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Thrifty Designs for a Beautiful Garden Path

Adding a path to your garden is a simple way to spruce things up. There are many ways to create your own unique path that will liven up your space without breaking the bank. Some might even use materials you already have around the house and yard. These thrifty ideas will put you on the right track to create your own beautiful garden path on a budget.

1. Tree rounds

Hold on to those stumps and cut dead trees! You can make a beautiful path using cut tree rounds. Use various sized rounds, cut to about 4 inches thick to create a path with a forest feel. Make sure the rounds are sanded and sealed so they’ll hold up to the elements.

2. Pallet slats

Another wooden path idea for those with access to pallets. You can stain and seal the boards for a more weatherproof path. Play with the spacing and the alignment to create a design that’s perfect for your garden style.

3. Stones with grass

A simple stone path is always a classic. Flat rocks like slate or sandstone are a nice choice for this path. You will want to dig out an area to lay your stones and place a solid base like sand or gravel so the stones will stay flat over time.

4. Gravel

One of the easiest and cheapest options for a DIY path. Gravel comes in many sizes and colors so you can choose what works best for you. To get the best results with your gravel path you will want to dig out a trench for the gravel and add something for edging to help keep the gravel in. Wood or stones make nice edging materials.

5. Wood chips

For a natural look that is soft underfoot, wood chips are a great choice. A woodchip path will also add a lovely, earthy smell to your garden, especially after rain. You will want to make sure to put something like sand or landscaping fabric under your wood chips to prevent plants and grass from growing through.

6. Concrete stepping stones

This is a great design that you can add a perosnal touch. Create your own concrete stepping stones with whatever shapes or design you want. This idea might take a little bit more work but you’ll be rewarded with a perfectly unique garden path.

7. Bricks

A brick path can make any garden feel like something from a fairytale. Upcycled bricks are a thrifty way to spruce up your garden. You can lay the bricks into a uniform path, try a funky pattern like a chevron design, or place them at random for a more rustic feel.

8. Paving stones

This design is great for those who need increased mobility around the garden. The large, flat surface of paving stones makes them ideal for easily walking or rolling a wagon over. To make sure the stones sit evenly, remove grass before placing the stones.

9. Cobblestones

Add a European feel to your garden with a rustic cobblestone path. Using smooth, rounded cobblestones will make your path feel like a massage when walking barefoot in the garden. Purchasing rounded river stones can be pricey so this works best for people who already have some stones on hand.

10. Mosaic

This design is one of the most time-consuming, but also most stunning ways to create a unique garden path. Using pieces of broken tile, ceramic, or even glass you can create a beautiful mosaic design in concrete that is sure to add an element of whimsy to your garden.

11. Grass

If you’re looking for simple this might be the path for you. Grass can make a beautiful walkway through the garden when used to separate garden beds or boxes. If you already have grass you might just need to reseed the area to make it lush, otherwise laying down sod is a quick and easy way to create a grassy path.

12. Flagstones with gravel

Flagstones, or paving stones, are cheap and easy to install. As mentioned above, they can be surrounded by grass for a simple design or you could try adding gravel around the for a more landscaped look. With the stones, you will want to be sure you level the ground well and add a layer of sand underneath to make sure they continue to lay flat.

13.  Sand

Bring the beach to your yard with a sand pathway. Perfect for a relaxing stroll through the garden and easy to install. For best results, place landscaping fabric underneath your path area to prevent grass and other plants from poking up through the sand.

14. Tires

Tires are something that just always seem to pile up around the home and garden. The good news is there are many ways to repurpose old tires! Use tires to create a rustic garden path by setting them into the ground and filling them with dirt. This is a great option if you are looking to add some simple stairs to your garden path.

15. Bottles

A fun and thrifty use for all those wine bottles you have lying around. This path is easy to install and the materials are cheap if you already have wine or beer bottles around. Make sure to dig deep enough that just the bottoms of the bottles stick up to create the path so they will be protected and won’t get broken.

16. Random items

Maybe the mosaic seems a bit too time consuming for you. This design is the perfect alternative that will give you a unique and quirky design without all the effort, You can use whatever random collection of things you happen to have including bricks, tiles, broken ceramics even hub caps can work! Fill the space between the items with sand, pea gravel or concrete and you will have a simple, fun garden path.

Design your own garden path

These thrifty garden path ideas will help you add some fun to your garden using cheap materials, or things you might already have laying around. These paths are quick and simple to install, but will definitely up the “wow factor” in your garden.