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15 of The Best Solar Deck Lighting Ideas

Solar lights are amazing from several different points of view. Aside from being super practical, they are also an intelligent investment that’s both eco-friendly and money-saving. Even more, the right type of solar light placed in the right location can highlight some of the beauties in your yard.

Whatever your reason for wanting to install solar lights is, we’re going to give you a few suggestions that will light a spark and potentially make you fall in love with the idea of creating a special décor outside of your walls.

Deck Accent Lights

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Deck accent lights will never run out of style, and they are also compatible with many different lack layouts. They provide a cozy atmosphere and can be quite a classical choice if you opt for ones that come with tinted glass. While these particular ones are amber-hued, you can opt for multicolored glass for a more baroque type of setting.

Contemporary Lights

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One of the major advantages of using solar lights isn’t just a lower electricity bill, but also the fact that the vast majority of models can be mounted on walls. They can illuminate the sides of the house, but also create a fancy lighted entry to your home if you install them along stairs like this. A great alternative to babbling in the dark to find your keys.

Step Solar Lights

Solar Powered LED Step Light Pack on wooden stairs

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If you have any elevated deck or outdoor steps that you have to deal with at night, you’ve surely stubbed the occasional toe. With lights like these, you will find it easier to avoid tripping in the dark as you make one final round through that gorgeous yard of your before calling it a day.

LED Deck Step Lights

LED Deck Lights on white stairs
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If you want a more discrete lighting setup, you can opt for smaller LED lights integrated with the steps of your deck. In fact, these can even be a neat DIY solar powered led lights project because all you really need are some hinged screw covers and some accent lights, all of which are available at a really convenient price.

Wooden Deck Lights

Wooden deck and patio of family home at night.

This setup is right at the border between chic romantic and rustic outdoor decorations. If you have an outdoor deck or patio that you like to spend your evening with your family on, these lights will create the perfect ambiance of diffused illumination. It’s the perfect décor for sharing stories and laughter.

Color-Changing LED Strip

LED Deck Lighting- in Color
Image Source: here

Who said that you can’t turn your deck into a regular disco floor? All you really need is a set of LED light strips that can change color and a little bit of imagination. Setting this up is easy, because the strips are connected to in-ground solar panels, and the end result will be extremely satisfying.

Solar-Powered LED Lights

Solar-Powered LED Lights wooden house
Image Source: here

Here we have yet another example of how strategically-placed LED lights can create a modern, yet very cozy and intimate ambiance. In this case, the lights were placed in the base of the house, showcasing the beauty of the construction. You gotta love how the light shines on the wooden exterior!

Deck Rail Lighting

solar light on the deck
Image Source: here

One of the many benefits of using light strips is the fact that you can intensify the visual effect and cover more ground with the lights you install. In this particular case, the strip was mounted directly underneath the top beam of the deck rail, which makes the deck almost look like it’s glowing.

Solar Lanterns

white Solar Lanterns on blurry greenery background
Image Source: here

I don’t know about you, but I have always had a fascination with how Zen gardens are decorated. There’s something about those Buddhist elements that really stimulates inner peace. And now that you have all these solar lantern models to choose from, bringing that Zen culture into your garden without any nasty wires being exposed is a dozen times easier.

Concrete Solar Lights

Concrete Solar Light on deck
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It may sound like a tedious job, but making concrete stands for your solar lights is actually a much better alternative to cutting holes into a wooden deck to install them. These little fellows are elegant, but also discreet, as the concrete covers all the parts of the lighting system that nobody wants to look at. You can even make these yourself if you’re handy and comfortable with concrete. DIY solar deck lighting ideas will definitely save you some money.

Warm Stair Solar Lights

Warm Stair Solar Lights in night time
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The coolest thing about using solar lights on your steps is the fact that you can actually “abuse” by placing a lot of them in a small area and it will still be aesthetically pleasing. The second best thing is that they look amazing, and they will make it easier for you to step out at night.

Halloween Solar Lights

Halloween Solar Lights on printed carpet
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I know what you’re going to say and yes, I know Halloween is over. But hey, did you know that after the big February carnival in Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) the samba schools start preparing the decorations, costumes, and allegorical car for the following year? So, if you’re up to looking for some cool outdoor Halloween decorations for next year, these lights are just killing it!

Terrace Lights

Architecture modern design, concrete house, lit terrace at night

When you have a terrace, you can take advantage of both the floor and the ceiling, which basically translates into more options for mounting solar lights! As you can see in this finely-executed example, light strips have been placed on the top and bottom edges, brightening up the terrace up to a point where no other light source is needed.

Blue Deck Lights

Blue Deck Lights at night
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I don’t know about you, but this blue light is giving me a very Christmassy vibe. It could be because I always hand up blue lights in my tree at Christmas. But all personal sharing aside, there’s something about this cold blue light that relaxes you. Don’t worry; you have plenty of other color options to choose from if you’re not a fan of blue.

Tree-Mounted Solar Lights

Wooden Deck with seating area, Kenora, Lake of The Woods, Ontario, Canada

If you are one of those people who have a deck or patio surrounded by trees, you can absolutely take advantage of this setup to install some solar lights on the trunk and branches. You will basically be taking advantage of the trees that can be used as light support, while also creating a magic setup where the lights get lost in the leaves and branches, almost like fireflies looking for shelter at night.


Playing around with solar lights and setting is super-easy, but you have to think of this as more than just a way of saving money on electricity bills. Solar lights can really bring out that special something in your yard or garden, plus they can serve to create the perfect patio setting where you’ll love to spend time alone, or with friends and family. What particular type of solar lights would you choose for your yard?