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Tanaka TCG27EBSP Review

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars

Every time I attack my lawn with the mower it never looks quite right until I get a string trimmer involved with the yard manicuring process. This is mostly due to the fact that I have trees, a long pergola, fences, a deck, and garden edging around my property.

Without the use of a weed wacker, these difficult to reach areas are left to the mercy of long grasses, weeds that have taken hold along the house foundations and up against other obstacles, and young tree suckers. It creates an unfinished, and uncared for look to the yard.

The Tanaka TCG27EBSP may be a great choice for your finished look, and as described below is a powerful little piece of machinery you may want to add to your yard care arsenal.

String Trimmer Comparisons

ModelWeightEngineSpecial Feature
Tanaka TCG27EBSP11.2 lbs2-cycle EngineBump Feed Trimmer Head
Hitachi CG22EAP2SL11 lbs2-cycle EngineSemi-Automatic Trimmer Head
Husqvarna 128LD11 lbs2-cycle EngineBump Feed Trimmer Head
Troy-Bilt TB575 EC13 lbs4-cycle EngineBump Feed Trimmer Head

Why Own The Tanaka TCG27EBSP?

Quick Info

  • Bump Feed Trimmer Head
  • 2-cycle Engine
  • 11.2 lbs
  • 17 inch Cutting Diameter
  • 26.9 cc engine

As a high-end string trimmer, this product seems to be able to really pack a punch in the durability department. A 26.9cc engine is backed by a 7 year consumer, and 2 year commercial warranty as it is built with the landscaper in mind.

A variety of features built for ease of use helps makes this product a true contender if you are in the market for a weed wacker that can stand up to consistent use for either your yard and garden, or commercial business. An easy start pull system, padded bars, and anti-vibration shaft lends to the comfort of the user over time, and it doesn’t hurt that it only weighs in at a little over 11 pounds.

Another fun perk (at least in my mind) is the fact that there are optional head accessories to make your jobs that much more precise.


  • Very powerful
  • Starts easy
  • Lightweight
  • Well balanced
  • Very fuel efficient


  • Poorly written manual, difficult to get hold of customer service
  • Primer ‘bubble’ can stick
  • ‘Kill’ switch in awkward position and easy to accidentally hit
  • Over time fuel lines degrade (easily replaced with cheap aftermarket kit from local hardware)

Features & Benefits

For a commercial grade product, this really is an affordable option if you have a lot of property maintenance, or run a business. In fact, this may be the last string-trimmer you ever need to buy depending on your overall use. The selling point of the Tanaka TCG27EBSP truly lies in the many features available for dependable performance and durability.

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Commercial Grade 2-cycle Engine

A commercial grade engine is generally built to last due to the heavy handling and consistent use they are faced with. Although they may fall into a higher price range, they also will last many years beyond what a product toted for home use only will last. As seen in the warranty, the manufacturer even offers a pretty extended guarantee to back their claim.

A 2-cycle engine is the typical engine you’ll see concerning yard equipment. You’ll need to mix motor oil with your gasoline at a ratio of 50:1 in order to keep the engine running correctly. A 4-cycle engine runs on gas alone and can pack a pretty powerful punch as well, but unfortunately many products don’t hold up to the wear and tear of the power over time.

Aluminum Clutch Housing

Aluminum Clutch Housing

A clutch housing surround the clutch and flywheel mechanisms in an engine. The clutch is what engages and disengages the power to the drive shaft, and the housing is what keep it from overheating during use. Aluminum is an excellent, lightweight choice as it is so thin and conducts away heat rapidly. And important consideration when you consider the friction being generated in such a powerful little engine.

S Starting System

S Starting System

This pull force reduction system minimizes your efforts to start your engine up to 50%. In fact, it brags that the engine starts on the second pull every time with a correct prime, a marked difference from many other products of similar caliber.

I know I absolutely hate having to prime and pull over and over to get a good start on the engine. So save your back and shoulder and make this a favorite feature to keep your body getting wore out before you even get the job started!

Anti-Vibration Lines Drive Shaft

Anti-Vibration Lined Drive Shaft

Nothing is worse than feeling like your teeth are going to rattle loose from your head while you run an engine of any sort. Anti-vibration technology ensures less fatigue, and a straighter, more efficient job done every time. The solid steel design dramatically reduces the vibration from the engine to the rotary head for a smooth, seamless transition each time.

This feature also helps to provide longevity to the life of the product. Less vibration means less wear on the housings and materials holding it all together. Which means less maintenance upkeep work for you in the long haul.

Built in Spindle Lock

Built in Spindle Lock

This is a nice perk for a trimmer that has multiple accessory head attachments available. The built in spindle lock allows you to change out the heads with the elimination of the use of tools with ease. Definitely great for a person who puts down small tools and then proceeds to constantly misplace them. Like me.

Padded Handles

Padded Handles

Nothing is worse than having to grip the handles of a running machine without any padding or materials to help make that hold possible. Especially if you are working for an extended amount of time. Padded front and rear handles round out the comfort of this particular model and provides comfort for longer run time with less fatigue.

Bump feed Trimmer Head

Bump Feed Trimmer Head

A bump feed trimmer head, a tap to feed out more line for cutting without having to pause your work, is an incredibly handy feature to have when hard at work on your property. Running out of trimmer line can be annoying and time consuming when you have a large area to cover, but with just a tap you can extend the used line for a fresh cut.

Unlike many other bump feeds that feed out too much, or too quickly, this particular model seems to come out on top without any complaints.

17 Inch Cutting Diameter

The more you can cut at each pass, the more effective your machinery is. The 17 inch cutting diameter is one of of the largest on the current market, and ensures a good, even trim each time. This is a great selling point since a product of this caliber is going to be used on a larger property and for extended periods of time. Anything to make your work more effective and saves time is a win on my books.

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Tanaka TCG27EBSP Rating Overview

I’m rating the Tanaka TCG27EBSP at a 4.5 out of 5 stars due to it’s obvious overall durability and lasting power, the fact I have a large piece of property that requires a bit more than your general, run-of-the-mill, string trimmer, and that short people have found it comfortable and easy to use (I’m 5’4”).

Positive rating overviews brag about the ease of start up in both warm and cold weather, the power it puts out on any setting through a variety of heavy brush, and the very low vibration even when ran on full throttle. Owners also have toted the fact that replacement parts are easy to find and replace if the need arises with very little extra out of pocket cost.

Concerns about the fuel lines and the ethanol levels in the fuel have been mentioned in user ratings multiple times. Despite these being easy and inexpensive to replace, it is something to consider when purchasing.


Hitachi CG22EAP2SL

Quick Info

  • Semi-Automatic Trimmer Head
  • 2-cycle Engine
  • 11 lbs
  • 17 inch Cutting Diameter
  • 21.1 cc Engine

Our Rating:4.5 Stars

The Hitachi CG22EAP2SL is similar to the Tanaka TCG27EBSP in that it has many of the same features that make it so popular with consumers, such as anti-vibration and an easy start engine. A smaller engine places it more in a homeowners category rather than providing commercial grade ratings, but despite that reviews say it packs a powerful punch.

Complaints surround the auto-feed trimming head as it doesn’t work as easily as expected, and that the head can wobble a bit after working through heavy materials. All in all this seems like a decent alternative for a private landowner who doesn’t have a lot of property to cover, but still needs a decent amount of power.

Husqvarna 128LD

Quick Info

  • Bump Feed Trimmer Head
  • 2-cycle Engine
  • 11 lbs
  • 17 inch Cutting Diameter
  • 28 cc Engine

Our Rating:4.2 Stars

The Husqvarna 128LD packs a powerful punch and is fairly comparable to the Tanaka TCG27EBSP in terms of use and overall durability. It also boasts a self-load trimmer head that feeds through a bump system. Although not touted as a commercial grade product, the 28 cc engine can handle just about anything you can put in its way.

Since gummed up engines seem to be the biggest complaints, the key to keeping your trimmer running for years to come is the proper care of your engine, and running a non-ethanol fuel/oil mixture through it during use. This is good product for homeowners needing some power for a larger area.

Troy-Bilt TB575 EC

Quick Info

  • Bump Feed Trimmer Head
  • 4-cycle Engine
  • 13 lbs
  • 17 inch Cutting Diameter
  • 29 cc

Our Rating:3.6 Stars

The Troy-Bilt TB575 EC has a speed stool bump feed trimmer head and a powerful 29cc 4-cycle engine that can handle almost anything you put it it’s way. A 4-cycle engine doesn’t need a fuel/oil mixture and can run off straight gas, which saves you a little time and money in the long run.

Most complaints concerning this model have to do with the engine being more powerful than the design can handle. The 4-cycle design combined with the rest of the manufactured parts results in seized flywheels and bad experiences with customer service. As a lighter use machine for general weed whacking and trimming it seems to last and get the job done well, but perhaps isn’t the best choice for any heavy duty yard work.

Review Conclusion

The Tanaka TCG27EBSP Commercial string trimmer is a decent package deal for both business owners looking to upgrade their landscaping department, and homeowners looking for a long lasting, dependable product for some heavy duty work. A good balance, and plenty of features round out this product as a favorite amongst its current owners.

If this review of the Tanaka TCG27EBSP has put this product on your radar, feel free to comment, question, or share your personal experiences with us below. And as always, please share our article!

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