54 Snowy Decorating Ideas for Winter
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54 Snowy Decorating Ideas for Winter

After Christmastime passes, I still long for those dazzling, lovely spots of cozy winter touches. I don’t want to give up on the magic of the season! So, getting out my snowy decorating ideas for winter is a must – especially in years like this one when snow isn’t coming as much and as soon as it often has in the past.

If you’re like me and just need some inspiration for your winter décor, follow me through these fun, beautiful, snowy ideas!

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Lighted Mini White Birch Trees

Lighted Mini White Birch Trees
Image credits: the Vanthylit Store via Amazon

One of my favorite things about winter is seeing the beautiful, leaf-stripped trees. These beautiful mini-lighted white birch trees for your mantle or table are the perfect way to add some wintry touches without a lot of work.

Flocked and Lighted Evergreen Garland

Flocked and Lighted Evergreen Garland
Image credits: the LampLust Store via Amazon

You can’t get any snowier than flocked evergreen. Put that in a garland and add some lights and you’ve got the perfect blend for some wintry mood lighting.

Snow-Tipped Pinecones

Snow-Tipped Pinecones
Image credits: Zuou via Amazon

If you’re anything like me, you love crafting up your own décor. But I don’t always have the time or supplies to make every part of the décor. These snow-tipped pinecones are a convenient way to get a jumpstart on your wintry décor projects.

Flocked Pinecone, Greenery, and White Berry Pick

Flocked Pinecone, Greenery, and White Berry Pick
Image credits: ELECLAND via Amazon

Another stunning choice for crafting your own floral for the season is this beautiful flocked pinecone, greenery, and white berry pick. Combine with some white flowers and stand-alone greenery, and top off with some bright cardinals, and you’ve got the perfect centerpiece for the winter months!

Flocked Evergreen Trees

Christmas green evergreen flocked pines
Image credits: Tammi Mild via Canva

Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some lovely, flocked evergreens in your home. Stick them in wicker baskets or wintry pots and place them in a cozy corner or by the fireplace. They’re snowy, they’re lovely, and they feel of winter without the cold!

Flocked Evergreen Garland

If you prefer a simple, basic garland of snowy design, try this beautiful, flocked evergreen garland. It’s perfect for use indoors or out.

DIY Snow Globe

Homemade snow globe
Image credits: TARIK KIZILKAYA via Canva

If making your own décor is your thing, whipping up some of these DIY snow globes might be the ticket for you. They’re beautiful, certainly, but they’re also diverse and versatile. You can use practically any clear glass container (even wine glasses!), snowy ornaments and embellishments, and a few simple craft supplies to complete.

Fluffy Winter Owl Figurines

Fluffy Winter Owl Figurines
Image credits: the Kurt Adler Store via Amazon

I’m a huge owl fan. If you look at my bookshelves, Christmas tree, birthday card collection, or, well, practically anything else, you’ll find an owl present. I even named my own magazine after the birds! So, you can trust me when I tell you these adorable little owls are the perfect way to tweak your wintry décor without a lot of effort!

DIY Snow-Covered Banister with Ice Skating Penguins

Christmas penguin decoration
Image credits: Starcevic via Canva

I couldn’t find a specific DIY for this one, but the image says it all. You’ll need some artificial snow (the picture kind of looks like batting), penguin stuffies, and some creativity to craft this adorable banister scene for them all.

Northern Lights Over Snowy Village Photo Panels

Northern Lights Over Snowy Village Photo Panels
Image credits: the KAWAHONE Store via Amazon

I once caught the distant hint of the Northern Lights when I lived in Michigan and was out for a clear wintry night. Ever since I’ve dreamed of seeing them for real. While I wait, a gorgeous photo panel set like this is the perfect way to enjoy the winter months.

DIY Winter Yarn Tree

Handmade Christmas Trees
Image credits: Elizaveta Elesina via Canva

A fun DIY for you and the kids is these winter yarn trees. You’ll spot ones like them in the home goods store, but if you like making things, you can create them on your own for a lot less.

DIY Sweater Vase Cozy

Vase in white knitted cover with white branches
Image credits: Oleh_photographer via Canva

If you have some old sweaters you don’t mind recycling, these DIY sweater vase cozies are a super easy, cute project to do. You’ll dress up old vases (or candle holders or cans) and have a stunningly beautiful, creative winter display.

DIY Winter Wine Glass Displays

Glass wine glass with Christmas toys
Image credits: YuryGulakov

If you love the idea of glass displays but don’t want to mess with glitter or faux snow, you can whip up some of these DIY Winter Wine Glass Displays in no time. You’ll need some mini trees and other décor pieces to place underneath, but it won’t take long or much money unless you go totally overboard (like I would!).

DIY Rustic “Let it Snow” Wooden Sign

Let it snow
Image credits: Pawzi via Canva

Sometimes, you just want something simple and rustic for your front porch. This sweet little rustic “Let it Snow” sign made of scrap wood is the perfect solution.

DIY Paper Doily Snowflakes

White doily holiday snowflake
Image credits: stevehullphotography via Canva

I’m all about dangling things from the ceiling, from the chandelier, the doors, the cabinets… So, I love these sweet little paper doily snowflakes. You can make a bunch with the kids or cut them out while watching a wintry movie some night.

DIY Paper Ceiling Icicles

Paper Ceiling Icicles
Image credits: AngryRedhead via Instructables

Here’s a fun little décor piece to welcome your family and friends into the illusion of winter indoors – DIY paper ceiling icicles. Follow the tutorial on Instructables and go crazy.

DIY Wooden Snowflakes

Wooden snowflake
Image credits: Karisssa via Canva

If you’re handy with a saw, you can make these gorgeous little wooden snowflakes for your wintry displays. They’re perfect for all sorts of décor settings, plus you can paint them white for an even stronger hint at winter.

DIY Rustic Snowflake Banner

Wooden Snowflake Background
Image credits: stacey_newman via Canva

Then scroll on down a little more and find how to make this gorgeous little wooden snowflake banner with those snowflakes you just made!

DIY Sparkle Snow

Sparkling Snow
Image credits: Simon Forster via Canva

This sparkle snow is the perfect choice for all your winter projects this year. Make up a big batch, then sprinkle it anywhere you need some extra snowiness, like in your snow globes or on your winter village under glass.

DIY Snowman Soap Bottle

Snowman milk bottle
Image credits: Azurita via Canva

Here’s a fun one to do with the kids for a special touch of winter décor. Whip up a few of these snowman soap bottles for the whole house or pass some out as winter gifts.

DIY Snowflake Coasters

Crocheted Coasters
Image credits: Shiena Urbino’s Images via Canva

These little DIY snowflake coasters are the perfect accent for a wintry home. Follow the instructions for ideas and tips and soon you’ll have these gorgeous little things everywhere. They also make great gifts.

Snow-Capped Silver Trees

Snow-Capped Silver Trees
Image credits: Nature Vibe via Amazon

I love the combination of silver and white this time of year. The pairing teases at perfect, fresh fallen snow in a pristine wonderland. These little snow-capped silver trees are the perfect way to bring that silvery snow feeling home for the winter.

DIY Icy Branches

Icicles on branchs
Image credits: Jupiterimages via Amazon

There’s something truly lovely about an icy branch. If you’ve ever gone outside after a snowfall, slight thaw, and refreeze, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Well, since you don’t want actual ice in your house, try making these magical natural wood icy branches to use in your décor instead.

White Twinkle Light Curtain

White Twinkle Light Curtain
Image credits: the Twinkle Star Store via Amazon

Twinkle lights. Check. Twinkle lights in a curtain? What?! This beautiful curtain of twinkle lights is the perfect touch for doorways or even for backgrounds for a winter wall display.

DIY Vintage Snowflake Sign

Snowflake Sign On A Blue Wooden Block On A Table
Image credits: Devenorr via Canva

Here’s a fun, crafty piece: a vintage snowflake sign. You’ll use some newspaper, wood, and other supplies to create this altogether unique winter decoration for your home.

Snow-Covered Church

Snow-Covered Church
Image credits: NEWANOVI via Amazon

Winter villages aren’t just for Christmas! With this little silvery snow-covered church, you can enjoy the start of a winter village all season long.

Northern Lights Over Snow Photo Panels

Northern Lights Over Snow Photo Panels
Image credits: VVOVV Wall Decor via Amazon

Another delightful and simple décor piece is this set of Northern Light photo panels. You can place them close together, space them out, or cascade them across a wall.

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