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5 Trailing Succulents Perfect For Hanging Baskets

If you love low-maintenance plants, trailing succulents are a perfect addition to your home. They have long stems and stunning foliage best displayed in hanging baskets. They’ll surely add contrast and dimension to any room.

Discover five beautiful trailing succulents perfect for your indoor garden. From popular succulents like string of pearls to rare cacti like fishbone cactus, you are sure to find the perfect plant to cascade over your hanging pots.

What Are Trailing Succulents?

String of pearls in a window
Image credits: Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash

Trailing succulents are a type of succulents with stems and foliage that overhang their containers. This makes them a stunning center piece and the star of the show! Their leaves will naturally grow over the edges of their homes, cascading beautifully downwards.

Succulents thrive naturally in arid or dry regions. Due to this, they store water efficiently. They hold moisture in their fleshy leaves and stems in preparation for droughts. As a houseplant, this means they are generally low-maintenance and drought tolerant. They don’t need water often, although don’t forget about them!

These succulents will only need water when their soil is dry. On average, this is about once a week. You can easily create a watering schedule by checking the soil. The top inch or two should dry out completely before you douse your plant again. Remember, this schedule will change in winter as humidity levels fluctuate in your home.

5 Trailing Succulents Perfect For Hanging Baskets

Ready to add a stunning selection of trailing succulents to your home? Learn more about five of the best trailing succulents and what makes them a unique addition to your green space!

Ruby Necklace or Little Pickle

Othonna capensis 'Ruby Necklace', succulent plant
Image credits: Esin Deniz via Shutterstock

Choose ruby necklace succulents (Othonna capensis) for a splash of deep red in your indoor garden and  hanging baskets. Also called little pickles, this succulent comes from South Africa. This stunning succulent is hard to miss as it displays foliage in deep green and red hues.

Ruby necklace is a wonderful low-maintenance plant. Simply place your hanging basket in full sun and then water when the soil is dry. Plant this succulent in a three-gallon pot, and as always, ensure there is excellent drainage.

One unique aspect is its bright flowers. They look like a single blossom when in fact they are actually a small grouping of several flowers. Place it outdoors in the summer months to attract butterflies to its bright blooms!

Burro’s Tail

Image credits: Bozhena Melnyk via Shutterstock

Burro’s tail or Sedum morganianum is also commonly called horse’s tail, donkey’s tail, and lamb’s tail. This trailing succulent is a great addition to hanging baskets in pet-friendly homes. It is non-toxic for both cats and dogs, which is helpful if you have furry companions.

Along with plump green foliage, burro’s tail will also add a pop of color to your hanging baskets. It produces pink, purple, red, and yellow flowers. Burro’s tail prefers things dry! So water sparingly when the potting soil feels dry. If you forget to water it occasionally, burro’s tail won’t mind at all. This succulent also likes a bit of shade, so when choosing a place for your hanging basket consider an area that has partial shade during the day.

Baby’s Necklace Crassula

Baby's Necklace Succulent
Image credits: meinerestearmpe via Pixabay

Baby’s necklace crassula or Crassula perforata is a lovely trailing succulent. With little delicate leaves, this succulent is a great choice for small hanging baskets too! If you have a mini or micro indoor garden plant baby’s necklace crassula for a cascade of adorable little leaves and flowers that look like stars or buttons.

To keep this succulent happy, opt for potting soil that has great drainage. Then, keep it somewhere you can admire it! This plant will tolerant a range of sun exposures from bright to dappled or low lights.

Fishbone or Zig-Zag Cactus

Fishbone cactus for a hanging basket
Image credits: Elly Endeavours via Unsplash

Selenicereus anthonyanus has many names including zig-zag or fishbone cactus. The foliage on this rare cactus resembles both of its popular names with wavy and interesting foliage. This is a great succulent for trailing baskets as it can spread six feet!

Fishbone cactus will also paint your green indoor garden with a splash of color. In spring and summer, it will flower at night. It creates bright red or pink blooms that are up to a foot long.

This succulent has uniquely adapted to thrive in tropical environments as well, even though it originally grew in dry areas. As the climate changed, plants did too! Their thin stems and wide foliage became flat to soak up even more sunlight. Only water once the soil is dry.

String of Pearls

Closeup of woman hand holding small terracotta pot with Senecio Rowleyanus commonly known as a string of pearls. Sunlight. Hobby, houseplant lovers concept.
Image credits: DimaBerlin via Shutterstock

String of pearls or Curio rowleyanus, is a very popular hanging plant. Their stems can reach three feet in length if given proper care. With such long stems, they will be a beautiful addition to your indoor garden whether in a hanging basket or  in a pot dancing across your desk.

String of pearls blooms too! In the summer, they will blossom with white blooms that resemble small daisies and release a cinnamon fragrance. This succulent prefers bright well-lit areas with partial shade. Even though they are drought tolerance remember to water them occasionally every one to two weeks when the soil is dry to the touch.

Watch The Trail!

When it comes time to choose new plants, succulents are a must! They’re easy to care for, drought-tolerant, and will stun you with colorful blooms.

There are options for every gardener’s experience level. Choose string of pearls, ruby necklace, burro’s tail, or baby’s necklace crassula for a popular addition, or opt for the rarer fishbone cactus to add a showstopper to your home.

What are your favorite succulents to place in hanging baskets? Share your thoughts below! Then share with your friends on socials to help them find amazing succulents to decorate their home as well!