange paper as nose and black paper as hat surrounded with blue and white small snowflakes

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What’s easier, and cuter, than using the circular shape of paper plates to provide the perfect shape for a snowman? Kids and adults alike and get into a wintery mood by decorating doors, windows, or even classroom walls with these simple crafts.

Warm Weather Inspiration

Two DIY snowman and a miniature bonfire with tent and pine tree in the background

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If you live where winter is hard to find, and enjoy year-round outdoor fun, then consider this fun twist on your traditional snowman. Marshmallows are more than just a fun treat, and when stacked provide a new approach to building a snowman!

Batter’s Up!

Baseball ball decorated with leaves and drawn eyes, nose and smile to show a snowman face

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Gift the gift of the game to your favorite baseball enthusiast with a baseball-inspired snowman ornament. All you need is some hot glue and permanent markers to design your own personalized ‘slugger’.

Fun Frames

A picture of a child in purple winter coat framed by snowman head and blue and white snowflake

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There is truly no end to what you can make with foam stickers. A quick and easy gift requires only a few printed pictures and a fun array of stickers from which to choose from. This is a great idea to provide a long lasting memory and also let your children explore their creative side.

Bouncy Man!

Paper made snowman with folded arm and legs

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Making paper accordions is every in elementary child’s memory. This simple, yet effective, way to fold paper keeps little hands busy and provide a bit of bounce and life to whatever you decide to connect them to.

Sweet Surprise

DIY Snowman cloth with green cloth as scarf and red cloth as hat

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What’s better than receiving a hand wrapped gift? One that opens to a sweet candy bar tucked into its folds! This creative idea is an awesome way to put a bit of a personal touch on a simple gift-giving gesture.

Smiling Snowmen

Two smiling snowmen friends in the snow, no name toy

Make somebody’s day with your own personalized snowman smiling out at the world. Whether you choose to make your own chilly guy big, or small, they brighten any holiday decor for all who notice them.

Put Your Face on It!

Three snowman assembled with faces on its head and several pieces laid down

Showcasing your children during the holidays is a favorite amongst family members, and has many opportunities to get creative with. Put a smiling face on small snowman provides opportunities to show off your little guy in holiday decorations and winter villages.

No Sew Sock Crafts

DIY Sock snowman with 3 buttons in the body and a blue cloth as hat

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Cute, whimsical and easy to make. These no-sew sock crafts can be used in so many ways. You can make them without any small pieces for young children, or even pets, or add them to gift baskets for an added, personalized touch.

Spreading Cheer

Christmas themed snowman with several christmas balls laid down

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No matter what sort of snowman you have, you can always add to them with a bit of extra cheer. Small banners go hand in hand with our favorite wintery balls of snow and can be made to convey any message you want.

Just a Little ‘Sew’

DIY red and white Snowman patch with sew lines on the side

As the snow begins to fly, you can get to sewing these easy to make crafts to use for both decor and ornaments. The pace in wreaths, arrangements, or even use as gift tags- a little felt and colored yard is all you need.

Decorative Candles

White lit candle with carved snowman in its body

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Candles are very much a part of the winter holiday season, and if you are into pouring your own, consider adding a bit of a decorative touch to it with some simple carving. Trace your design with a marker and then go back over with a sharp point.

Big Welcome

Big Snowman placed in an entrance with several for sale items in the background

Greet your seasonal guests with an oversized, stuffed rendition of your favorite smiling snowman. Whether you make him yourself or find a base to decorate, he is sure to get as many smiles as he gives.


Female and Male wood-carved snowman adorned with cloth as scarf and several little shiny objects

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If you have any woodworking skills, you can create your very own, one of a kind, snowman (and family) with some careful carving techniques. You can even let little ones in on the fun after the carving is complete with accessories and paint.

Hand Blown

Hanging DIY snowman with a hand made of little sticks

Although blowing glass is an art that takes many years to perfect, the concept is not difficult, and under tutelage, you can make some pretty surprising things. Glass blowing classes are popular and provide you basic instruction to create beautiful ornaments during the holidays.

Outdoor Greetings

Big snowman designed with eyes, nose and smile with hat and holding made up brooms placed outside

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Your guests will be surprised when they pull into your driveway when met by this handsome guy. Pallet wood is incredibly easy to reclaim, shape, and piece together to make just about anything you can think of.

Stackable Success

Three foam snowman designed with santa themed clothings hanged in christmas tree

All you need is a few vintage bulb ornaments from a garage sale, and you can create amazingly cute snowmen. These plastic bulbs were once all the rage and can even be used to incorporate lighting within their recesses if you so wish.

Wreath Hanging Success

Christmas wreath hanged by the door with a snowman placed on the center of it

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Your favorite craft store is sure to have everything you need to start putting together some Holiday wreaths. These don’t only look good on your own front door, but also make awesome, personalized gifts.

Pretty Pinecones

Two little snowman with pinecones designed in its body and hat

Nothing says winter like the contrast of pinecones against snow- and not to mention the smell! Pinecones are wonderful for crafting and provide texture, shape, and color to just about any sort of seasonal decoration.

See Inside

Little snowman and christmas tree placed inside a round transparent glass hanging

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Your little ones will love putting together their very own snow globe ornament. All you need is some crafting materials and a plan, and then let your kids go wild with their own clay shaping and scene decorating.

Clay Creations

Little white created snowman placed in snow and sticks beside it

Modeling clay is an excellent way to let your kids explore shapes and textures, and lets you get detailed in creating your very own unique snowmen. Depending on the clay you use, it may be self-setting and have a paintable surface ready for finishing.

Cookie Cutter Man

Round cut wood placed on top of each other forming the body of a snowman with a hat and christmas wreath on its neck and a rope in it

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Slices of logs are called cookies and are awesome for crafting projects. These can be big, small, or anything in between and make for both indoor, and outdoor, decoration. Your ideas can also be somewhat endless when you consider that wood can also be carved to create even further interest.

Personalized Bulbs

Christmas balls designed with snowman drawn in it with several snowflake and red bulb hanged on a Christmas tree on the background

Inexpensive glass ornaments are easy to personalize and make all your own. Crafting stickers, paints, and other small materials can be combined to create perfect winter sceneries- with no two quite alike.

Vintage Vibe

Styrofoam carved and painted with blue and drawn snowman in the middle of it

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Snowman paper crafts are easy to come by. Small scraps of wrapping paper that contain whimsical winter scenes make unique, frame-worthy opportunities. But some pre-made frame ornaments, and place your own collages and other cute scrapes inside!

Center Piece

Snowman centerpiece placed on a white sand with blurred window glass on the background

Sometimes you need to create your crafting around your very own snowman. Make him (or her) the centerpiece, and design a winter wonderland around their cheery grin and round, joyful shape.

Beach it Up!

Christmas tree snowman decor wearing sunglasses hanging on a christmas tree

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Who said snowmen can’t enjoy long summer days? If you live the tropics then your little guy deserves all the sun and sand he can handle. Add some lights to your palm trees and make a sand castle of the North Pole to celebrate!

Upcycle an Old, Worn Blanket

DIY Clothe formed as a snowman placed on a snow outside with blurred trees on the background

If you can stitch together two pieces of cloth, then you can craft out your own stuffed snowman. Old blankets (from home or a thrift store) make a great, cuddly version of the real thing sitting out in the yard.

The Gift of Giving

Christmas tree decor little snowman holding a black framed with green with a writing Dad

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A snowman always brightens the day. This is why they are a favorite for gift giving. Whether used as an ornament, or as part of a decorative scene, consider personalizing your choice for those you love.

Lightweight Creations

Several DIY Snowman wearing little hats and scarfs with several cute little christmas tree and pinecone

The is of styrofoam balls for snowman crafts is a no – brainer. These are easy to glue together, or for more stability, use with toothpicks, and can be painted, or added to in various ways to create an array of different characters.

Paint Party

Cute little snowman holding broom and gift hanging on a christmas tree

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Many art studios offer weekend afternoon classes year-round for seasonal decor. You may also have a studio specifically for this and should watch for when they have ornament painting and other holiday-themed days!

Create a Scene

Family inspired snowman gathered together around a Christmas tree with lights

There is something about snowmen that just warms the heart. Maybe it’s their simple smiles, or that they look so happily rotund through the winter season and embrace what they are. No matter the reason why you love them, they make excellent figures for your favorite winter scenery.

Light Them UpLight Them Up

Snowman riding a sleigh with red lights on its neck, by the legs and under its feet

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If cold weather defines your winter, you don’t at all have to worry about the addition to lights to your frozen masterpieces. Although some lighting may creating a warming sensation, most are fairly low temperature and can be used indoor and out without fear of too much heat being generated, or any sort of shorting out.

Break Out the Sewing Machine

DIY Snowman with personalized hat and coat with buttons sewed on its body

Because you are going to want to recreate this stuffed, cuddly snowman that only brings warm hugs and smiles. Use recycled sweaters or blankets, and choice materials to create your very own unique snowmen that make excellent gifts.

Bring a Friend

Cute smiling snowman holding miniature one with a blurred Christmas tree on the background


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Your snowman gets lonely too, and this cute rendition of a snowman child and parent reminds us all of the enjoyment of the winter season. Don’t leave your snowman out in the cold all alone this winter, and give him some company.

Wooden Carvings

Carved from wood snowman holding a broom with a pointy hat and a sleigh on its background

If you are handy with a carving knife, you can whittle up a whole army of snowmen if you so wish. These would make great projects for kids to paint and decorate and to give as gifts and add to another winter decor.

Door Greetings

Angelic themed door hanging with several snowman on its body design

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Rather than choose a more traditional wreath to hang on your front door in getting (even if they are beautiful to look upon) why not make a sign or other design? This gentle angle houses a family of snowmen to represent those who live within, but you can create anything you wish.

Easy Peasy

Crystal like body smiling snowman adorned with green cloth as hat and scarf with two red stuff on the body as buttons

The traditional roundness of snowmen is easy to reinvent using a variety of different materials. Most popular is using old ornaments, and recycling scraps of materials to make something new for years to come.

Burlap Beauties

DIY two snowman wearing hat and scarf with animal like creature on their body and two buttons sewed

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Burlap is a popular, rustic choice of material for more country-oriented decor. It also can be dressed up, or down, and showcases colors and even floral arrangements well. Add these little guys to any sort of display you have for fun interest.

Christmas Cup

A cute little santa doll on a red tea cup placed on a Christmas wreath

Santa is just as a recognizable icon to the season as snowmen, and brighten somebody’s morning with a mug display with various winter characters. Fill with candy, cocoa mix, or other goodies as a gift-giving opportunity.

Soft Chenille

Snowman made from chenille fabric with diy wooden inspired arms created with a stand

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Although hugging a real snowman might be a bit of a chilly experience, to say the least, you can cuddle up to your very own using soft chenille and minky fabrics that are everything you want on a cold winter’s night.

Felted Feel

Adorable little snowman with personalized paper cut arms formed as wood and two stars attached on its body standing on a snow with twigs covered with snow on the background

Felted balls are easy to make and can be created in a variety of solid, and mixed, colors. Have your children roll different sizes and then piece them together. All you need are added bits of cloth and various craft items for decoration.

Warm Glow

Snowman adorned with gold and blue green decorations holding a bunting with the word JOY in it placed outside

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Long winter days mean less sunlight and more opportunity for lighting solutions for both indoors, and out. Drape lighting, or place lighting, inside your holiday decorations to make it more noticeable, and enjoyable, for longer.

Light it Up!

Christmas themed Snowman placed outside glowing in white, red, green, orange and blue lights


A wireframe is easy to decorate with light netting and other types of lighting strands. Simply create any time of foundational base and shape chicken wire around on Dover it for your basic shape. The lighting addition is the easy part!

Laser Lighting

Christmas tree on the middle with Santa and Snowman on its side glowing in green, red and blue lights

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Laser etched plastics and glass take on the lighting they are set upon. You can have holiday decor customized at laser engraving stores to include sayings, names, and any design you can think of for a festive feel.

A New England Winter

Miniature handmade Snowman wearing yellow coat spreading its arms wide having two birds resting in it and holding a shovel in its hands

Wintery coastal weather defines the New England coast through the winner and provides ample opportunity to showcase your snowmen as one brave enough to face the storms. Complete with seagulls, make sure your creations can take on whatever winter throws at them.

Hanging Around

Santa and Snowman side by side with several Christmas related decorations standing on a wooden platform

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This fun cut out crafts provide a way to showcase some of your favorite miniature ornaments. If seasonal ornament giving is tradition, this is an excellent way to use this year’s choices for a display.

Add a Light

Adorable smiling snowman glowing in a semi golden light with a Christmas tree on its background

If you have any existing figurines you may want to consider adding lighting to them. Many ceramics have a hole from where they were poured which accommodate small lights, but even cloth versions can be used with cool LED bulbs.

Mr. & Mrs.

Miniature clay like snowman couple both wearing a hat and heart shaped buttons on their body standing on a light blue sand

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What’s a snowman without his snowlady? These two little lovebirds are easily recreated in a variety of different ways. Whether you decide to shape and mold them, print them on canvas, or attempt to sew them into a huggable collection is up to you.

Fleecy Warmth

Snowman made of cloth adorned with red hat, scarf and gloves with a blurred christmas tree with decorations on the background

Fleece is probably the most popular material once the temperatures begin to drop. It is warm, fuzzy, soft, and only gets better with age and use. Whether you recycle some well-loved clothing or blankets, or simply find some patterns and prints you cannot live without, these guys are sure to get the love they deserve.

Elvan Inspiration

Two cute little santa dressed snowman standing on a solid pavement

The shape of a snowman is a popular one and inspires many other holiday characters. These little figures are easy to sew, and can be made into an entire holiday display of characters if you so wish. Have fun and let your imagination take over!

Comical Scenery

Miniature santa toy relaxing on the center surrounded by several snowman with different dress decorations

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Your holiday display should include a touch of the comical- after all, who doesn’t like a good laugh? Even if you prefer more traditional winter village scenes, you can most definitely tuck a few surprises in along the way.

Unique Inspirations

A snowman standing on a christmas light decorated place with trees on its surroundings

The great thing about snowmen is that they are such a blank canvas. You can literally turn them into just about anything you desire by including various facial features, colors, and other details to their attire.

Tin Man Snowman

Snowman inspired made of tin can with snowflake design on its belly and wearing a little black hat standing on a snow

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If you love technology, why not apply a new twist to your holiday decor to showcase your particular interests? This robotic take on a snowman provides an adorable alternative to the cold white stuff and is sure to be a favorite.

Off into the Sunset!

Christmas tree decoration snowman riding a little red horse glowing in glitters

This little guy is heading out to play the cold on his sturdy, rocking horse steed. Rocking horses showcase seasonal characters rather well and remind us all of our own childhoods and the simplicity of play.

Welcoming Experience

Snowman wearing Santa inspired coat and black hat holding the welcome sign in front of a door and a bench

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Have your porch snowman welcome your guests with a hand-lettered welcome sign. People are sure to be glad to see such a character waiting to greet them- plus, you can decorate him for varying seasonal changes if you’d like to keep him up year round.

All Wrapped Up in Lights

White handmade with wires and lights Snowman standing on a store stall with lollipops on its background

Bendy wire tomato cages are all you need to create a simple snowman base to wrap with lights. Creating snowmen from various products is genius, saves money, and allows you to create exactly what YOU want.

Going For a Ride

Snowman with a carnival ride on its belly that rotates with miniature families and couple riding it

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Everyone loves some dynamic, movable features in a holiday village. Whether you piece together your very own or find one you cannot live without, it is sure to become a favorite each winter season.


Cute little snowman holding a broom with adorable eyes standing on a snow with pine needles on its background

When creating your own snowman designs, be inspired by all that surrounds you. This folksy little guy looks all ready to hike into the woods to place his birdhouse for the winter.

Winter Wonderland

Miniature snowman couple holding a book under a street light surrounded by four little human all placed in a rounded crystal like glass

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Nothing is brisker than a skate around a cold drink under the streetlamps, knowing a hot cup of cocoa is waiting for you. Recreate this scene with your own characters and reminisce about your own experiences.

Family Gathering

Family themed snowman wearing christmas inspired clothings

A family of snowpeople is much more cheery than a lonely individual. Better yet, recreate your snowman scene to reflect your own family and showcase your family fun to the neighborhood.

Snapping a Selfie

Christmas tree snowman decoration with a handmade wooden arm holding a miniature camera taking a selfie

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Can you imagine your snowman on your front lawn taking a selfie in front of your house? That’s exactly what this cute little guy conveys, and is the perfect way to capture the essence of your favorite teenager.

Happy Days

Handmade smiling snowman adorned with red clothings standing on a snow outside with blurred trees on the background

This coal strawn smile is contagious. Yet another well-lit choice, this snowman is decorated with traditional garb and looks to be enjoying his stay through the holidays in a winter wonderland.

The Beach is Calling

Stonemade snowman with several carved clams and shells on its bottom decorated with glasses, hat and a scarf attached with a wire twisted to form as an arm

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You don’t need snow to make a snowman. After all, many places never see a drop of snow, and no child should go without a snowman making the party! Head to the beach and create your own snowman structure – complete with a beach towel and a sun hat!

String Art!

Snowman made ​​with your own hands with household items

A few balloons, some glue, and the string are all you need to help little fingers wrap their creation and let it dry. Popping the balloon releases the form and then the decorating can commence!

Snowman Wall Yarn Art

Snowman formed out of yarn with three black buttons attached on its body

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Foam sheets are the foundation of this lovely yarn art that fits well into any decor. Make him as big, or small, as you want, and choose fluffy, thick yarn to complete the look. Bits of rustic wire, or even sticks, complete the look!

Knitted Warmth

Christmas background with snowman and christmas tree

Why shouldn’t your snowman bedeck in the very best to stay warm and cozy? Knit your snowmen dress of the season from your favorite yarns and patterns. Knitting is a quick, and easy task – and provides a personalized touch.

DIY Log Snowman

DIY chopped logs placed on top of each other adorned and decorated to make it look like a snowman

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A few cut logs are all you need to recreate this adorable decoration for both in and out of doors. No two could possibly be alike and are sure to get a ton of attention whenever you have visitors.

Chalkboard Signs

a funny snowman holding a black signboard with the text happy holidays written in it against a rustic wooden surface with a negative space on the right

Chalkboard signs are quite popular, especially since chalkboard paint first hit the market. This fun surface can be written upon time and time again to change your greetings, inspirational quotes, or other sayings as the season fits yours.

Wrapping Wreaths

Wires twisted with Christmas lights hanging on a door with wrappings and wreaths placed to look like a snowman with a black hand made paper hat

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Two wreaths, some spray paint, a little wire, lights, and the accessories you prefer at all you need to recreate this awesome door hanging, seasonal wreath. This is a simple project that doesn’t even take much time and is an amazing gift to give as well.

Fun for All Ages

a horizontal frontal view of a decorated fireplace with snowmen

Not only is string art easy, but it is also fun, and although a bit messy- fairly easy to clean up. All you need to do it dip the string color of your choice in glue, drape and wrap it around balloons, and let dry! Instant snowman parts!

Place Setting

Two plates decorated with ribbon and buttons to look like a snowman using spoon and fork as its arms and knife as part of the hat

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This holiday season, set out your plates to shape a snowman and create an unexpected surprise when your guests sit down. This is especially fun for children, and well worth the very little effort it takes.

Rock Art

Snowman made from light bulb near Christmas tree

Go on a scavenger hunt for the best-shaped rocks to paint and make into your very own snowman village. The great thing about rock art is that you can use scraps of cloth, paper, and any other art supplies to spruce them up!

Keep the Pumpkins!

Pumpkins painted with white placed on top of each other to form a snowman figure then adorned with hat and scarf and wooden arm with a drawn eyes, nose and smile

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Pumpkins can often stay fresh for long periods of time and can be easily reused through the holidays. If you had an abundance of them this year, put them to good use in various ways with a little bit of paint and careful stacking! You can use clay or other adhesives to help keep them from rolling off one another.

Pinecone Men

a horizontal frontal view of a decorated fireplace with some Christmas decorations

Pinecones are fun to gather and use for many different crafts, as these happily skiing snow fellows show! A little spray paint (maybe even a little white glitter) and an imagination are all you need to transform them into fun characters.

Dashing Through the Snow

Three snowman riding on a sleigh indoor with fireplace on the background

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Let your snowmen show how much fun they are having this season by providing them a sled to dash over the rolling hills! Traditional snowmen are always fun to gaze upon, but how much more fun is it to see them in action!

Fast Sock Men

Several numbers of cute snowman made out of socks adorned with scarfs and hats

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A package of plain white socks and polyester stuffing added to your choice of fleece or knitted fabrics can be quickly, and easily, transformed into a batch of happy snowmen. A little pain is all you need to make them smile!

Mix and Match

a horizontal frontal view of a xmas scene

Crochet, felt, pinecones, knitting, and even string art all showcased together in a wild winter scene that has you wanting to bundle up and go play in the snow. Don’t limit your creative endeavors to just one style- rather mix and match with your kids to create unique winter decorations.

Everyday Objects

Plastic white cups recycled and joined together to form a body of a snowman adorned with recycled material as scarf

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Recently there has been some fun DIY uses with everyday objects that we may never think about to use in crafting. These plastic cups are easy to top stack side by side to create cylindrical shapes- such as this unique snowman! Make a game out of it and hide goodies in the cup opening for kids to find!

Christmas Countdown

Snowman hanged on a wall with calendar dates on its body and number eight is placed inside a star with boots and coat on its side

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Every child loves to see how close they are getting to Christmas, and a countdown is a perfect opportunity for them to do so. Not only is it a teaching moment for little ones, but it also helps build anticipation and get everyone in the holiday mood!

Winter Chill

Close up snowman shining in glitters with blurred tree like material on the background

Snowman is a great addition to any wintery scene. They bring a touch of warmth to the temperature chill and are a welcoming sight to the holiday guests you may have.


Thrift Store Finds

A lamp shade with snowman inspired head standing on a small table with colorful pompom on its side

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The holidays are an excellent time to scavenge the local thrift shops for treasures you can use creatively. This snowman lamp is an awesome way to brighten a dark corner during the winter months and bring a smile to your face every time you glance at it.

Reusing Light Fixtures

Streetlight fixture placed with a miniature snowman standing beside streetlight inside

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Empty light fixtures truly do provide a wonderful opportunity to upcycle them into something more magical. This old hanging door light provides the perfect opportunity to create a wintery scene.

Poured Cement

Messed up Three balls of cement adorned with black buttons to look like a snowman wearing a hat

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Garden balls are a popular landscape addition and many people have taken to pouring their own globes for various uses. This little guy looks like he’s been caught in quite the snowstorm and needs some serious warming up.

Reusable Vinyl Decals

Graceful snowman vinyl decal on a wall with cushion chair, table and lampstand

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Wall art in the form of peel and stick vinyl decals can either be semi-permanent or reusable. These are popular for walls and windows and help surround you in holiday cheer and goodwill.


Two fluffy snowman adorned with hat and scarf with a bulgy black eyes attached

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Whip up a batch of these little mini-snowmen with a few lengths of yarn and a crochet hook. Easy to make, easy to stuff, and seriously fun to give- these mini-men are perfect for a stocking stuffer, or if the buttons are left off – even for babies and pets!

Front Lawn

Smiling snowman glowing with lights wearing santa hat with three little plastic penguins hugging it

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Decorate your front lawn with larger than life blow-ups that are illuminated through the night to guide your friends and family home. A wide variety of choices exist and can be used to create your own, unique landscape scene.

Felting Squares

Three cute snowman craft hanged on a white treelike design with green and red balls attached on it as well

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Working with textured materials on a flat canvas is a great way to get both kids and adults alike busy and creative. These fun felt squares have a tone of possibilities, and if you already have all your shapes cut out – small fingers can piece together their own masterpieces.

Snowman Tree

White background and wisely arranged snowman head, wood arm and four black christmas tree balls along with snowflake Christmas tree decors

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A few well-placed ornaments and the basics of a snowman are all you need to make your Holiday tree into one giant snowman! This is a great idea for both inside and outside, and if you happen to live where snow doesn’t fall- you can still enjoy a snowman’s happy grin!

Playing a Tune

Snowman with musical symbols printed in its body and head hanging on the twigs of the indoor tree

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Old musical score sheets are often tossed in the trash but are excellent for scrapbooking projects. If you have any of the musically inclined on your gifting list or are yourself, this is a great way to provide a more personalized touch.

Colorful Accessorization

Two snowman standing on a snow wearing colorful and pleasing to the eye hats and scarf with brick wall on the background

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Accessorize your snowmen with matching hats and scarves you can make yourself. Knitting and crocheting are easy to pick up and only require a quick lesson to get started. It also is a great way to get your kids working with needles for awesome hand-eye coordination.

A Stack of Goodies

Three jars pile up to form a body of a snowman wearing a santa hat standing on a table with blurred Christmas tree on the background

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Draped in Lights

Indoor DIY snowman adorned with hat, scarf and draped in colorful lights around its body

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Some simple lighting is such an easy addition to any of your holiday decor. Add a string (or two) to your existing favorite snowman, or create your own snowman with your own customized light scheme in mind.

DIY LED Snowman

LED smiling Snowman glowing in light standing on a solid platform

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Create this giant snowman and have him light up the neighborhood with long-lasting LED lighting. All you really need is some coroplast sheets to help disperse the lighting and you can use any pattern, character, or design you want!

Decorative Jars

Three jars adorned its body with clothings that has smiling snowman as its design

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Wrap your jars in festive goodness no matter what each jar contains. These personalized touches are sure to bring a smile to the face of whoever is on the receiving end of these gifts.

DIY Wooden Man

DIY Wooden snowman standing on the ground with a log of tree on its back and a car on its background

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Inexpensive plywood boards are easy to cut and shape to any holiday design you want to display. Build a snowman, or two, or five and fill up your empty spaces with your own family of winter characters.

Sock it to Me!

Snowman inspired made out of socks adorned with blue clothings and hat with buttons attached on its body and eyes as well

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A few packages of socks, a pair of scissors, polyfill, and some twine are all you need to make the most adorable snowmen babies ever. These are sure to be pleasing when set about the house to brighten and lift the mood of anyone who notices them.


Wow! This is a huge list of inspirational holiday snowman ideas that you can use for your own decorating purposes. Whether you choose to make your own crafts or simply have been influenced to decorate a certain way, the addition of these chilling, grinning characters are sure to brighten your long winter months. Please share these ideas to inspire everyone else as well!