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14 Stone & Brick Fence Ideas

Stones used to be the go-to building material in areas where timber wasn’t readily available. Bricks have been made for centuries from a variety of materials to provide shelter around the world.

These traditional building choices may have been upgraded for specific decor over the last few hundred years, but the purpose they serve is the same; to provide a separation between spaces.

In this article, we want to show you some of the most unique yet simple to create stone and brick fence ideas, so you can not only fence your house but also catch the eye of everyone passing by your property.

Stone Boundary

wrought iron gate with brick pillars
Image Credit: Beeki on Pixabay

The ancient look of this low stone wall with a weathered iron gate works wonderfully in large, rambling gardens. All who visit will feel like they’ve been blasted to the past.

Brick and Mortar

brick wall with evenly spaced brick pillars
Image Credit: Bev on Pixabay

I love everything brick, brick walls, walkways, borders, you name it. The bright red color looks spectacular when juxtaposed with the vibrant green of the trees above. For a pop of color, consider using flowering trees or vines or even adding a flower garden to the space.

Brick Wall Contrasts

brick wall outside of a brick building, topped with shrubbery
Image Credit: ernie114 on Pixabay

Half brick walls encompassing evergreen hedges are a traditional solution to privacy needs and provide a pretty contrast to the vegetation planted near and around it.

Mix and match the occasional red brick with other shades for a gorgeous, textured look.

Brick Walls With Frames

brick wall with ornate wooden archway in the middle
Image Credit: rahilchoudhary on Pixabay

The only thing more beautiful than a brick wall is the doorway in the middle of it that offers a peek into your yard. Framed by brick, the view will be more dramatic, with a majestic aesthetic appeal.

Whether mountainous terrain or a backyard pond, paint a picture of illusion with the frame you provide.

Brick Lines

narrow window built into a brick wall
Image Credit: kconnors on MorgueFile

Well-aligned bricks still form unique shapes and spaces when stacked upon one another, as this picture shows. The slightly mismatched vertical and horizontal lines create a unique look and, in this example, can even be used to create a narrow window in your fence, opening up the space further.

Bricked Entryway

wrought iron driveway entry gate with brick pillars and lights
Image Credit: Shopify Partners on Burst

Welcome your guests through a majestic bricked gateway. You can go out of the box by making curves or torrents with the bricks without sacrificing durability.

Pair them with equally elegant iron and lighting options for a complete look!

White Brick Walls

white washed brick wall with a wooden gate
Image Credit: Anrietta_Titova on Pixabay

If you love the look of brick but aren’t a fan of the bold reds or dark greys, try embracing a more whitewashed appearance.

Not only does this help the brick to fit with certain aesthetics, matching beautifully with stucco and other materials, but it also continues to have character even as it starts to show signs of aging.

Building Vista

rooftop vista with brick fence topped with black decor
Image Credit: Brodie Vissers on Burst

Fencing ideas aren’t just for yard and decking purposes. Rooftop vistas need a little love as well, and nothing looks better than a brick security wall topped with a fun detail to tie in the aesthetic of the space.

Brick Outlook

tall brick wall with multiple pillars and surface levels
Image Credit: icsilviu on Pixabay

Modern takes on brick include fun shapes, unique surfaces, and new color combinations. In this example, the traditional straight-edged brick wall is reimagined with varying surfaces and creative structural design.

Landscaping Stone Simplicity

stone wall in a yard, framing a stone stairway
Image Credit: td2 on MorgueFile

If you’re looking for a natural garden fence, this is one of the best ideas out there!

You don’t have to get busy digging through your backyard for enough rocks to complete a natural-looking fence; landscaping companies sell rock by the ton.

Add A Roof

brick fence on white background
Image credits: alenkadr via Canva

To make your fence look more solid, you should add a roof above it. A tall brick fence with a roof on top will add some privacy and make your property look elegant.

We recommend adding a red roof since it has a classic appeal, but if you feel like another color will be a better match, do not hesitate to choose it.

Match Brick With Wood

Brick fence
Image credits: trainman111 via Canva

One of the finest combinations when it comes to fencing is using brick and wood. As you can see in the picture, this mix just looks great, adding both modern and antique appeal to your property.

You can paint the wood the way you want. However, we do not recommend using extremely bright colors. Try to keep it look smooth to get the best result.

Build It Low

Stone Fence
Image credits: shantyboys via Canva

If you are looking for a fence that will be a nice addition rather than have a protective purpose, then a low stone fence is your best choice. What is best is that you can use any stones you want. Simply place them on top of each other to create as natural appeal as possible.

Mix Brick And Stone

stone fence
Image credits: vavstyle5 via Canva

If you can’t decide whether you should build a brick or stone fence, why don’t you have both? By mixing stone with brick, you will get a uniquely-looking fence that will make your property look more interesting.

It is up to you whether you will put the stone above the brick or the other way around. However, we recommend putting stone as a base and then using brick on top of it.

To Sum Up

Fences are not only supposed to keep you safe but also look nice, increasing the curb appeal of your house. Using either a stone or brick fence will allow you to make your property stand out. We are confident that thanks to our 14 unique ideas, you will be able to find something suitable for yourself!

Also, make sure to learn about types of fencing, and discover more fence design ideas.