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15 Succulent Garden Ideas For Your Backyard

There are endless ways to make your backyard look interesting and beautiful, from growing vegetables and fruits to building a swimming pool and creating a leisure area. However, thanks to the latest fashion for xeriscaping gardens, I have recently fallen in love with planting succulents in my garden.

They have different shapes and colors, from green to purple, and are almost impossible to kill since they can tolerate low water levels and dry climates. It means that they are not only gorgeous but also very easy to grow and require almost zero maintenance. If you don’t have a lot of time to take care of your garden and want to create something that will catch the eye, succulents are your best choice. 

Today we want to share with you 15 succulent garden ideas so you can find some inspiration and change your landscape into something stunning.

Create a Succulent Bush 

Succulents don’t have to grow on the ground. You can plant them also vertically, and this idea is a perfect example of that. Use a couple of different succulents to make the whole concept even more diverse. What’s best is that it will look great from all angles. 

Mix With Cacti

Both succulents and cacti grow in similar environments. They don’t need a lot of water and can be grown in very hot areas. So the best thing you can do is to mix these plants. Do not limit yourself to only one type of succulent or cacti. Plant as many species as you want to make your garden look colorful.

Add Stone Ornaments

To make your garden look more fun, you should place some stone ornaments among the succulents. These ornaments don’t have to be complicated. Just put a couple of stones on top of each other, and that’s it. Use some glue if you don’t want them to fall down easily.

Stick To One Kind

Sometimes less means more. In this case, we recommend you stick to just one kind of succulent. You can achieve a great outcome by planting only one piece next to each other. However, make sure to plant your succulents in an organized way and a large quantity for the best result. 

Plant In The Big Pots

As long as the soil you use meets succulents’ requirements, you can plant them almost anywhere, so take advantage of that and plant them in the pots. It’s best to use pots that have different shapes and that are made of unique materials to make this idea look more interesting. Also, don’t be afraid of planting varied types of succulents.  

Plant In The Small Pots

As we have just established, you can plant your succulents in the pots as long as you provide them with the right soil. In this idea, we want to go small rather than big. To make this idea come true, you need a bunch of small pots that you will use to plant only one succulent. For the best outcome, organize them in an eye-catching way next to each other.

Bet On Bright Colors

My favorite aspect of having succulents is that some of them have magnificent bright colors that cannot be unnoticed by anyone visiting your garden. Find the types of succulents that have bright colors and plant them to make your backyard stand out. Thanks to them, you will be able to create a majestic atmosphere which everyone will be delighted with.

Surround The Tree

For anyone who enjoys extraordinary solutions, this idea will be perfect. By surrounding the tree with succulents, you can achieve a great visual result. What is more, this will help you develop the otherwise unused area around the tree. Just remember to be generous and don’t leave any space for a better effect.

Grow In Rows

That solution is especially suitable for symmetry enthusiasts. By growing your succulents in rows, you can create perfect harmony in your garden. We recommend growing different types of succulents in each row. Their sizes and colors should vary if you don’t want your garden to look boring.

Be Creative

You don’t have pots, and you don’t want to grow your succulents in the ground? That’s not a problem at all. Just use your creativity and find something in your garden that can be used for planting succulents. As you can see in the picture, we found an old piece of wood that looks just amazing as a pot for growing succulents.

Grow Between The Stones

Another great concept that will make your garden unique is growing your succulents between stones. Mix stones with dark-colored succulents to create a gloomy appearance. Choose several types of succulents and sloppily arrange them. That will even increase the dreary look of your garden.

Use Your Balcony

If the space in your backyard is limited, or you want your plants to be protected from pets, do not hesitate to use your balcony. You can transform this area into a tiny garden filled with marvelous succulents. Mix different sizes, shapes, and colors and add some stones as extra decorations.

Create A Desert Atmosphere

Since succulents like harsh and difficult climates, why don’t you reflect their natural habitat in your garden? All you need is a couple of succulents and a lot of sand. Just make sure you find the nice and clean sand which looks like the one you can spot in the real desert.

Use Small Rocks 

It is another great idea that will set your succulent garden apart from others. Simply use small rocks to cover the area around your plants. It will also resemble their natural habitat and add extra charm to your backyard. Just keep in mind that if you plant small succulents, you should also use tiny rocks to surround them.

Build An Island

If you don’t want your garden to be too big and only cover small space of your backyard, then you should replicate this awesome island. It will be a great addition to your landscape, and its length and high can be adjusted to the space you have. Plant varied succulents to make the island look even better.

To Sum Up

And there, you have 15 unique succulent garden ideas that will distinguish your backyard from everyone else in your neighborhood. Since those are just examples, do not be afraid of experimenting. You can use more than one idea or even mix them. Whatever you feel will make your landscape look gorgeous is a great choice.

Let us know which idea you like the most, and as always, please share!