The Best Places to Buy a Snow Blower Online

It is that time of year again. Beautiful flakes of snow are drifting from the sky, creating winter wonderlands for everyone. The joy, however, only lasts so long. At some point, you are going to have to take care of that snow. To do that you are either going to have to shovel or get a good snow blower.

Personally, I will take the latter. But where can one find a good snow blower? There are plenty of retailers out there, though some are better than others. Speed, price and quality are always a factor, so let’s take a look at what everyone has to offer.



They say “variety is the spice of life.” Whoever said it remains unclear, but if they were talking about buying a snow blower, they were likely talking about Amazon. As can be expected, Amazon has a wide selection of snow blowers, many of which come with the expected Amazon perks, particularly those listed under the Prime service.

The products they offer run the gamut from under $100 to nearly $1000, electric and gas, and all sorts of sizes. Amazon also has a reputation for its reviews, and nearly all of the snow blowers have enough reviews to give you a good idea of what you are getting. For the higher grade machines, this is definitely a benefit.

Snow Joe Ultra SJ625E 21-Inch 15-Amp Electric Snow Thrower

Anything marked Prime will have free two-day shipping for those who subscribe to Amazon’s Prime service, and some products offer free shipping if you meet other qualifications. The Snow Joe Ultra, for instance, has a promotion which grants you free shipping if you purchase a qualifying item.

Shopping itself on Amazon is easy. It should not be a stretch to believe that people who shopped online have purchased something from Amazon. Amazon makes the whole process fairly simple, from finding the items you want to making the purchase. Items typically also have numerous photos of the product, giving shoppers a chance to see what they are buying. They also put similar items side-by-side so you can compare their details.

One of the neatest things Amazon does is point out what they choose as the best items. These Amazon Choice selections are chosen because they are highly rated, reasonably priced and readily available for purchase with Prime. One of the more popular brands of snow blowers is Snow Joe, which reviews paint as a pretty good product.

With options such as Amazon Choice, picking the right product for should be an easy task. After choosing the item, checkout is as easy as any other site, with multiple payment and shipping options at varied prices. However, with no brick and mortar stores, at least none yet, those ordering from Amazon are going to have it shipped, which means waiting for it to arrive.

The Home Depot

the home depot

Sure, The Home Depot is well known for indoor and outdoor projects. Building a deck? Home Depot has you covered. Remodeling your bathroom? You’re good to go. But they also handle some of the more day-to-day items you might need, such as snow blowers.

Right off the bat, Home Depot makes choosing the right snow blower an easy process. The first thing you are presented with when you hit their snow blower section is a selection of five options: Three-Stage, Two-Stage, Single-Stage, Cordless, and Electric. Making this choice is as simple as knowing the amount of snow you want to blow.

After making this initial choice you’ll be presented with all of the matching snow blowers. Surprisingly, most of the snow blowers have a large number of reviews, so you can get a good understanding of what to expect should you decide to purchase one. Also on each product is a side-by-side comparison of the snow blower with others of its kind. You are able to see how they match up in order to reach your best decision.


One great benefit of purchasing from The Home Depot is the option to pick up your item from the store on the same day or have it shipped to your home for free on most items, including these snowblowers. Most items over $45 offer no shipping fee.

Returning an item purchased online or off the shelf is easy., simply take the item to any Home Depot, with proof of purchase and your done.

With Home Depots all over North America, being able to access one for a snow blower on the fly should be an easy endeavor.



At Lowe’s, the snow blower section is laid out quite well. You are given several search options. You can easily select the type of snow blower that will suit your needs. You can choose the fuel type, you can even shop for specific brands, should you have an idea of what you want.

Choosing any of these options simply drills a bit deeper into presenting what you need, laying out multiple snow blowers to your exact specifications. Lowe’s even features a buying guide if you need a little bit of clarity. A little bit of a scroll down the starting page also presents you with various snow blower resources and any sort of accessories you might need, as well as other options. It’s basically a one-stop-shop for getting rid of snow.

Once on the page listing the items, something becomes quickly apparent. There are not a significant number of reviews for these items. Many are in the single digits, and only a handful have more than 100 reviews. This does not speak of the site’s quality, but perhaps more of its users. May It suggest doing more research before deciding to make your purchase from Lowe’s.


Should user reviews not be important to you, you will be happy to know you can find a great deal of information about these products on their product pages. A detailed description is provided, as well as specifications, right down to dimensions and the size of its chute.

Lowe’s offers additional content. You are able to see the operational guide, additional pictures of the product and in some cases, additional information by the product creator, such as a video.

Lowe’s does free shipping to its stores and offers free shipping on qualifying items at $50 or more. Their MyLowe’s account owners can get free shipping on anything.



If you are looking to have a special shopping experience while looking for snow blowers at Walmart, your expectations may be a bit on the high side. This is not to say they do not carry good products, it is simply to point out their user experience is fairly straightforward.

While they do let you drill down into more specific categories, the first page you see when you enter the snow blower section is a bunch of listings for different snow blowers. Walmart makes sure to point out which items are best sellers and which have had their prices reduced or rolled back. This is certainly a good practice and one which can guide users to making what one would expect to be a good decision.

As with some other big box chains, reviews are somewhat scant for these snow blowers. Only two breaks into three digits on the home page, while most sit at 20 reviews or fewer. Considering this, it would be difficult to gauge just how well the product might work out, save for what the company which made it might tell you.

walmart product description

Walmart provides descriptions for every item, which can be exhaustive, and you can access a selection of the machine’s specifications. Walmart also offers comparisons between snow blowers, giving you the opportunity to see how they match up against each other.

Free shipping is available for the snow blowers, and a free pickup is also an option should a store near you have one or you wish to have a specific snowblower delivered to the store.

Unfortunately, that is about all Walmart offers. There are very few extra views on items, and without additional reviews, it can be difficult to understand what sort of issues you may experience further down the line.

Ace Hardware


The first thing you will notice when looking for a snowblower at Ace Hardware is the lack of selection. There are under 20 items, and more than half of them come from Toro. If you are into products by Toro, this is great news for you, but if you are in the market for more of a selection, you may be out of luck.

Ace Hardware does offer free shipping to a local store in your area but seems to not offer free shipping to your home, which can be an inconvenience, particularly when compared to competitors out there.

ace product description

As far as additional details go, Ace does provide an adequate description of the item and a few extra photographs, but you are not going to find the sorts of in-depth information some other retailers make available.

If that was not bad enough, most of them are also without a single review, and the most reviewed comes in with only 40 reviews.

To be fair, 40 reviews are good enough to get a good idea about a product, but it is not good enough to be able to compare amongst other items.

It should be pointed out, however, that while they do not have a plethora of comments, the comments section breaks down the pros and cons of the items based on reviews, and also points out the best positive and negative reviews. As shoppers leave more reviews, this tool could make decisions to purchase items much easier.

Snow Blowers Direct

snow blower direct

With a name like Snow Blowers Direct, one can feel somewhat secure and that they are going to find what they want. According to their homepage, Snow Blowers Direct offers 196 models of snow blowers and has 7,536 reviews for these products. Right off the bat, it is easy to see these people understand the product.

One of a number of sites run by Power Equipment Direct, Snow Blowers Direct has its eye on the products it sells and works to make sure the experience is great for every customer. A quick cruise around the site will show this to be true. Every sort of snow blower can be found here, as well as whatever you may need to keep it running right.

After making your selection from the numerous options they offer, the information you need can be found on the product page. In addition to the kinds of things you can expect, such as a product description and specifications, Snow Blowers Direct also shows how their price compares to other retailers.

The information they provide is presented very clearly. Boxes across the top of the description break down the general information, while the more detailed description and specifications provide most everything you could want to know. Throw in the reviews and you have nearly every bit of information you would need to inform your purchase.

lift gate service

Snow Blowers Direct is an all online store, so you will not be able to head into a local branch and pick up a machine, but they do offer free freight shipping right to your door. If you want to have it brought off the truck, you will need to spend a little extra for the lift gate service. Unless, of course, you have a forklift handy.

One thing Snow Blowers Direct is lacking is the ability to compare one snow blower with others to see how they rank up against one another. Enough information is provided to allow a consumer to do this themselves, but having it as a standard option on the page would certainly be ideal.


Finding a snow blower does not need to be a difficult task, and some websites and companies out there make the experience easier than others. Truthfully, they all do good jobs in their own ways, even though some may stand out amongst the rest.

Using this information, head out there and look for what you need. Your best bet, in fact, may be using multiple sites to figure out exactly what you need. Compare user reviews and ratings to determine which snow blower you’re going to buy online.

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