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10 Spring Backyard Tasks To Complete Now

There is nothing else that gives you so much energy and joy during the year as the first few days of spring. When they finally come, you can put on a t-shirt and start spending time in your backyard. Since you probably haven’t done much outside for the past couple of months besides shoveling the snow, there are a couple of spring tasks you have to take care of now.

From preparing the garden to organizing the shed, the list can be a bit overwhelming. However, to help you finish all the chores as quickly as possible, we want to share with you our checklist that you can follow and later enjoy your freedom!

Clean Your Gutters

Rain Gutter Cleaning from leaves in autumn with hand
Image credits: Lex20 via Canva

You might be surprised that cleaning the gutters is first on this list, but let me explain why this task is so important. After winter, your gutters are full of leaves, pine needles, filthy water, and other unpleasant dirt. If you do not remove it immediately, your gutters can clog, which leads to roof damage or basement flooding. Since it is a very messy task, we recommend you use help from Leaf Filter. It’s a patented technology that doesn’t allow anything to enter your gutters, except the water and will save you a lot of time and struggle!

Focus On Hardscaping

Stone Pavers and Tools for Side Yard Hardscape
Image credits: JPLDesigns via Canva

Since at the beginning of spring, the soil is still firm you should focus first on hardscaping. Walk around your property preferably with something to take notes on, and do a list of all the things that need to be repaired or maintained. Think about all the benches, fences, retaining walls, stepping stones, etc. Remember that soon your garden will be fully ready to be taken care of, so try to finish all these works as soon as possible. 

Clean Your Patio

Cleaning Patio Decking
Image credits: ogre64 via Canva

Before you move on to making my garden look beautiful, you should start working on your patio. The reason behind this is that after a long and hard day of work outside, you can sit down and relax there. To get things done, start with sweeping up leaves and then cleaning the deck with the pressure washer. If the winter has been really cold, it also requires painting sometimes. When these jobs are done, you can take the furniture from the garage and clean them. To make it even comfier, put some outdoor lights and a couple of plants here and there. 

Organize Your Shed

senior man cleans roof of shed
Image credits: sandorgora via Canva

It is one of the least favorite things to do, but it is probably the most important one. You have to organize your shed to get rid of all the trash you have gathered during the winter to access your tools and equipment. I recommend you take out everything and then create two groups. You have to answer the question of whether you will ever use the item. If the answer is no, throw it away. If yes, then leave it for now. Once you threw away all unnecessary things, you can start organizing everything that is left. 

Refresh Your Tools and Equipment

garden tools
Image credits: Tina_Jeans via Canva

Winter can be challenging for your tools, especially if you haven’t prepared them well for these cold months. Before getting things done, make sure you know how to repair, maintain, and repurpose garden tools. Otherwise, you can damage them. The same applies to all machines, such as lawn mowers, chainsaws, weed eaters, etc. Keep in mind that you haven’t used them for a long time and that it is crucial to check if they work properly before using them again. If something is wrong with them, you can hurt yourself, and remember that safety is a number one priority!

Test The Soil

Man Testing Rich Soil Outdoors
Image credits: pixelshot via Canva

When the soil is no longer hard, you can start preparing it. The first thing you always have to do is test your soil. Thanks to that, you will determine its composition, acidity, pH level, and nutrient content. You can examine it using garden soil testers or DIY soil tests made from household items. If you don’t feel like doing it on your own, do not worry, you can always use some help from the local laboratory. They will also give you some recommendations on how to improve your soil.

Work On Your Garden Beds

Garden bed.
Image credits: HappyNati via Canva

After you know all the necessary information about your soil, it’s time to get your hands dirty. Gather your tools, put on proper clothes and garden gloves, and start with pulling up all the dead plants, weeds, and anything else that has to be gotten rid of from your garden beds. Once you finish doing that, prepare the soil with fertilizers. When everything is ready, here comes the fun part. You can now start planting your early-season crops. Even though you will have to wait a few months more to plant warm-weather crops, a lot of vegetables, such as lettuce or carrots, love colder weather and can be planted straight away.

Clean Bird Feeders And Baths

Bird Feeders
Image credits: Kichigin via Canva

You don’t want to welcome birds only during the winter. After a couple of harsh months, it is time to give the feeders and baths a proper cleaning. Start with scrubbing the birdbaths with a bleach solution, and after that, rinse them and refill them. Remember to change the water every week! When it comes to the bird feeder, get rid of food leftovers and clean it inside. If it is needed, you can also paint it with a fresh layer of paint to make it look cute for the new season. 

Refresh The Lawn

Lawnmower wheel and two lengths of grass
Image credits: Rudy and Peter Skitterians via Pixabay

Your lawn had to go through a lot during the winter, so if you want it to look its best, you have to refresh it now. First, start with working on the edges around it. It will make it look neater and sharper. The next step you should focus on is aerating your lawn. Thanks to that, you will improve the oxygen flow, which will result in a more resilient lawn. Then you can add some fertilizer but try to do it when the soil is moist or the rain is expected. In the end, you can also add some new seeds so your lawn can pay you back with more grass. 

Patrol For Pests

Snail on plant
Image credits: majo1122331 via Canva

Unfortunately, spring doesn’t only bring good news. When the warm days arrive, so do pests, such as slugs, snails, or aphids. As you know, all of them enjoy spending time in your plants which contributes to their destruction. There are a couple of ways to get rid of them. You can plant some plants that repel slugs and snails, buy and use some of the insect and pest control products. Whatever method you choose, remember to use it as soon as possible to protect your garden. 

To Wrap Up

The arrival of spring means you can finally go out and enjoy your backyard. However, if you want to use it to the fullest, you have to prepare it first after winter. We are confident that this list of the 10 spring backyard tasks to complete will help you make your yard look its best, so start to carry out these steps now and have fun doing them! 

Let us know what other backyard chores you perform, and as always, please share!