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10 Ways to Spruce up Your Planters

Do you feel your planters are looking tired, worn, or just in need of a refresh? Luckily, there are many ways to spruce them up! Create a fresh new look while upcycling the old pots and save some money instead of purchasing brand-new ones. What’s not to love?

Check out this list of 10 ways to spruce up your planters!


A great way to repurpose your existing pots is to use them as forms for new concrete pots. Let the old, tired or discolored plastic pots serve one final purpose! Place a slightly smaller pot within the larger one and fill the space between them with concrete, or use one pot and cover the inner walls with concrete. Other options include soaking materials like towels, socks, or burlap in concrete and then wrapping it creatively around your pot.

Pro Tip: Cover old baskets or garden orbs in concrete to level up their look too!

Faux Terracotta

Do you enjoy the earthy neutral look of terra cotta? Transform your old pots with a simple paint and baking powder mixture to recreate a faux terracotta look! Adjust the paint-to-baking powder ratio to create a smooth look or a more textured appearance. Have fun and revamp all the old pots to match!

Rope wrap

A simple yet transformative look, wrapping old pots in rope is a great way to give new life to your planting container. Choose a rope with the desired thickness and start winding it around your pot, gluing along the way. To elevate this look further, add dimension with a braided section or paint the rope to match your decor. Simple to do, yet beautiful results!

Another way to use a rope to upgrade your planter is to create a macrame plant hanger! Simple designs allow you to quickly make a floor pot into a hanging one. This one takes your pot to a new level!


Painting old and worn-out pots is, perhaps, a simple solution to upcycling your pots. However, there are endless ways to apply paint that will give you dramatic and unique results! Choose different shades of one color and create an ombre look on your pot, or apply metallic spray paint to get the drama and shine. There are stencils or hand-drawn patterns/pictures as an option for a one-of-a-kind makeover.

Branch Pot

From driftwood to broken branches, create a nature-inspired pot by attaching sticks around the outside of the old pot. It’s a creative way to completely cover up an old planter past its prime!

Textured Pot

Feeling like your planters are a little too perfect? Add some character and texture by creating an aged appearance with just some joint compound and paint. The joint compound applied to the outside of the pot will create ridges and dimensions, and then the paint will bring in the worn look with whites, browns, and other neutrals. Consider adding decorative pieces to the joint compound before it dries to give it that personal touch.

Decoupage Planter

Decoupage is simply the art of decorating with paper. Choose beautiful paper or even printed napkins and cover up the exterior of your pots to completely transform their appearance! From unique floral patterns to holiday-themed prints, choosing your favorite option will be the hardest part!

Tiered Pot Display

If one pot just isn’t enough, consider adding a few more to improve the display! Use several sizes to stack, with the largest pot at the bottom, to the smallest at the top! The tiered look will give dimension and height to otherwise low-growing plants.

Doubled Up Pot

Do you have a few pots that need a refresh? If so, putting two pots together as one creates an entirely new look! Glue the bottom of one to the bottom of the other and spray paint the entire thing. The final product has one flipped upside down, while the other is right side up and housing the plant. This creative upcycle is also a great way to bring height to your garden display.

Planter Pot Wreath

This project is not for the faint of heart, but the effort is well worth it! Adhere to different-sized terra cotta pots among other greenery like moss or succulents. Use a wreath as the base and decorate it as you choose! It’s a great way to use up broken or cracked pots that can no longer stand alone.

Planter Power!

If you feel like your pots are worn out, outdated, or perhaps even broken, do not run to the store for replacements just yet! Tired old pots can get new life with a little bit of love and creativity. From paint to decoupage, adding texture, or even using the pot to create a new concrete one, you can spruce up those planters and get the exact look you’re going for!

Which idea is your favorite for your old pots? Comment below and share with your crafty friends and family!

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