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The Cover Guy Reviews and Complaints

deluxe hot tub cover from TheCoverGuy

The Cover Guy

The Cover Guy is the perfect place for any homeowner looking for a replacement hot tub cover, custom coverings, and accessories such as filters and cleaners.

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As nice as it is to have a warm and comforting hot tub to relax in, caring for and maintaining them is just as important. In order to take care of your unit, it is essential to have a hot tub cover. The Cover Guy provides coverings for all kinds of models and they even offer customized covers for your unit.

The Cover Guy provides covers and lifters and other subsidiary products for your needs. The following will be an in-depth review of the company, their products, and a look at what consumers have to say about their products.

A Look at The Cover Guy Product

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The Cover Guy offers several options for you to cover and protect your hot tub. They offer covers based on the location and environment that your unit is located in. They have three main standards of covers that you can choose from and they vary based on the conditions that your hot tub will be located in.

There are various standards of coverings for an indoor hot tub, a unit located in moderate outdoor climate and models located in severe outdoor conditions.  The different coverings vary in strength, in thickness and in their slopes as well as other factors depending on the environment that your particular unit is located in.

Based on this we can compare the pros and cons of the Cover Guy covers.


  • Built to be durable
  • Customized sizing for your tub
  • Can handle all kinds of weather extremities
  • Lightweight but built for endurance


  • Needs occasional maintenance to increase longevity

Based on this brief look at the pros and cons of using The Cover Guy covers we can see that the benefits definitely outweigh the cons. We will also discuss these in more depth later in this article.

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Who is The Cover Guy?

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The Cover Guy is an established and experienced tub cover store. They pride themselves in being one of the few original online stores within North America. Their outlook and goals are to provide customers with high quality and customized hot tub covers and lifters, with superior customer service and reasonable pricing. The company has been operating since 2004 and has over forty years of experience in the industry with their team.

The Cover Guy also offer different varieties of filters, chemicals, and other accessories along with the tub and spa covers as well as lifters. They provide over 22,000 customized covers, for all types of tubs, spas, and Jacuzzis in a year. They also accept specialty requests for extraordinary covers such as those for extra wide units, extra-long tubs as well as three-fold type of covers that might be required for larger models or swimming spas.

The Cover Guy team consists of highly specialized and knowledgeable members that are committed to providing consumers with great service. Together the team has over a hundred years of experience in this industry.

The company is environmentally friendly, they support the environment by creating and providing energy efficient covers and products. They also support various local communities through their events and sports teams.  As well they offer an annual scholarship to students who represent the qualities valued by their company and team.

Why the Cover Guy Covers?

A Hot Tub near to a Pool in a Florida Home.

Hot tubs are a great way to relax, have fun, or just tone down after a long day. They are great all year round and can be installed anywhere within your home or even outside in your backyard or deck. The great part is that they can be installed as you desire however, this does lead to the issue of maintaining and looking after them.

One of the biggest issues is that debris, dust and other particles or substances can end up inside your particular model. This is not only hard to clean and unsanitary but it can also be dangerous or detrimental to the hot tub.

For instance, if the unit is located outside all year round, it is highly exposed to the natural elements and the forces of nature. Strong natural elements such as rain, snow, and ice can really damage the hot tub. But also, other elements such as leaves and dirt can get caught in the wind and end up in the tub. This can not only be hard to clean up, but it can also damage the unit by getting caught in it.

This is where the Cover Guy covers come in, they provide covers of all types to help you protect your tub or spa unit. They have special coverings for all types of hot tubs and the circumstances that they will be facing. The covers vary based on the placement of the unit and its environment.

The Cover Guy Types of Covers

The Cover Guy has three different standards for their tub and spa covers. These are known as the standard, deluxe, and then extreme covers. The different tiers are offered to all their customers and they can select one based on their needs. They provide a minimum of a two-inch sloping on all their covers in order for the moisture and bits of debris to roll off it. They also provide their customers the choice to upgrade their cover if the need to do so arises.

Standard Covers

standard hot tub cover from TheCoverGuy

The standard covers that the Cover Guy offers are cover that is four inches in thickness in the center and then they slope down to a thickness of two inches on the outer edging of the tub cover. The standard covers a perfect for anyone with a hot tub or spa that lives in warm climate and weather. It is ideal for those who live in areas that have weather similar to that of Florida and certain parts of California or Texas. These tub or spa covers are also ideal for anyone who owns a model that is located within their home or perhaps within a resort. It is great for indoor use.

The Cover Guy standard tub covers are lightweight and ensure that the heat, moisture, and chemical odor from your unit is retained. The cover will also keep unwanted particles such as debris and dust out of the tub and protect the surface of the tub. Also, one of the most important features of the standard covers is that they come with straps that lock which ensures that children can be safe.

Deluxe Covers

deluxe hot tub cover from TheCoverGuy

The next step up from the standard tub coverings are the deluxe tub and spa covers. These covers start with a five-inch thickness in the center and then they taper down to a three-inch thickness for the edge of the hot top cover. The deluxe covers are the Cover Guy’s bestselling covers.

The deluxe type of covers are ideal for pretty much any type of weather, climate, and environment. The Cover Guy refers to these as all season covers. The deluxe covers are also lightweight, but they have an above par retention of heat that is ideal for anyone who is looking to cut down on their heating costs.

The deluxe covers are equipped to deal with a variety of weather conditions such as sun, rain, snow, and ice. This is ideal for tubs that are placed outside all year round and require protection. The Deluxe cover also comes with four straps that lock for safety purposes.

Extreme Cover

extreme hot tub cover from TheCoverGuy

The final tier of the Cover Guy covers is the extreme cover. The extreme type covers have a thickness of six inches from the center and then slope down to four inches in thickness around the edge of the cover.

The extreme hot tub and spa covers are specifically designed and best used for the colder spaces and locations. They are designed to withstand large amounts of extreme snowfall. The Cover Guy extreme covers are designed to hold in the most heat out of all their tub and spa covers. They also are able to carry the majority weight out of all of their other covers.

The extreme tub and spa covers are not only built for tremendous weather condition, but they are also useful in the event that you have larger pets or animals around that tend to rest on top of the lid or your tub or spa. As with the other two categories of tub coverings, the extreme covers also come with four straps that lock into place.

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Benefits and Features

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There are several benefits of purchasing a Cover Guy tub covering. One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a tub lid is that you will be able to ensure that your particular unit is safe. The Cover Guy covers are guaranteed to be of good quality, they are experienced and reliable and have been in the industry for a very long time.

Another benefit is that they will customize the size and built of your tub lid to the specific size that you require. This is a lot more beneficial than purchase a standard cover, which may not sit well on your own model. This means that it would not retain heat well.

The company also has secure locking straps on their covers, this guarantees the safety of pets, animals as well as kids. This is better as compared to some store-bought covers that rely on the elasticity of the cover to hold it in place around the edging of the tub or spa.

They also offer to ship through local carriers with a seven-day shipping time for in-stock products and a three-week shipping time for custom orders. As well they offer a replacement for damaged or defective products.

Another benefit is that you can also easily upgrade your tub covering any time if you wish to do so with the Cover Guy.

What Customers Think

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In order to get a good idea of what consumers think of the overall product and customer service they experience we have compiled their comments, reviews, and complaints.


Most people found the quality of their tub lid or spa cover to be of good quality and well built. Although, some people had a slight issue once they had received it with the seams seeming to open or a slight tear in the fabric of the cover. This can also be due to the shipping or delivery company.


All of the reviews and comments that were taken into consideration, expressed that the size and fitting of their hot tub or spa covers were correct and fit well. The sizes were exactly as they had ordered. Reviewers mentioned that staff was helpful in guiding them through how to measure and place their order through the website.


Although the website says that there is roughly a three-week period for the hot tub or spa covers, most people found this to be inaccurate. Many people comment that it took several weeks to get their covers and some even stated it took around 8-10 weeks before they received their hot tub or spa cover. They recommend ordering well in advance in order to ensure you receive the cover on time.

Customer service

Customer satisfaction meter with different emotions. Vector illustration. Scale color with arrow from red to green and the scale of emotions.

Most people found the customer service to be good and helpful. Although, some people stated that the company was slightly unhelpful when it came to shipping delays and damaged products.


Overall, there were more positive reviews as compared to negative and many people have a pleasant experience with ordering and receiving their hot tub or spa cover.

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Bottom Line

It is a good idea to invest in a strong, well made hot tub or spa cover as they protect your hot tub or spa from damage and bad weather conditions. The Cover Guy offers many different types of hot tub and spa covers to find the one that best fits the location and environment of your hot tub. Although delivery can take quite a bit of time, the Cover Guy is still worth ordering from if you have time until you require the use of your tub covering. And use this coupon code when you do!