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5 Tips for What to Do About Mold in Houseplant Soil

Pot with a flower covered with mold. High humidity in the soil of a home plant. Close-up of white spores of the fungus. Too much water and improper watering of the plants. Pieces of mold and mildew

Seeing mold in your houseplant’s soil can leave you petrified, especially since soil plays a significant role in your plant’s life. Is it something you did that’s causing the mold, or did it grow out of thin air? If you rarely overwater your plant and are sure the soil has good drainage and aeration abilities, …

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7 Best Evergreens for Containers

Skimmia japonica or Japanese skimmia flowering plant potteed in a garden shop in autumn.

Brighten up those grey days with a pop of color from some evergreen plants – perfect for containers too! Evergreens are great plants to keep your garden alive throughout the year. The vibrant foliage makes even the dreariest winter season bright and beautiful, while the plant provides wildlife food and shelter.  Evergreens also make excellent …

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4 Ways Epsom Salt Benefits Your Peppers

Midsection of caucasian mid adult female farmer holding red bell peppers while standing at farm. summer, unaltered, healthy food, farmer, organic farm, harvesting and farming concept.

Epsom salt is a popular ingredient in many home and gardening remedies. It is a magnesium sulfate compound that provides several advantages for plants, including peppers. When added to soil, it can improve seed germination, plant growth, and pepper production, while boosting chlorophyll synthesis. It also acts as a deterrent to pests such as slugs …

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5 Tips To Creating Your Own Woodland Garden At Home

A woodland garden provides your landscape with a dynamic edge and allows you to make the most of the trees in your garden. It also offers a place to relax and unwind, surrounded by towering trees and lush greenery that can eclipse the everyday hustle and bustle. The garden resembles a small forest that grows naturally …

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7 Beautiful Perennial Plant Combinations

Flowers in the autumn garden. Perennials in the botanical garden in autumn.

Designing your perennial garden is the first step to ensuring a beautiful well-rounded display throughout the growing season. Determining which perennials work well together by considering their care needs, such as whether they tolerate shade or full sun are considerations that set you up for success! Matching differing flowers is an art form and one way …

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6 Best Houseplants for Your Apartment

Photo of Assorted Plants

Who doesn’t want to wake up to the blissful sight of green life in their home? Houseplants bring the outdoors into even the smallest of spaces. Though often faced with compressed interiors, limited natural light, and dry air, apartment dwellers can still enjoy pretty houseplants. Numerous plants are suited for indoor conditions, many of which can …

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9 Tips for Growing Zucchini in Pots

Close up flowering and growing summer squashes striped zucchinis or courgettes. Poland, Europe

People love zucchini because it’s delicious, hydrating, and low-calorie. It’s a highly versatile veggie as even its flowers are edible. Better yet, you can grow zucchini at home in pots! So even if you have a small space, you don’t have to miss out on homegrown zucchini. Learn these nine care tips to ensure the process …

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