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10 Succulent Terrarium Ideas

Terrariums are wonderful containers to house succulents of all kinds and make the ideal environment to help them thrive. Since indoor gardening has become a beloved hobby, many gardeners are looking for new and exciting ways to show off their gorgeous plants. And with succulents, there are 101 ways to use their greenery, colors, and tolerance to your advantage.

Where once terrariums were defined as enclosed, glass planters, now the possibilities are endless! The definition has exceeded expectations now ranging from delicate glass planters and terracotta pots to hanging accessories and open layouts. With all these options you have the ability to watch your plants grow from any angle while also personalizing them to your aesthetic.

The following list of terrarium ideas are easy to make and even simpler to maintain. You can keep your indoor gardens to yourself, or give them as gifts to family and friends. Keep reading to find out where to get started!

Make A Stacked Display

Don’t be afraid to do something different! A terrarium doesn’t have to be closed off or in a glass container – adding your personal touch is what makes them unique.
Try creating your own DIY terrarium by stacking terracotta pots and giving your succulents more layers to grow. This will add dimension to your display and house your succulents comfortably.

Upcycle An Old Fish Bowl

Old fish bowls make the perfect tabletop terrarium and are fun to layer with various soil and rock textures before placing your plants inside. They also provide a view of your creation from all sides, making them a perfect conversation piece.
You can even make a night of this fun activity! Invite some friends over, gather some succulents, and create your very own terrariums.

Rock Toppings: Yin And Yang

Rocks are the perfect way to add unexpected (and sometimes unnatural) pops of color or designs to your terrarium space. Aquarium rocks are a popular addition, are easy to find in a wide array of hues and sizes, and layer wonderfully for intricate layouts.
A popular design is a simple yin and yang, but you can also explore different colors. You could even choose colors that coincide with the seasons and holidays for some extra pizzaz!

Use Household Items

The flat surfaces and corners of typical planters are great, but wouldn’t it be fun to use something completely different? Perfect for modern and contemporary settings or even as an unexpected conversation piece in more rustic decor is a teapot. Don’t pass up your options just because they aren’t what you normally lean towards.

Table Top Terrarium

As indoor planting becomes more popular, gardeners are looking for new ways to show off their beautiful plant babies. One of which are coffee table terrariums!
This can be a great DIY furniture activity or you can purchase your own. When creating your tabletop terrarium just make sure your succulents have enough soil and nutrients to properly thrive.

Layering Precision

Remember, your terrarium plantings are yours, and should reflect your own personal style and taste. An addition of favorite colors and other meaningful knick-knacks works well with these types of indoor plant designs.
One thing you can play with is your soil medium by layering it with rocks. Not only will this help with proper drainage, but it will also create an eye-catching piece.

Hanging Planters

Hanging planters is a great way to display your succulents and bring your indoor garden to new heights! You can simply use a hook to hang them from the ceiling or get creative.
Use macrame to hang your various planters, including those that are more traditionally made to be placed on a flat surface. Macrame is a natural-looking weaving but adds small detailed touches and interest to your spaces.


Succulents are popularly grown in arid conditions since they retain their own water source. Using them in decorative planters and creating your own tabletop desertscape requires very little in the way of maintenance and brings an unexpected pop of color and texture to your home. Add some cacti to the mix for extra greenery.

Zen Garden

Your own little zen garden is transformed by carefully placing greenery amongst decorative rock and carefully raked sand. Fun, whimsical highlights such as this smiling meditating statue can help influence your own relaxed, happy state. Of course, your zen garden should spark something in you.

Geometrical Containers

Terrariums can come in all shapes and sizes, and straight lines and acute angles of cubical containers add an artistic touch to your plantings. Allow your succulents to defy gravity as they grow up sloping sides, all while mixing and matching various choices for texture and hue variations.

Which Will You Try?

If you’re a do-it-yourself type of person, then terrariums are the perfect project for you! All you need are some succulents and whatever container you have around the house – whatever you find there’s likely a way to make it into a terrarium. From hanging pots to old tea kettles, almost anything can be a planter.

Don’t forget to add your own personal touch and comment below! Which idea will you try out?

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