Toro vs Honda Snow Blower: How to Choose the One for You
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Toro vs Honda Snow Blower: How to Choose the One for You

Whether you live in a place where snow is a possible occurrence or a grim reality, there is one fact that doesn’t change; to remove snow you need a reliable equipment each winter season. Many people will admit that a winter blower is, without a doubt, the main tool in your arsenal for the fight against snowfall. After working all day, the last thing anyone would want when they return home is to tackle heavy snowfall, with inadequate equipment. With steep prices and multiple options, a blower unit is a massive investment and you want to ensure that your choice will best suit all your snowfall removal needs.

Purchasing a snow blower is a big decision and a major purchase for any household. Numerous consumer reviews can point you in the right direction when shopping for a reliable snow blower but there are a few questions that will need to be answered first. What is the average amount of snowfall your area receives? This will determine the stroke and cut you need.

Are there any limitations that hamper your ability to remove snow by hand? Is there a more ergonomic option? What is the area of land you are removing the material from? Will you need a large cut snow blower or will a small, less expensive model suffice? Once you have answered these questions, it will be easier to narrow down the style of blower unit you require.

One of the top rated snow blowers for the past decade or longer, Honda has been a trusted and tried brand in the engine market for quite some time. Their engines rev up in a variety of items such as blowers, cars, ATVs, etc. Toro, while not as recognized as Honda, has been increasing their foothold in the blower machine market offering competitive prices with a product to back up their claims.

Honda Snow Blower – Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Reliable engine and structure
  • Variety of options with models and features
  • Powerful chute for removing snow
  • Low emissions


  • High price tag
  • Rough chute operation
  • Large body design

Toro Snow Blower – Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Lighter frame and engine
  • Variety of models
  • Ample warranty


  • Reduction in power in smaller models
  • Problems starting in extreme cold

Honda Snow Blower Breakdown

Honda Power Equipment HSS724AAW

One of the king brands when it comes to engines, Honda offers consumers a range of blowers with single or two-stroke engines, differing cut sizes, and gas or electric models. Knowing what Honda snow blower would be the best purchase could be answered when looking at the landmass requiring removal of fallen material. If the area is large or a significant amount of white stuff can fall without a moment’s notice, a two-stroke engine with a large cut can be beneficial. If you are clearing a large driveway, a gas-powered model will lead to easier removal and fewer frustrations. While more expensive in the long run, with higher maintenance and gas/oil costs, an electric blower with a limited reach can create strife when removing material.

Reliable Engine and Structure

Honda blowers have long reigned supreme with their powerful and reliable engine. When properly maintained, these blower units can last consumers approximately 10 years, if not longer. The wide and durable structure offers consumers a peace of mind against rust or malfunction due to a missing or corroded part.

Variety of Options with Models and Features

The Honda line of blowers come in a variety of both engine and cut sizes along with offering the consumer the option of either gas or electric models. They also have higher-range blowers that start with a key instead of a recoil cord or comfort-inducing features such as hand warmers and padded grips, reducing vibrations through the arms. The wheels of the Honda blower units are deeply threaded, reducing spinning when maneuvering through heavy snow or ice but they also offer track options vs tires.

Powerful Chute for Removing Snow


The Honda blowers are renowned for their powerful chute mechanism. This is the piece of machinery that directs the removed snow to a higher and longer distance away from the area you are currently removing snow from. Depending on the engine style snow blower, the Honda could remove snow through the use of augers to break up heavy snowfall or a single impeller to remove the snow.

Low Emissions

A bonus feature for the environmentally conscious, Honda engines, has been proven to create lower emissions to the atmosphere than smaller brand snow blowers.

High Price Tag

Unfortunately, the Honda blower does not come without cost. To purchase a trusted and reliable brand, a consumer will usually have to budget for a minimum of $300 to a maximum of $3000 to own a Honda blower model. When factoring in the cost of maintenance and continued necessities (gas, engine oil, checks, etc.), a high lump sum is a tough thing to dish out.

Rough Chute Operation

One average complaint that consumers have regarding the Honda blowers and their models would be the rough chute operation. The force driving the Honda engine can create unwanted vibrations or friction when in use and the chute, along with the auger, physically harder to maneuver. A lubricating substance can remove this issue or reduce its occurrence.

Large Body Design

Adequate storage space is a necessity for a Honda snowblower owner. With a larger cut and higher wheels, these winter blowers can run on the bulky size and storage can be an issue. An awkward object by nature, a garage or shed is recommended for storage.

Toro Snow Blower Breakdown

AAVIX AGT1420 Gas 87CC Powered Single Stage Snow Thrower

While not a household name like the Honda, this brand has been increasingly gaining positive reviews with retailers and consumers alike. With its sleek, eye-catching design and competitive price, Toro is making its way to the top of the winter blower chain. With models in both gas and electric, the Toro offers many of the same features as its counterparts from powerful engines to the comfort of heated, padded grips.

Lighter frame and Engine

The Toro snow blower is light and sleek, making for easier storage and less physical strain to lift or maneuver. If you bring your snow blower to the shop for maintenance, it can easily be removed by the average person alone from a truck or ramp.

Variety of Models

Toro blowers are available in both gas and electric options. The gas-powered models perform best in heavy snow with a smooth operating system while the electric option appeals to the environmentally conscious while providing maximum power up to as much as 8 inches of snow. Both models have a variety of styles and cut sizes to find a product that best suits your needs.

Ample Warranty


Toro snow blowers come with a guaranteed two-year warranty on all components to ensure the life of your blower. While the consumer is responsible for delivery of the blower (either through shipping costs or bringing it to a local dealer), Toro’s warranty will cover the cost of any repairs to the machine.

Reduction in Power in Smaller Models

A common complaint surrounding the Toro snow blower is regarding the power. Consumers tended to find a smaller model Toro did not compete with the heavy duty models.

Problems Starting in Extreme Cold

Toro engines tend to have issues with starting in extremely cold conditions. The mechanisms can freeze and create a delay in starting or winding over. The problem is typically solved by warming up the machine using an enclosed area such as a garage or shed.

The Bottom Line

As with any competitive product, the question isn’t “What is best, a Toro or Honda snow blower?” but rather what product will best suit my needs? With pros and cons with both brands, it could come down to personal preference or a simple feature you desire.

You want to purchase a product that will suit your needs without denting your budget to the extreme. You want a product that offers the maximum amount of shelf life with no added stress. Research your snowfall amounts, consult experts and hardware retailers, converse with your peers for honest reviews and find yourself ready to take the plunge. Whether you purchase a Honda snow blower or a Toro, you want to be happy with your decision. Please comment down below with your questions and comments!