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Swisher Log Splitter Reviews: Continuing Innovative Cutting Power

Swisher LSRB10528 28-Ton Log Splitter

Swisher LSRB10528 28-Ton Log Splitter

Swisher splitters are incredibly powerful electric and gas powered options. Although smaller, more compact versions are not offered, they do provide some of the most powerful electric models on the market- and are considered a quality, dependable product.

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A dependable log splitter is a must for when you are cutting larger wood piles for firewood and land clearing cleanup. These machines can save you time and money over time, and are invaluable for keeping you from becoming physically fatigued when you have multiple cords to cut at any given time.

With a wide variety of both electric and gas models available, the best Swisher log splitters are designed to handle large amounts of wood of various sizes. The following review highlights the various options the company provides for both homeowners and commercial business owners.

A Breakdown of Swisher Acquisition, Inc

Part of what makes a product popular is the dependability of the manufacturer. Swisher Acquisition, Inc started when the founder Max Swisher created the first self-propelled lawn mower in his garage during the first half of the twentieth century. By 1945 he was in the lawn care business offering his creation to consumers locally, and the company has continued to grow to offer a wide variety of mowers, trimmers, and accessories for home and business use throughout North America. They pride themselves in offering high value solutions that are top of the line, innovative products.

Swisher Log Splitter Claims

A man using Swisher Log Splitter in the backyard

With multiple models available for all your wood splitting needs, Swisher log splitters are offered in both electric and gas powered models and provide 22 to 34 tons of splitting force. With both horizontal and vertical direct drives, there is something available for any size job you have available.

Before purchasing a product, consumers want to look over the many features it has to offer and check out various designs and models before making a final purchase. Despite there being very little in the way overall style differences from one splitter to the next, small details can influence the driving force as well as the ease of use for the consumer.

Electric Powered Splitters

Electric powered splitters are traditionally a smaller, more compact machine that provides dependable power for most homeowner needs. Because of this you don’t often find larger model that boast a driving force much over 10 tons. Swisher offers one of the most powerful electric splitters available with a full frame, 22 ton splitter that provides both a horizontal and vertical splitting plane. Powered with 120 volts provided by your home outlets, this is a formidable splitter perfect for handling large jobs both outdoors, and in sheds or garages without worry of exhaust fumes and high decibel engine exposure.

Gas Powered Splitters

The company is also popular due to their wide range of durable, 4-stroke gas powered splitters. With capabilities of 22 to 34 tons of driving force, these models are designed for a wide variety of needs both for property owners and commercial use.

These models also boast both horizontal and vertical options to work quickly and efficiently though just about any size load you need cut. They also are highly portable and can be used in just about any setting you need a splitter.

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Horizontal and Vertical Splitting Positions

Swisher 22 Tons PRO isolated in white background

As mentioned, these splitters all have both horizontal and vertical splitting position options. Not only is this unique for electric models, but it makes your own physical efforts in loading logs much easier. Vertical planes keep you from having to lift logs, which can be a challenge for larger, heavier cutting needs. The downwards diving force is also very conducive to splitting greener, or knottier wood.

Each model provides a beam lift handle and vertical beam lock to quickly change positions and secure your machine in place while you cut. This can be done in seconds, saving you time when working through a log pile that may not be uniform in log length, size, or age.

Available Horsepower

Swisher Kawasaki Engine FS481V

The company truly offers a wide range of gas power options depending on what your cutting needs are. With everything from 4.4HP to 14.5HP capabilities, you are covered in reference to overall driving force capabilities. Dependable, brand name engines are utilized in their various models to provide trustworthy running power through all sorts of work conditions.

Available Tonnage

Swisher Timber Brute 34 Tons isolated in white background

The smallest available driving forces are the 22 ton electric and gas engine models. Although small compared to the larger options, these are formidable choices for both home and business. Their next range of power offers three different 28 ton options ranging from 5.1 to 10.5 horsepower capabilities, followed by 2 incredibly powerful 35 ton forces that carry 11.5 and 14.5 HP respectively.

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Cycle Time

Your RAM or return cycle time from the moment the cut is complete to it being ready for the next log varies from 13 to 20 seconds depending on the size of the machine. These are average ties that compare well across other brand models and are fairly quick to keep you moving on the job with very little wait time.

Log Size Capabilities

Swisher Timber Brute 34 Tons Log Tray in white background

All models have a 25 inch opening to handle logs up to 2 feet in length easily. Depending on the model, they also can easily split fairly large diameter logs as well, with an average 20 inch diameter reported by many consumers. Each model has a heavy duty integrated log cradle to help keep logs from shifting or falling during cutting, and to allow you total control of split wood.

Two and Four-Way Wedges

Swisher Two and Four-Way Wedges

All models come with a 1” machined steel compound, two-way wedge that is easily sharpened and drives cleanly through whatever job you have lined up for it. Larger models also come with a four-way wedge that is easily traded out when your job calls for something more powerful to save you time on having to split large logs more than once.


Swisher 22 Tons Splitting Force

All Swisher models are road towable with a 2 inch hitch and durable, pneumatic tires to make your portable needs a breeze. Simply hook your splitter to the vehicle of your choice and haul it wherever it works best. The tires also make it easy to maneuver by hand into tighter spaces or put into storage.

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Warranty and Support

For home use, the company provides a 1 year warranty on hydraulics, 3 years on steel parts. If purchased for commercial purposes, this limits the warranty to 90 days. They also have a hassle-free 30 day return policy and must be in original packaging and not damaged in any way. A restocking fee of 25% also exists.

What Consumers are Saying

Consumers are more than happy to share their positive experiences surrounding their use of these machines. Quality and durable are words commonly used to describe their observations during use, and for the most part are happy with how powerful and easy to use they are.

Negative reviews surround flaws with the workmanship or shipping issues, all which is covered under warranty. Others reflect poor storage practices and user error. It was difficult to find any true flaws that were not tied to solvable problems.


If you are in the market for a dependable, powerful wood splitter, hopefully these Swisher log splitter reviews have highlighted an option worth considering. These are durable, well built machines that provide some of the most powerful options in the business. Designed with a full frame support, universal hitches, and the capabilities to work on both a horizontal and vertical cutting plane, these are choices most people can’t go wrong with.

If you have experience with a Swisher splitter please share your experiences below, as well as if you have any questions.