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Touch of Eco Solar Lights Review

Touch Of Eco

Touch Of Eco Solar Lights

Touch of Eco is an environmentally friendly manufacturer of solar lighting options and gardening solutions to enhance your landscape. Their wide array of products helps provide decorative illumination, security and even can work to help provide cell phone charging and wireless speaker needs during your travels.

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Solar lighting is a great way to illuminate your landscaping. Everything from walkways and drives, to garden paths, decks, and patios can benefit from the addition of nighttime lighting solutions. Not only does it create a safer atmosphere, it also highlights attractive features of your home and yard. Solar lighting can also be placed anywhere the panel can receive daylight for charging purposes, negating the use of an electrical outlet.

The following Touch of Eco solar light reviews introduces the many options the company offers to provide you lighting solutions throughout your home and yard. Everything from decorative touches, security additions, and useful tools are available to meet your needs.

About the Touch of Eco Company

Touch of Eco logo on a white background.

The Touch of Eco is determined to provide “innovative energy-saving solutions” for safe, everyday use. These money-saving solutions save you both money and energy and are 100% environmentally friendly. Made from recycled plastics, even the packaging the products come in are made from recycled cardboard, non-toxic inks, and are biodegradable.

Not only do they offer lighting solutions for your landscape, but their designs also span security and lifestyle choices to help you reduce your environmental footprint, and make your life easier. Once you’ve looked overall they have to offer in the way of lighting, consider taking a closer look at what additions they have for your gardening needs.

Pros Cons
  • Wide variety of lighting solutions.
  • Great for hard top reach landscaping.
  • Great customer service.
  • Batteries may not always last long (can be replaced).
  • Might not be as bright as expected.

Company Lighting Claims, Benefits, and FAQ’s

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Solar energy works by converting sunlight into usable electricity through a solar panel. Solar panels are layered with silicon cells that allow the passage of electrons excited by the heat of the sun. Each day the included rechargeable (and replaceable) battery is recharged to power your lighting when the sun goes down.


This type of lighting is highly beneficial to your outdoor space, and your pocketbook. Solar lighting is affordable and sustainable, plus you don’t tack onto your monthly electricity bill. Outdoor lighting also deters unwanted guests, both human and animal, plus it lends an ambiance to your own decorative landscaping.

Despite needing to place your panel where it will receive the majority of the sun through the day, most people find they are easily able to troubleshoot this even if they have a shady property. Lighting may weaken somewhat through the winter months due to the short days and lower levels of bright sunlight, but they still are effective for the majority of the year and many people use solar holiday lighting to help save on costs without sacrificing decorations.


If you are new to solar the company recognizes that you may have some questions pertaining to its use. The following frequently asked questions are those often asked about Touch of Eco light solutions.

How Does Weather Affect Lights?

Outdoor Garden LED Spotlights with Solar Panel in Grass on a blue sky background

Whether absolutely can affect the brightness and longevity of your lights from night to night. Your panel will still collect a charge from IR, UV, and visible rays that are present even if the sun cannot be seen, it is not as effective as a clear sunny day. Expect shortened lighting times on those days the sun doesn’t make its appearance.

Where Do I Need to Place the Lights?

Lights can be placed just about anywhere you desire as long as you can place the solar panel in a place that receives direct sunlight. Long connecting cords from the panels to the lights are included in some of the product designs to help you with this purpose- especially if you have shady areas on your property you would like to illuminate.

How Long Will the Lights Last?

The more sunlight received, the longer the run time. Most lights stay on for an average of 15 hours with a full charge. Cloudy days may reduce this time by up to half, which is still pretty impressive overall!

Can I Change the Batteries?

Four rechargable batteries isolated on white background

Each light comes with a rechargeable battery, but even those have a lifespan. The company recommends you replace your rechargeable batteries with special batteries designed for solar charging every 2 years to ensure the brightest illumination possible.

How Do I Install These Lights?

Solar lighting is incredibly easy to install! You don’t have to worry about running electrical cords to outlets, and can place them anywhere you want the light on your property! Designs are available for staked ground lighting, mounted lighting, decorative lighting, string lighting, and more!

Can I Turn the Lights Off?

All lights are equipped with a manual on/off switch so you can turn your lighting off when needed. Otherwise, they will come on automatically with the setting of the sun.

What Touch of Eco Lighting Offers

The company offers a varied selection of lighting that you can take advantage of. As mentioned, everything from decorative to security options is available for consideration.

Holiday Products

Touch Of ECO Solar LED Christmas Bulb String Lights in red,green,blue and yellow decorated on a christmas tree.

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Traditional christmas bulb string lighting, decorative candles, ornamental designs, and even laser blizzard beams are all offered by Touch of Eco. Decorate your home in style each holiday season without adding to your seasonal electric bill!

Utility Lights

Solar disk lights perfectly arrange on the steps beside flower pots.

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Gutter and fence lights, disk lights, spotlights, and pathway illumination are all covered by their utility lighting options. These are security light features that work to help dispel darkness throughout your property.

Decorative Lights

4 Touch of ECO suntorch gives lights to pathway.

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Decorative lights are fun and whimsical. Many designs offered to provide daytime enjoyment as well and nighttime illumination. These options feature lighting for umbrellas, patio, and decks, as well as tabletop and garden placement options.

String Lights

White lit string of lights decorated on front door post and pillars.

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String lights are a great way to change the look of your property and home at any time of the year. Available in many colors, shapes, and designs, choose your favorites for holiday decorating purposes, or to string amongst your vegetation, along eaves, or within pergolas, gazebos, and overhanging decks to brighten up your evenings.

LifeStyle Products

Touch of ECO Sunvolt Dual USB Solar Powered Charger charging a smart phone place on top of a flat surface rocks.

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Love the outdoors? Looking for a more environmentally friendly way to charge your phone? Need a dependable flashlight without the worry of battery power? These lifestyle products allow you to charge your phone off solar power, listen to your favorite music without worry of losing your charge, and even provides a solar/hand-crank flashlight for all your flashlight needs.


Depending on the item, the products offered by the company span a wide range of prices that reflect the size, power, and use of the light. I did notice that their website costs are a bit higher than third party selling platforms, so it might be prudent to find which items you prefer and then shop around a bit to get the best offer.

Overall their cost is comparable to similar, high-quality items. These are considered a great investment that will provide worry-free outdoor lighting and are durable to last for years. The ability to change the solar rechargeable batteries allows them to be a one time buy.

Warranty and Returns

The company offers a 60-day warranty and return policy. If the product arrives damaged or does not work properly you are eligible for a replacement.

Consumer Reviews

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Honestly, consumer reviews of their products are a complete mixed bag. I saw that their lighting options were either loved and well used, or considered ‘junk’, so I decided to do a little research.

Those who love the lights feel the colors are bright and vibrant, long-lasting, and weather well outdoors. They find them easy to install and are the solar solutions they were looking for. This is the majority of consumers, but poor reviews drag down overall ratings on occasion.

For those who are less than happy: First off, it is important to mention again that lights received that seem faulty are covered under warranty. Many complaints mentioned lights didn’t work upon arrival or stopped working within a few weeks, but never do they mention trying to resolve this under warranty.

Another thing I noticed was that the company specifically states that the batteries CAN BE replaced, and that like all batteries only last so long despite being rechargeable. These products allow you to easily access the battery for a replacement to bring bright luminescence back to your landscape. Many of the issues people experience may simply need to replace the battery to bring their light back to life.

Our Impressions

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I am impressed with the wide variety of what is offered and how diverse solar lighting is. Overall the quality of the products is impressive and the positive feedback outweighs any negativity surrounding the lights (especially when you consider people don’t take advantage of warranty or attempt to replace batteries).

The overall cost is fair, however, I definitely suggest shopping around for the best price. The company seems to offer its products on multiple platforms and costs are not equal from one to the next.


Overall the Touch of Eco company provides a dependable, quality array of products for you to choose from for all your outdoor lighting needs. If you can utilize a sunny area for solar options, these are a great choice for your landscape.

Be sure to look through what they offer to get a good idea of what you can utilize, whether it be for decorative purposes or security, and look a bit for where they are sold to get the best price. Their items do come with a 60-day warranty and be sure to contact customer service if a product does not work as it should.

Also, remember that solar lighting depends on battery storage. Over time this will diminish (or could even come weakened from warehouse storage) and replace the batteries is a simple task to elongate the life of your light. As always, please share!