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The Best Halloween Garden Decorations

It’s almost that time of the year again. The decorations come out, and your neighborhood turns into a different world! Get a head start on the decorations this year with the list of seasonal products below.

As experts on all things to do with backyards, outdoor Halloween decorations are right up our alley. Take a look at some outdoor Halloween decoration ideas to get the inspiration flowing. Then read below for some decorations you can use in your yard.

    Inflatable Halloween Ghost

    Floating decorations

    Is there anything more terrifying than a life-sized Halloween ghost floating in the yard? This inflatable ghost with built in flameless tea lights is sure to make a statement at Halloween this year. It comes with everything you need, including a blower to pump it up and stakes to hold it down. This spooky, life-sized Halloween ghost decoration is an excellent way to bring the Halloween spirit to your yard.
    Foam graveyard decorations

    Lawn decorations

    You probably don’t want a graveyard in your yard every other day of the year, but over Halloween, it will fit right in! These foam tombstones will turn any yard into a creepy graveyard on the night of Hallow’s Eve. Make your own terrifying graveyard this Halloween with these RIP graveyard tombstones!
    Skeleton stakes

    Backyard graveyards

    Talking about graveyards, what’s a good cemetery scene without a skeleton trying to rise from the grave? Complete your yard decoration with a skeleton trying to escape from its grave. Two arm bones and a skull complete this simple but effective Halloween decor staple. These realistic-looking skeleton arms and skulls will take your backyard graveyard from creepy to terrifying!
    Giant Halloween spider

    Large outdoor decorations

    This huge spider and creepy web will turn any yard into a Halloween exhibit. One gutter is included to attach the web to your house, and the 5 ground stakes will keep the other end of the web in place. This giant spider and web combo will give your house some startling curb appeal. Add some string lights to the web for maximum effect in the dark.
    Inflatable Dog

    Cute decorations

    While Halloween is a celebration of all things creepy, your decorations don’t have to be terrifying! This cute blowup dachshund will bring some relief to the scared trick-or-treaters, and the attached pirate hat and pumpkin keeps to the Halloween theme.
    Scary Harry The Motion Activated Animatronic Killer Clown

    Automated scares

    For the yard decorators serious about frightening the neighborhood, Harry The Killer Clown is here to help. The motion-activated clown will spring to life and blurt out pre-recorded lines when anybody gets too close! An automated, motion-activated clown is sure to give the biggest frights this Halloween.
    Halloween Cloth

    Filler decorations

    Sometimes it’s the simplest decorations that make all the difference. Take this creepy Halloween Cloth, for example. You could drape this stuff all over the outside of your house for maximum creep effect. You can stretch this cloth over gates, porches, decks, fence posts, hanging from trees, or anything else you can imagine. With this simple Halloween cloth, you can turn any home into a house of horrors!
    Halloween projector lights

    Lighting up your home

    Lights can be scary too. If you have the right lights, that is. This projector will light up the outside of your house with those Halloween feels. It’s weather-resistant too, so it’s perfect for outdoor use. This projector also has Christmas lights built-in, so you’ll have decorations for two holidays if you celebrate Christmas. Light up your home this season with some Halloween-inspired projector lights.
    10 Piece Halloween decorations

    Filling in the gaps

    This 10-pack of Halloween yard signs has a wide variety of Halloween decorations. Think faux pumpkins, orange pumpkins, and fake spiders. These large signs come with stakes, are made out of corrugated plastic, and will help you make sure that your whole yard is filled with the Halloween spirit. With 10 plastic garden decorations, you can fill in all the gaps in your Halloween decorations with this themed decoration pack.
    Crashing witch Halloween decoration

    Funny decorations

    Halloween decorations should be scary, sure. But they can be funny too. Take this crashing witch decoration, for example. Turn a tree in your yard into a hilarious crash site, witch hats and all. Why not provide some comic relief to your trick and treaters with this funny crashing witch decoration?
    Orange, Super Long String Lights

    All the string lights you need

    With a total of over 280 feet of orange string lights in 4 separate sections, your entire house, yard, and street can be covered in orange lights over Halloween. They're solar-powered too, so your electricity bill won't be affected.
    Inflatable Grim Reaper

    Huge inflatable decorations

    This giant inflatable grim reaper is sure to make a statement this Halloween. Set it up on your lawn to terrify passer's by, or even set it up on your roof to have a grim reaper breaking through your house

With the list of decorations above, your house is sure to be the spookiest one in the neighborhood this year. For maximum frights, Harry The Clown is sure to be a winner. What’s more terrifying than a talking clown that jumps to life when it detects movement?

Sometimes you don’t want all your decorations to be terrifying. If this is the case, this inflatable dachshund is what you need. Young children will love it as well as the older folks in your household. What’s not to love about a blowup dachshund?

The crashing witch is a Halloween staple for a reason; it’s hilarious! Satisfy all the jokers in your neighborhood with this comical decoration. With all these options available to you, your house is sure to stand out this Halloween.