Space Heaters VS Gas Heat: Which is Best for Your Home?

Space Heaters VS Gas Heat: Which is Best for Your Home?

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As September is fast approaching, we know that the chilly fall nights and cold winter climate is not far off. This means that the predictable rise in heating costs are also going to make an appearance soon. As always this raises the question, what is the most efficient and effective method of heating your home?

Although there are numerous ways to heat up your home or personal space, there are many factors to consider when choosing a heating system. These factors can include, the overall climate of the area in which you reside, the size and built of your home, the type and strength of insulation and many other factors. So, when considering a heating option for your home you must choose one that best caters to your needs and is able to fulfill your heating needs in the most effective manner.

A Closer Look

Two very different heating methods are space heaters and gas heating. These are two very different systems of heating that work in different ways, provide different benefits and each of them is effective in addressing certain heating needs. In this article we will take a closer look at how these two methods of heating compared to each other and their respective features such as costs, maintenance, and safety.

Space Heaters VS Gas Heat Comparison

Space Heater ​​​Gas Heat
Ceramic Space Heater with Adjustable Thermostat, Portable Heater Electric Heater Fan with Overheat Protection and Carry Handle for Desk Office Home Bedroom in white background
Mr. Heater 30,000 BTU Vent Free Blue Flame Natural Gas Heater MHVFB30NGT in white background
  • Low initial costs
  • Easily portable and low maintenance
  • Ideal for small areas or as supplementary heating
  • Lower operating costs
  • 10-20-year life span with regular maintenance
  • Ideal for larger homes / cold climate

Space Heater

Space heaters are a very common method of providing warmth during the winter as well as on those odd chilly nights. Generally, space heaters are powered by electricity and are used as a form of supplementary heating in addition to central heating systems which are also powered by electricity.

However, space heaters can be used on their own as well when only a certain area needs to be heated as compared to the whole house as well as when the weather is warm enough that central heating is not required.


Portable electric heaters are very easy to use in terms of installation and any other means of setup. This is due to the fact that there is in fact no installation required. Most space heaters are small, portable and generally come already built. In order to use them all you need to do is plug them in and use them as required.

a family with a portable space heater in a table


The costs for space heater can vary, however they are generally inexpensive to purchase. If you are concerned regarding the costs of purchasing a space heater, there are many options for you to consider as there are many alternatives that you can consider in store as well as online.

However, after the initial cost of purchasing the space heater there are costs involved in running the space heater as well. This is typically seen through the rise in your electricity bill. Although gas as a resource is less costly than electricity, there may be circumstances where it is cheaper to use a space heater as compared to a gas heater.

Overall, space heaters are a very cost-effective heating method for small rooms, chilly areas and as a supplementary form of heating.


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Space heaters are generally very low maintenance, it is a process that does not require much effort or knowledge. It can be for the large part be done by yourself and does not require a technician unless on the odd occasion that the space heater has a problem or breaks down. Most space heaters just require a wipe down of its surface or its fan blades and sometimes a filter change depending on the type of space heater.


Space heaters are designed to be very safe for use within homes or smaller areas. They generally come with many safety features that prevent fire hazards and other safety issues. This includes features such as auto turn off systems that automatically turn the space heater off if it tips over or is overheating. Also due to the fact that space heaters do not require the combustion of fuel directly, they do not pose the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Gas Heat

Gas heat is generally known in terms of a gas furnace that is found in homes. A gas line is connected to a furnace built inside the home, which supplies the gas that is then combusted within the furnace and the heat generated is then supplied throughout the home with the use of air vents. This system also requires a vent to release the combustion products, this is generally done by the means of a chimney or through pipes located on a side wall.


Man installing heater

Gas furnaces are large and complex, they require professional installation which can be quite costly. As well they require a vent or a chimney which would need to be built if it is not already present. This can be a very costly installation process.


After the high purchasing and installation costs, there are costs to operate the gas heating system as well. However, in comparison the costs to operate a gas heat system are relatively lower than the costs to operate for instance an electrical furnace.

This is due to the fact that the cost of natural gas is much lower than the cost of generating electricity. Nevertheless, the actual costs of operation depend on frequency of usage and the size of the area that needs to be heated. This means that although electricity may cost more to run a space heater, it may still be more cost effective under certain circumstances.

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Gas furnaces are recommended to have maintenance done in order to ensure that they run smoothly and to prevent any hazards. Generally, HVAC companies recommend to have gas furnaces maintained at least once annually. This maintenance is conducted by professionals which can also be an added cost to the use of a gas furnace.


Although gas furnaces are increasingly designed to be safe there are a few safety concerns associated with using them. One of the major concerns is a carbon monoxide leak which can lead to poisoning or even be fatal. In addition to this there are some risks of gas leaks as well as fires. Generally, carbon monoxide detectors are installed in close proximity to the furnace in order to detect any leaks early on.


Therefore, it is pretty evident that these two heating systems are quite different, they both have different costs associated with them as well as benefits. Gas furnaces are more cost effective in the long run for big houses and when the whole house might need to be heated. However, space heaters are more effective in smaller areas such as when only or two rooms in the whole house needs to be heated or just need a bit more warmth. Which heating system is more effective and cost-efficient depends on your heating needs and your house.

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