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The Best Spa Bar for Your Hot Tub

Are you looking for an opportunity to take your hot tub to the next level? Don’t settle for a basic backyard space. You can create the backyard oasis of your dreams by adding a few simple details. One such detail is the inclusion of a spa bar. After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy a refreshing drink while they soak?

There are a wide variety of different spa bars available to match every style, décor, and space. Whether you are planning on setting up a larger deck space with a more extravagant bar and additional seating or a more intimate spa experience, there are plenty of options to choose from.

In this guide, I will discuss the different factors to consider when choosing the best spa bar for your outdoor space. To help get you started on your search, I will also share the Backyard Boss pick for the best spa bar for any hot tub. Let’s get started!

The Backyard Boss Top Spa Bar for Your Hot Tub

Bonnlo 3PCS Outdoor Wicker Bar Set with Stools - The Best Spa Bar for Your Hot TubBonnlo 3PCS Outdoor Wicker Bar Set with Stools
  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame, Synthetic Wicker and Tempered Glass Top
  • Includes Barstool Seating for 2
  • Bar Dimensions: 40 in. x 23 in. x 40 in.
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Christopher Knight Acacia Wood Bar Set  - The Best Spa Bar for Your Hot TubChristopher Knight Acacia Wood Bar Set
  • Natural Stained Acacia Wood
  • Includes Barstool Seating for 2
  • Bar Dimensions: 16.5 in. x 48 in. x 49.75 in.
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Mr IRONSTONE Outdoor Bar Table  - The Best Spa Bar for Your Hot TubMr IRONSTONE Outdoor Bar Table
  • Waterproof Hammer Finish
  • Space for Barstool Seating, Not Included
  • Bar Dimensions: 54.3 in. x 14.8 in. x 38.8 in.
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Leisure Concepts Spa Caddy Side Table Tray - The Best Spa Bar for Your Hot TubLeisure Concepts Spa Caddy Side Table Tray
  • Reinforced, Weather-Resistant Plastic
  • Mounted Table Swings into Spa Seating, No Additional Seating Space
  • Bar Dimensions: 27 in. x 19 in.
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DIVEBLAST Premium Floating Serving Bar - The Best Spa Bar for Your Hot TubDIVEBLAST Premium Floating Serving Bar
  • High-Quality PVC
  • Floating Bar Offers No Additional Seating Space
  • Bar Dimensions: 28 in. x 20 in.
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Why You Can Trust Us

I have always been a huge believer in the power of setting up your own backyard escape, a place that you can retreat to when life is getting stressful. With that in mind, my husband and I dedicated ourselves to creating our own oasis the moment that we moved into our current home. This included some of the more obvious necessities such as the perfect patio lights and comfortable seating, but also the luxuries that take a space to the next level.

One of the best steps that we took in putting our back deck space together was the addition of an outdoor bar. After all, we planned on spending much of our time outside. Why not set it up so that we would have everything that we needed to entertain?

This guide is a combination of my own experiences from shopping for our bar, the opinions of the Backyard Boss team and thorough research into the options available. I have also taken the reviews of other clients into consideration, providing an insight into how these options stand up in a real-life setting.

Best Wicker Spa Bar

Bonnlo 3PCS Outdoor Wicker Bar Set with Stools
    This 3-piece patio bar set is a weather-resistant and comfortable spa bar option that can also be used in any other outdoor setting.



Why We Like It: This comfortable and stylish bar set is sure to add an eye-catching accent to any deck or outdoor space. The bar is built with a heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame and framed out with weather-resistant synthetic wicker. The bar is topped off with a tempered glass bar top to further elevate the sleek design. The set is completed with the inclusion of two comfortable bar stools featuring thick sponge padded seat cushions. In the event that someone accidentally spills a glass of wine, the cushion covers easily zip off and are machine washable to make clean-up a breeze.

This outdoor bar is the perfect height to be set up next to most hot tubs and spas, creating a spa bar that can both serve those relaxing in the hot tub and anyone that may be gathering in the vicinity. The bar includes two large shelves, allowing you to easily store drinks, snacks, cups, and more. Both the bar and chairs are outfit with rubber feet protectors to protect your deck and increase the stability of the set.

Who Should Buy It: If you love the classic appearance of wicker outdoor furniture, the Bonnlo 3PCS Outdoor Wicker Bar Set with Stools is a durable and stylish option that will add to the décor in any outdoor space.

Best Wooden Spa Bar

Christopher Knight Acacia Wood Bar Set
    Crafted from beautiful acacia wood, this 3-piece outdoor bar set provides you with a sleek and functional bar space paired with two comfortable wooden barstools.



Why We Like It: A classic outdoor furniture design that is sure to draw compliments and positive reactions from your guests, the wooden design of the Christopher Knight Acacia Wood Bar Set is a stunning choice. Naturally stained, the finish is the perfect complement for any décor ranging from a rustic cottage to a clean and modern outdoor space. Much like the first option on this list, this bar set is the perfect height to sit next to your hot tub, creating a comfortable spa bar space both for those in the hot tub and others resting outside.

The backing on the upper bar may make it more difficult for access on all sides, however, the lower shelf space can double as a secondary bar for hot tubs with a built-in design. The set can be purchased either in a gray finish or a natural stained finish, depending on your preferred style. If you aren’t using the bottom shelf as a secondary bar, it can be used as a storage shelf to keep all your drink-focused necessities close at hand or a footstool for those sitting in the bar seating.

Who Should Buy It: Those who love the appearance of natural wood furniture will truly appreciate the style and functionality of the Christopher Knight Acacia Wood Bar Set.

Best Metal Spa Bar

Mr IRONSTONE Outdoor Bar Table
    The high-quality and durable hammer finish on this outdoor bar makes it the perfect choice to pair with your hot tub for the full spa experience.



Why We Like It: If you prefer the more modern and industrial look of metalwork, a metal spa bar may be the perfect addition to your deck or backyard space. Featuring a waterproof hammer finish and durable, weather-proof plastic board surface, it’s designed to stand up to the elements making it a great choice for your outdoor space. The narrow design is a great way to make the most of limited space. Despite being narrow in size, the bar is surprisingly strong with a maximum weight load capacity of 250 lbs.

The bar includes no matching bar stools, and the company doesn’t make a matching set, however, the simple design of the table makes it easy to pair with bar-height seating to complete the look. The bar is available in two different sizes, either 54.3 inches long or 46.5 inches long. This makes it easier to match the size of your hot tub for a more uniform appearance. Adjustable feet allow you to make the changes necessary to stabilize your bar on an uneven surface.

Who Should Buy It: Hot tub owners that are looking for a strong, sturdy metal bar that will stand up over time should consider the Mr IRONSTONE Outdoor Bar Table.

Best Side Table Style Spa Bar

Leisure Concepts Spa Caddy Side Table Tray
    Mounted to the side of your hot tub, this small and versatile spa bar is the perfect way to elevate your outdoor space and create the spa experience.



Why We Like It: Don’t let limited space deny you from creating the true spa experience. This convenient reinforced weather-resistant plastic spa bar mounts to the side of virtually any spa. The stainless-steel upright post makes it easy to swing the bar in and out of the spa area, making it possible to enjoy the spa bar when the situation calls for it and then move it out of the way when you aren’t using it. If you do need to remove it for any reason, such as heavy winds, it easily slides out of the mounting bracket. The bar table itself measures 27 inches by 19 inches, offering plenty of room for a couple of people to set their drinks and snacks close at hand.

Installation is easy using just 4 screws. When installing, you need to be aware of the additional space needed for your hot tub cover, mounting it to allow clearance for the lid. Depending on your deck design, it could be installed to work with a built-in deck design. While this spa bar is not designed with outside seating in mind like many of the other options on this list, it can be turned in a way that those sitting outside of the hot tub could also use it.

Who Should Buy It: If you are looking for a solution to enjoy the spa experience but find that you are limited on space restricting your options, the Leisure Concepts Spa Caddy Side Table Tray is a great solution.

Best Floating Spa Bar

DIVEBLAST Premium Floating Serving Bar
    Keep your snacks and drinks in arms length wherever you may be using this high-quality PVC floating spa bar suitable for hot tubs and pools.



Why We Like It: Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly spa bar solution, renting and trying to avoid installation or searching for a spa bar that you can bring along on your next getaway, the DIVEBLAST Premium Floating Serving Bar is a great option. Made from high-quality PVC, it is designed to offer a durable and sturdy spa bar for your drinks, snacks, tablet, or smartphone. There is even a built-in ice bucket space to chill your favorite drink. Convenient handles on each side of the bar make it easy to move it as needed without spilling a drop.

To use, simply inflate the spa bar manually or using an air pump. You will have a fully functional spa bar available in just minutes and the double-valve design will ensure that there are no worries about air leakage. When fully inflated, it measures 28 inches by 20 inches, providing enough space for a couple or small group to secure their drinks or snacks within reach.  The durable PVC used is strong enough that it can also be used sitting on the sand while at the beach, making it easy to move the party into or out of the water. Still unsure? The company is offering a money-back guarantee, allowing you to try it out risk-free.

Who Should Buy It: Those that are looking to create a spa experience at home or on the go without breaking the bank should consider the DIVEBLAST Premium Floating Serving Bar.

How to Choose the Best Spa Bar for Your Outdoor Living Space

If you have put a lot of time and energy into putting together your dream backyard space, you want to pay attention to the details. For many, this includes putting together everything needed for the perfect hot tub experience. It’s a great way to relax and unwind after a stressful day at work. While this process starts with selecting the best hot tub for your backyard or outdoor patio, the planning doesn’t end there.

Your backyard oasis may include decorative lighting, an outdoor sound system, a grilling space, and, of course, an outdoor bar for your drinks and snacks. A spa bar is designed to complement your hot tub, allowing you to keep your drink at arm’s length whether you’re lounging in the hot tub or standing around the near vicinity. Before you get swept up in the many hot tub bar ideas available, here are a few important factors to consider.

Hot tub and drinks
Image credits: Canva


First and foremost, you should consider the space that you are working with. Some spa bar sets require significant room alongside the hot tub for the bar itself, additional seating, and other features. If you are trying to navigate a tighter space, you may find that a mounted bar design will suit your space better. When measuring the area to ensure that your new bar will fit, don’t forget to consider the space necessary for people to move around the bar.

Built-In or Raised Deck Spaces

In addition to considering the space that you have available around your bar, you should also take note of the design of your deck. A full-size bar will be a great choice for a standard deck space with a hot tub set up on top of it and no additional barriers. However, if your hot tub is built into the deck, this style of bar will tower over the surface making it an illogical choice. Instead, in those cases, you may want to consider a built-in or floating spa bar that focuses specifically on the hot tub itself.


While the appearance of your new bar shouldn’t be the only thing that you consider, you want to ensure that it will match your space and provide a seamless design. Look at the other outdoor furniture in your space, the vibes of the yard itself, and how you allow your own personality to shine. If your yard has been designed with a rustic, cottage feel, you may want to stick with the wooden bar designs. Match or complement the staining on the deck itself or purchase a deck that you can stain to fit the space. On the other hand, if you have been creating an outdoor living space with a modern design, a sleek metal bar may better suit the overall feel.

woman sitting in a hot tub holding a cocktail
Image Credit: Olga Demina on Canva


There are many different materials available to choose from, each with its own pros and cons. A wooden spa bar can add a beautiful touch to your space; however, they will require more ongoing maintenance to upkeep the staining and sealing that makes them weather resistant. On the other hand, a metal bar with a rust-proof finish will require very little maintenance. Simply wipe the bar clean when needed, avoiding any harsh cleaning chemicals, and it will stand up well over time.

Another consideration in terms of the material is the use of the bar itself. Tempered glass is a highly durable option for a high-end bar top. However, if you share your backyard space with young children, it may not be the best option for your space. Wicker is a tempting surface for teething puppies, encouraging them to damage your outdoor furniture from chewing on it. Take a moment to consider your family’s unique needs and how you can best meet them.

Storage Opportunities

In addition to providing a convenient surface to sit your drinks and snacks on, many spa bars also include storage opportunities such as additional shelving. If you plan on using your bar for the purpose of entertaining friends and family, this is a great way to ensure that you have everything that you need close at hand. This includes glasses, napkins, serving bowls, and more. Additionally, some bars have enough space under the surface of the bar to allow for an outdoor refrigerator, allowing you to keep your drinks cold.

Additional Seating

For those that enjoy entertaining, you may want to incorporate additional seating into your spa bar set-up. This extends the use of your bar for both those relaxing in the hot tub and those that are in the vicinity. Some bars will come as a set with matching barstools while others will require sourcing stools that you feel will best match the space. Take note of how the bar space flows from the exterior space to the hot tub itself to allow for a smooth and seamless space for everyone to socialize with one another.

group of people sitting together on a hot tub with drinks
Image Credit: fabio formaggio on Canva

How We Picked

To select 5 bar options that stood out above the rest, we had to look at a variety of important factors including the material, size, functionality, versatility, and overall value. We recognize that there are different situations to consider and did our best to find an option for any deck or backyard space. This meant finding larger, more extravagant bar sets and small space-conscious options.

Recognizing that these bars will be set up in an outdoor space, we paid careful attention to whether they are constructed from weather-resistant materials and how they will stand up to the elements over time.

Finally, we looked at the additional features that each spa bar would offer. Some sets provided extra seating for guests outside of the hot tub while others were designed to optimize the seating within the hot tub, spinning as needed to allow you to reach your drink from any seat inside. We are confident to say that each of the options on this list stood out and would be a great addition to your backyard oasis.

Our Choice for Best Spa Bar Is…

Each spa bar on this list is sure to elevate your space. However, there is one that stood out above the others. The Bonnlo 3PCS Outdoor Wicker Bar Set with Stools offers a durable and high-quality bar with a tempered glass top, additional storage shelves, and bar stool seating for two. This is all put constructed with a heavy-duty steel frame and stylish synthetic wicker siding. Whether you are planning to entertain friends and family or simply want to create a comfortable space to enjoy your own yard, this spa bar is an excellent choice.