Unique Succulent Planter Ideas For Your Backyard
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Unique Succulent Planter Ideas For Your Backyard

Succulents have taken the gardening world by storm in the last several years. But keeping the creativity growing as we plant these lovely little beauties can be a challenge at times. Nobody wants their garden to look “same-old.” But these fun planter ideas, both DIY and not, will get those creative juices flowing again and help you create your ideal succulents garden or corner of the garden.

UV-Rated Custom Succulents Planters from Etsy

If you’re not feeling the DIY bug, you can pop over to Etsy to find some of these gorgeous UV-rated succulents planters custom-designed for this very use. They’re rustic, attractive, and perfect for keeping your succulents happy and thriving.

DIY Succulents Mini Rock Garden Planter

For a patio, tabletop, or elevated succulents planter situation, check out this tutorial for a mini rock garden setup. The gorgeous little succulents nestle into the rock garden with ease and create this beautiful look that’s perfect for almost anywhere in the backyard.

Succulents Cubes

If you’re going to create a collection of succulents, you could go with something like these gorgeous little succulents cubes. Each plant gets its little cube – and then you arrange them how you like. These are perfect for patios, garden edging, windowsills, and xeriscaping with a twist.

Succulents Living Wall Planter

If you’re tight on space or just have a fabulous place for one of these (think garden fence, garage wall, privacy fence), this living wall concept for your succulents is an amazing choice. It’s beautiful, convenient, and fairly easy to care for.

Concrete Blocks Succulents Tower

For a reasonably inexpensive vertical garden concept, you can grab some concrete blocks from your nearest hardware store or search Freecycle for some giveaways. Then, build up a tower like this and give your succulents a unique and beautiful new home. This design is especially perfect for corners and odd nooks in the backyard.

Large Seashell Planter

The perfect choice for a tropical or beachy garden with succulents is a collection of large seashells turned into planters. You can plant the succulents in them, then scatter them around the yard or collect them together for a distinct blend of arid and oceanic themes at once.

Natural Log or Stump Planter

If you’ve got some old logs or stumps in the yard, you can turn them into a succulents planter pretty easily. You’ll need the usual planting materials for them and maybe a couple of hours if you’ve got the trim and finish the log or stump. Otherwise, you’ll be all set in maybe an easy hour.

Teacup and Saucer Planters

Tea lovers will love this idea – use some old teacups and saucers to create succulents planters! You’ll want to hit up the thrift stores in the area to grab some teacups you like, glue the cups to the saucers, and then add planting materials and succulents. Simple, fast, and oh, so fun!

Planter Within a Planter

Lately, there’s been a trend of large broken (intentional or not!) clay pots being used to create tiered planters – with planters within a planter. It is a great way to have a well-contained succulents garden for your patio, deck, or practically anywhere you want to keep your succulents.

Turtle Succulents Planter

A fun, quirky option for your succulents is this DIY turtle planter. Follow the tutorial to construct and plant in no time. You’ll have a happy little succulents turtle to place indoors or outdoors – whatever you like.

DIY Chair Planter

Here’s another fun idea – rescue an old chair and turn it into a planter! Those old patio chairs you find at thrift stores or half-buried in Grandma’s garden are a fun, quirky way to give your succulents a home while preventing the chairs from winding up in a landfill. A win-win situation!

Birdbath Rescue

Rescue that old birdbath and turn it into a succulents planter for the perfect, eye-catching addition to the backyard. Like the other planters on this list, you just need a few simple supplies like the birdbath, succulents, and planting material. In no time, you’ll have this beautiful focal point for your garden.

Amazing Ideas for Your Succulents

You can use any of these ideas to create an amazing mini succulents garden – or, if you’re feeling a bit eclectic, you can grab onto several ideas and create a succulents oasis. Scatter the seashell planters and block planters throughout the garden, use the birdbath rescue as your focal point, and give Mr. Turtle a home right by the door. All are great ways to show a bit of personality while giving your succulents a great home.