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Solar Light Ideas: 31 Ways to Illuminate Your Landscape

Solar lighting is an excellent way to provide evening and nighttime illumination to your landscape without having to run electric from hard to reach outlets. Available in many different styles for hanging, mounting, stringing, and even inground solutions, they are also easy to install or even make your own for DIY craft projects. The simplicity of solar allows you to place them just about anywhere you want as long as they get enough sunlight to recharge.

The following ideas cover just about every idea and use you can think of, including DIY solar light tips for unique additions to your decor.

Solar Fence Lighting Ideas

Solar solutions are exactly what your fencing needs. Top your posts, run strings, or mount to the tops and sides of your fences for property protection, security, and boundary illumination. Raised lighting is also a great way to show off your landscape and gardens for you to enjoy no matter the time of day. They also are a good choice for deck lighting options.

Wall Mount Decorative Solar Fence Light

3 OTHWAY Solar Fence Post Lights Wall Mount Decorative Deck Lighting - attach to a wooden fence

These mounted lights can be placed along any vertical surface with ease to provide above ground lighting. The street light style illumination is perfect for security and landscaping needs and is perfect for all types of fences as well as above doorways, garages, or outside walls.

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Light Fence Post Cap

Light Fence Post Cap attach to a wooden fence

Cap your fence posts with these bright lights that allow you to see your fence and deck boundaries even on the darkest of nights. These are the perfect safety feature as well for stairways to help you see your steps.

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Harvest Light Solar Metal Tractor Light

Red metal tractor design attach on a pole with a solar light on it. Standing in a white background.
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This fun solar option fits perfectly into any garden as a whimsical touch or help mark home vegetable garden rows through the night. An awesome gift for tractor lovers, it provides a feature to enjoy throughout the day as well.

Artisan Glass Solar Post Cap Light

Solar-powered Artisan glass cap lights installed on a fence post or white railing isolated in green background.

Add an artistic flair with these decorative stained glass post caps. Delicate in their looks, but touch enough to last through even winter weather, these are a talking point for both day and night and are sure to be enjoyed by everyone who comes to visit.

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Oriental Solar Fence Light

Oriental inspired post tops mounted on a wooden fence post outside.

These Oriental inspired post tops are a great feature for both day and night. Mark the way with these unique designs and welcome guests to your drive and walkways. The wooden body can be easily stained or painted to match your existing fences.

Small Lantern Solar Light

Decorative Small Solar Garden Light, Lanterns In Flower Bed In Green Foliage. Garden Design. Solar Powered Lamp

Solar stakes are highly versatile and can be mounted both in the ground or set into fence tops. They also provide a DIY solar light holder option when used as an inset in fence post tops. Available in many styles, you can choose from various globe or bulb designs, plus they often come in many colors as well to fit your specific needs.

DIY Solar Lamps

Inexpensive solar options are readily available at local dollar stores for you to take advantage of for home crafting projects. Sometimes these stores are the best places to buy the supplies you need for your own crafts. These are easy to make and fun to add to your yard and garden for both daytime and nighttime interest. Take a look at the following guides to make your very own using objects you may already have lying around the house or garage.

Tin Can Solar Lights

Colorful tin cans with designs and solar lights inside to produce lights.
Check out the project here

This is a fun, easy project that requires very little in the way of supplies and can be done with both power tools, if you have them, or a simple hammer and nail. Make your own design or get inspired from online ideas to hang or place your very own tin can lights throughout your yard. This is an excellent way to recycle your cans as well!

Wine Bottle Solar Lights

3 Martell wine bottle with lighted solar string lights inside layed in a lace clothing.

Wine drinkers rejoice. Now you can hold onto your favorite bottles and create awesome lighting for your favorite outdoor wine drinking areas using some simple solar solutions. All you need is a few empty and clean bottles and some solar fairy lights!

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Nocturnal DIY Solar Lights

DIY nocturnal solar lights hang on a barb wire fence surrounded with green leaves.
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Help illuminate your way and also draw pesky insects away from you with the use of these simple hanging light solutions. These also are great to hang in trees or bushes to provide cool illumination to your landscape.

DIY Hanging Solar Lights

Used metal container poked holes with a design and used as a hanging solar lights outside the house.
More information here

Upcycle old metal or plastic containers into hanging solar lights like this old chicken waterer. Create your own cool designs and find a solar light solution that works best for your placement. With the many bulbs and solar panel designs available you can find a way to light up any area you need.

Easy Solar Lamp

DIY solar light lamp on top of a round table with a figurine frog on the side.
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Looking for an easy tabletop solar lamp solution? Inexpensive and replaceable solar lights are easy to use in your own inventive craft projects. Simply find a style that fits your space and start creating!

Solar String Light Ideas

DIY hanging solar lights are easy to mount or string amongst trees or bushes to provide interest and illumination. Make your own with a simple string of lights or choose from a wide variety of styles and colors for everyday or holiday use.

DIY String of LED Lights

Solar panels paste together in a triangle shape provided light enegry to a strings of leds and a star shape decorative.
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A good string of solar lights provides a wide range of options for you to create your own effects. Lights are easy to cover with ping pong balls, paper lanterns, or other plastic containers. They also provide the option to add color to your spaces.

Vintage Hanging String Lights

Solar string light hang above a table with wine and eating utensils perectly arrange for dinner.

Hang your own strings of lights to create awesome effects in dining areas, places of socialization, or even for special events. Most have a good-sized leader cord so you can tuck the solar panel out of view and where sunlight best reaches for assurance of long lighting times.

Solar String Lights on a Trellis Arch

Solar string lights decorated on a trellis arch out in the backyard.

No matter where you have your trellis, solar lights allow you to light up your spaces without worry about running an electrical cord. Create a unique nighttime pathway and experience for guests visiting when they come to visit after the sun has set.

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Christmas Solar String Lights

Colorful solar lights in black background.

Make holidays even more enjoyable when you don’t have a huge electric bill due to lighting decorations when you use solar! Many styles of lights have colorful options as well as modes to bink, fade, or flicker for fun twinkling effects so you don’t have to look specifically for places to buy solar Christmas lights.

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DIY Solar Path Lights

It’s never been easier to light up your walkways, driveways, porches, decks, stairways, and garden paths with solar-powered ground illumination. DIY solar path lights are easy to install and move as needed, plus they are weatherproof to provide peace of mind when you come home after dark.

Ground LED Solar Lights

4 Led lights at the side of the stair case .

Disk lighting provides a low profile option for ground placement that is safe for lawn mower use. They also can be mounted on vertical surfaces and serve as a great option when you need a light to lay flush against a surface.

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Daisy Steel Solar Lights

daisy flower inspired steel lights in a white background.

Add both day and nighttime interest to your yard with these daisy flower inspired steel lights. Fun and whimsical, these are a unique way to light up the garden or walkways for your enjoyment.

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Moonrays Pathway Solar Lights

Geloo Solar Lights Outdoor installed in different places of the house like pathway,garden and backyard.

Easy to install ground stakes allow you to place options in the ground, potted plants, or even in fence posts. Available in many colors, these are durable, weatherproof, and inexpensive for widespread use.

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Terra Cotta Patio Lights

terra cotta pot patio light
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Make your very own terra cotta pot patio light solutions with these fun instructions. A few simple supplies and a few hours of crafting is all you need to design your own illuminated options.

DIY Solar Glass Brick

Pathway lighted with a solar glass brick in green and blue color.
More info here

Light up the night with your own walkway bricks that brighten up any pathway once the sun goes down. Easy and fun to make you can pick and choose your own color combination or even allow for color changing!

DIY Wooden Lamp

Vintage outside Wood lamp structure but inside is LED lamp settle in the garden.

Create perfect little wooden lamps for landscape placement on walls, fences, decks, patio, or even along house walls. Unique and fun to make, you can add your own personal touches to create exactly what you need and want.

DIY Solar Lights For The Garden

Whether you are looking for traditional garden lighting or want to add some colorful, whimsical options for nighttime interest, solar is an excellent choice. These options provide plenty of ideas for you to visualize the addition lights can add to your own decorative landscaping.

Flickering Garden Solar Lights

flickering hanging lights mounted in the greeny lawn.
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Your garden deserves a little love through the night and these gently flickering hanging lights are the perfect solution for lighting. They look like well-placed candles but are flameless and powered by the energy the sun provides!

DIY Fairy Lights Mason Jar

Mason jar filled with lighted string lights on top of a wooden table and a white background.

Upcycle your mason jars with the addition of fairy lights to make it look like you have fireflies lighting up your gardens for you. There are many light choices you can use to work with jars or other similar containers.

Upcycled Solar Garden Lights

Old container upcycled into a cool lighting using a solar light perfectly add warm beside a pillow decorated with green christmas tree.
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Turn any old container into a cool lighting solution with a little ingenuity. These instructions provide a look at what can be done with an old throw-away item. Simply find your own and get to work!

Garden Orb

Glowing light in the grass with old wall in background

Garden orbs can be created by a wide variety of round objects and unique lighting solutions- such as glow in the dark paint, solar pebbles, or solar lights. These are awesome for both day and night features.

Garden FlashLight

Solar Flashlight for Garden in the Juniper Bush

These inexpensive options can be found just about anywhere and provide a surprising amount of light for walkways and path lighting. Perfect for container gardens as well, they work best when placed in all day sun. They also can serve as a great solar deck lighting idea.

Bottle Trees

Creative bottle trees in an open ground.
For more info here

Create your own bottle trees and add lighting options to both inside and out of each structure for awesome illumination all night long. Sun streaming through the glass also lights up the day with reflective beams of light throughout your yard.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Garden Solar Lights

Recycle plastic bottle made into a garden solar light.
For more info here

Recycle parts of your plastic bottles with this cool tutorial that makes your cheap solar lighting look like exotic flowers by day and bright flames by night. You can easily alter this idea to create your very own designs anywhere in the garden.

Patio Solar Lighting Ideas

Patios and decks are an awesome place to rest and relax on each evening, THey also serve as an excellent place to socialize, which is even more enjoyable when you light up your space with aesthetically pleasing outdoor lighting solution. Solar products provide various choices to fit your decorative needs and are great for your patio spaces.

K-Cup Patio Light

Miniature solar string light using plastic cups.
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Single-use coffee cups are convenient, but they sure do create a lot of waste. But now you can upcycle them into awesome little garden lights with a string of solar lights. These make a great project for kids as well when you let them decorate the cups with permanent markers!

Miniature Mason Jar

Miniature mason jar filled with a miniature small house and a solar light

Mason jars of all sizes make perfect choices for hanging and placing illumination wherever you need it. Consider buying pre-lit choices or make your own! Whatever you decide they will be sure to be appreciated!

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DIY Tin Can Solar Lights

Tin cans filled with lighted solar lights in a dark background
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Tin can solar lights are a fun way to light up your outdoor space. This guide walks you through a tutorial and provides style decorating ideas. All you need are a few simple tools.


Hopefully, you have plenty of ideas to get started lighting up your outdoor spaces using the many products, crafts, and DIY ideas presented in this article. Solar saves plenty of money on your electric bill when you need an all-night lighting solution, plus they are easy to install and are a great safety feature for home security.

We’d love to hear your ideas and see your project ideas below, and if you have any questions please ask! As always, please share!