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Build Your Own Frosty: The Very Best Snowman Kits for 2020

Building a snowman is a favorite winter-activity with kids and adults around the world alike, and with snowman kits being all the rage these days, we decided to take a closer look at them this year. What we discovered made us fall in love. In this article, we’ll share with you everything that we found in general about snowman kits as well as details of 9 of the best snowman kits that money can buy.

What Is a Snowman Kit?

girl building a snowman outdoors winterSnowman kits include everything needed for creating a full-fledged snowman; carrot nose, two eyes, and a mouth made out of coal, a hat or cap, a pipe, and other snowman themed props depending on the particular kit that you choose.

The activity itself is a blast and provides hours of entertainment for the whole family. These kits are available online at retailers such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy as well as brick-and-mortar department stores like Walmart.

Is it Worth it?

The real answer to this question depends solely on your perspective. A great way to gauge whether or not a snowman kit was worth it or not is to ask the children (and whole families) who erected snowmen together. In our opinion, money spent to spend precious time with the family, such as working together with a snowman kit, is money very well spent. Opinions vary.

Best Snowman Kits That Money Can Buy

Not all snowman kits are created equal. That’s why it’s important to be as well-informed as possible before making a final purchasing decision. From the number and type of pieces included to the sort of materials they consist of, the quality of snowman kits varies widely.

With these factors and more in mind, here are our picks for the very best snowman kits that money can buy.

Best All-in-One Snowman Kit

With the iBaseToy Snowman Kit, decorating a snowman with the family has never been easier. Just wait for the right weather conditions (a couple of inches of snow), grab your kit, and head outside for some genuine winter fun.

Everything needed for designing a fashionable snowman that the whole neighborhood can enjoy is included in the kit; wood coal eyes, wooden nose, mouth, arms, scarf, floppy hat, pipe, and decorative flower and ribbon. The mouths and eyes consist of 10 black dots. Unlike many snowman kits, the pieces are reasonably sized for large or life-sized snowmen. For example, the hat is nearly a foot in diameter. The scarf is 55in long.

    iBaseToy Snowman Kit

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    This snowman kit gives you almost everything you need to build a snowman with your kids; just let nature provide the snow, and you provide the fun!

Best Buy-it-for-Life Snowman Kit

The L.L. Bean Snowman Kit is another great selection for snowman building activities. It comes with everything that other kits include and then some. This awesome snowman kit has 26 pieces, each made of high-quality materials that can be used over and over again. This is no kit of flimsy pieces that rip or get soggy and need replacing after one use.

The best part? This particular kit is designed with enough stuff to build an entire snowman family including a pet. That way, each family member, or child, participating in building the snowmen can be as creative as they like. Inside the package are glasses, carrot noses, antlers, buttons, eyes, and many other decorative pieces that give your snowman family character.

    Snowman Family Kit

Buy at LL Bean
    Everything you need to create a frosty family and pet, except the snow. L.L.Bean-exclusive kit includes glasses, carrot noses, eyes, antlers, buttons and more. Reusable solid wood components come in a cloth bag for easy storage.

Best Handmade Snowman Kit

One of the coolest snowman kits that we came across this year are from the Etsy  seller WildBluYonder. Each one is unique, though they share a similar “traditional” snowman theme. The kit includes a black felt hat, a scarf, eyes, nose, and buttons. The seller offers a variety of kits as well as various different scarves for you to choose from.

Each piece is put together by hand, or hand-picked, and have dowel rods attached to them for easily pushing each piece securely into your snowman. The seller even offers local pick up for free, if you happen to live in Utah.

    Turquoise Plaid Snowman Kit

Buy at WildBluYonder
    These adorable Snowman Kits are perfect for all ages! Whether you're building a snowman in the sand or in the snow - you can use these ALL YEAR LONG if you want! Hours of fun are ahead! 🙂 Not to mention you will be the talk of the town - or beach ;)!!

Best Outside-of-the-Box Snowman Kit

Looking for something a bit different in a snowman kit this year? Ideal Sno Toys Sno-Art could be the answer to your search. This kit includes everything kids need to decorate and color snowmen as vividly as they want. This is not a prop kit with a carrot nose and two eyes made out of coal; it’s paint for the snow, which means it can be used for a snowman, a snow-village, a snow dinosaur destroying a snow-town…. you get the idea.

This Sno-Art kit contains 3 Sno-Marker color packs, 3 Snop-Marker bottles, and 2 Sno-Molds (one star and one snowman) as well as for instructions. The kit is recommended for children of 5 years of age or older.

    Ideal Sno Toys Sno-Art Kit

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    Everything your child needs to display their creativity outdoors. Color and decorate snow with unique Sno-Markers. Star and snowman shaped Sno-Molds can be pressed in the snow and painted

Best Snowman Kit for When There Is No Snow

There isn’t snow in a lot of the US through most of the winter, and it’s not fair that only the northern climes get to experience snowman building. That’s why this instant snowman kit is such a great option: You make your own snow, and everything else is supplied. Additionally, the kit comes with a complete guide to the science behind instant snow, the polymer is completely safe and nontoxic, and this is a snowman that can be made any time of year. Can’t beat that!

    Amazing Instant Snowman Activity

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    Create your own snow day with this Instant Amazing Snow activity kit by bringing your very own snowman to life! Includes enough Instant Amazing Snow Powder to make over 2 gallons of snow. Just add water to the first and original instant snow polymer that actually erupts - no stirring, no waiting! Includes Clear Plastic Snowman, Stickers, Instant Amazing Snow Powder, Plastic snowball molds, plus paper cutouts of footprints and reindeer hooves to make footprints in the snow.

A Final Word About the Best Snowman Kits

Using one of the best snowman kits with your kids, and other family members and loved ones, are one of the most genuinely heartwarming and enjoyable holiday activities you’ll ever partake in. Hopefully, our list of the best snowman kits that money can buy helps you find just the right one for you and your family.

Do you know about a great snowman kit that wasn’t mentioned on our list? If so, we’d love for you to share with our audience in the comments section below. Have a great time picking a kit and building a snowman!