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14 Spring Container Garden Ideas

Ah! It’s spring again, which means warm air, green grass, and flowers all around. Want to rejoice in spring even more? Plan a unique spring container garden to celebrate this time of new beginnings. Don’t worry about the space crunch. Whether you have a big backyard or a small balcony, these 14 unique spring container garden ideas will help you bring spring home. 

A Color-Coordinated Spring Garden

Yellow spring planters
Image Credits: Sheila Brown via Public Domain Pictures

Give your spring garden a professional look by choosing a monochromatic theme. The idea is to use blends of the same color. Choose flowers of the same color, but vary them in height, patterns, and delicacies for variety. You can even paint your planters in similar hues to give your color-coordinated garden a more magical look.  

Use Wicker Baskets  

Wicker bag planters for spring garden
Image Credits: Toa Heftiba via Unsplash

Wicker bags are made by weaving straws or bamboo slats around a frame. Their texture and beauty will elevate the whole ambiance of your spring garden. However, you need to pick the right spot for them. Choose a place where your wicker basket planters are not exposed to the elements, like a covered patio, or they will begin decomposing.

Pro Tip: To increase their lifespan, use wicker baskets to cover a potted plant rather than as the actual planter.

Vertical Gardening With Colored Planters

DIY recycled wooden pallet for flower pots. Storage industrial pallet used in gardening for a wall decoration as a shelf for flowerpots
Image credits: ezphoto via Shutterstock

Spring is all about colors. So why not use colored planters, like painted tin cans?

Get some tin cans and paint them in bright colors. Then attach them to a wall in your backyard. Choose contrasting spring flowering plants and add them to your colored tin pots. Voila! You have a small vertical spring garden

Note: While this idea is excellent for growing spring flowers, avoid edible plants in painted metal planters, as they might be toxic. 

Go Extra With Spring Plants All Over 

Cottage yard spring garden idea
Image Credits: via PxHere

This spring gardening idea is about creating a paradise!

Want to give your backyard that cottage appeal with flowers everywhere? Invest in some small planters and hang them all over your backyard’s walls, windows, and railings. As the flowers bloom in spring, your backyard will bloom too. Imagine inviting beautiful butterflies and birds to this sacred space — serene! But be prepared for the extra work of watering planters on your walls and windows

Elegant Copper Pots for Indoors

Copper spring container garden ideas
Image Credits: Annie Spratt via Unsplash

Do something new this spring by adding copper planters to your collection. Copper is an essential nutrient that helps plants in photosynthesis and deepens flower coloration. However, avoid keeping copper pots in direct sunlight for long hours as they might get heated and affect the plants in them. Spring flowers that grow in partial shades, like hyacinth, grow well in copper pots. 

Note: Some plants are prone to copper toxicity, so if you’re worried, use a copper planter as a decorative touch by placing another pot inside it.

Cheer up Windows 

Window box planters with spring flowers
Image Credits: 김 대정 via Unsplash

Don’t leave your windows alone this spring. Cheer them up by planting colorful perennials in window boxes. Plant some impatiens in windows that do not receive much sun, and enjoy their bloom from spring till summer. If you want trailing plants cascading down the planters, consider sweet alyssums. 

Spring in Hanging Baskets 

Hanging planters for flowers
Image Credits: Linnaea Mallette via Public Domain Pictures

If you do not have enough space to keep containers on the ground, hang baskets on the patio or balcony. Beautiful petunias, geraniums, lotus vines, and many other spring flowering plants can grow in hanging baskets. The key is to pick the right location for them, depending on how much sunlight your plants need. 

Add Some Décor 

Terrace spring gardening ideas
Image Credits: via PxHere

Level up your vibrant spring plant collection by placing them in decorative planter stands. You can find various hanging plant stands online to add some décor to your spring plants containers. This is a great idea for balconies, terraces, or front porches.

Try One-For-All Planters

Big planters for spring companion planting
Image Credits: Linnaea Mallette via Public Domain Pictures

Use companion planting to make your spring container garden pop! Grow tender perennials with annual flowering plants, choosing plant combinations with similar growing needs.

Choose a focal plant that grows upright for the center of the setting and surround it with trailing and bedding plants. You can also add tropical plants and those with heavy foliage to make the container look full. 

Antique-Up Your Spring Garden 

Idyllic garden with old wooden cart
Image credits: Dora Zett via Shutterstock

Do you have some old wooden carts, a wheel barrel, or a large timeworn tin container? Use that to give your garden a unique look. Mix and match spring plants in big old planters or grow one flower in abundance. The choice is yours! Another benefit of using large planters is that they will take more soil, so they will not dry fast. 

Upcycle Old Boots

Creative spring planter ideas
Image Credits: Rept0n1x via Wikimedia Commons

It is time for some upcycling! Grab some old rainboots and convert them into cute planters. Start with drilling holes for drainage in the soles of the boots. Then fill the bottom of each boot with rocks, so your rainboot planters will stay upright in strong winds or rain.

Now add some potting mix and place your tiny spring plant into it. Want to take this up a notch? Paint your rainboots with designs and patterns to give them a unique look. 

Love for Barrels 

Tulip barrels for spring garden
Image Credits: Rick Obst via Flickr

Breathe life into old wood barrels by using them in your spring container garden. Your tall tulips will be aesthetically pleasing in old, big barrels. In fact, do not stick to just flowering plants. Grow small spring trees like Spanish gold broom, ‘Sargent Tina Crabapple,’ and Russian hawthorn in big barrels, and watch your garden bloom! 

Go Unique With Tire Planters 

Tire planters spring garden ideas
Image Credits: Jakub Jacobsky via Unsplash

A low-cost spring container garden idea is to use old tires as planters. Growing edible plants in tires could be toxic, but they are a good option for growing spring flowers. Hang them on your backyard wall for a vertical garden, or edge your pathway using double and single-tire planters. You can even paint them to match them to your spring garden theme. `

Vintage Chair Planters 

Vintage planters spring garden ideas
Image Credits: via PxHere

If your heart aches to throw out your old wooden chairs, repurpose them as a planter! Start with removing the seat of the chair. Using a landscape fabric, create a pouch over the seating area for your plant. Secure the fabric pouch using staples and glue. Then fill it with potting mix, and place your plant. Ta-da — You have your lovely spring planter

Spring Into Action

With so many spring container garden ideas floating by, the possibilities for designing your garden are nearly endless. The spring flowers will cheer everywhere, whether it is a big porch, small yard, or simple balcony.

Do you have a favorite spring container garden theme? Share in the comments below.