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5 Trees You Can Plant in Summer

It’s finally summertime, which means it’s the perfect moment to get outside and start gardening! If you’re looking to add some new trees to your landscape, here are five great options to plant in the summer. There are so many types of trees you can choose from, and each one has its benefits! To help you with this wide variety of choices, we prepared a list of the five best trees to plant during the hottest months.

First- Why Plant Your Trees In The Summer?

planting tree
Image credits: Taveesaksri via Canva

When it comes to planting trees, many people think Spring or Fall is the best time. But did you know that you can get great results by planting trees in the summer?

Here are four reasons why:

1. The Heat Helps The Roots Grow

Believe it or not, the hot summer temperatures help the roots of your tree to grow more quickly. It is because the warm weather encourages root growth, which results in a stronger and healthier tree overall.

2. There’s Less Chance of Transplant Shock

When you plant a tree in the summer, there’s less chance that it will go through transplant shock. Transplant shock occurs when a tree’s roots are damaged during the transplanting process, which can often happen when the tree is moved from a cooler to a hotter climate. By planting in the summer, you can avoid this issue altogether.

3. The Leaves Will be Lusher And Fuller

If you want your tree to have full lush leaves, planting in the summer is the way to go. This is because the hot weather helps the leaves grow more quickly, resulting in a fuller appearance.

4. You’ll Get Blooms Sooner

If you plant your tree in the summer, you’ll get blooms sooner then if you were to do it in the Fall. So, if you’re looking for a tree that will add some color to your yard, summer is the time to plant a tree!

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to plant a tree in the summer. So, if you’ve been thinking about adding one to your yard, don’t wait any longer – go ahead and get started!

Trees You Can Plant in The Summer

Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtle Tree
Image credits: meteorite via Shutterstock

The Crape Myrtle is a beautiful flowering tree that is perfect for planting in the Summer. The tree grows best in hot, humid climates and is tolerant of drought and heat. The Crape Myrtle tree produces an abundance of flowers in many colors, making it a popular choice for landscaping. The tree is also low-maintenance and easy to care for. When planted in the Summer, the Crape Myrtle tree will thrive and provide you with years of enjoyment.

Emerald Green Arborvitae

Emerald Green Arborvitae Tree
Image credits: AKM Creatives via Shutterstock

The Emerald Green Arborvitae tree is a gorgeous, evergreen tree that is ideal for the Summer. This hardy tree is native to North America and can grow up to 15 feet tall and four feet wide.

This tree is a popular choice for landscaping because it is relatively low-maintenance and does not require much water or fertilizer.

Additionally, this tree is resistant to drought and disease. So, if you are looking for an easy, drought-resistant tree to add to your landscaping, the Emerald Green Arborvitae is a great option!

Thuja Green Giant

Thuja Green Giant Tree
Image credits: Marinodenisenko via Shutterstock

The Thuja Green Giant tree is a great choice for those looking to add some tall greenery or privacy to their landscape. It’s a hardy tree that can withstand harsh conditions, making it ideal for planting in the Summer.

The Thuja Green Giant is also fast-growing, so you’ll see results quickly. And, because it’s evergreen, you’ll enjoy its good looks year-round. If you’re looking for a tough tree that will give your yard a boost of green, the Thuja Green Giant is a great option to look into. These trees can live up to 60 years so you can enjoy their beauty for years to come.

White Pine

White Pine Tree
Image credits: Aleksander Bolbot via Shutterstock

The White Pine tree is an excellent choice for Summer planting. It is a fast-growing, long-lived tree that tolerates a wide range of growing conditions. It grows best in full sun and well-drained soil. It is tolerant of poor soils but prefers fertile ones.

This dense, piney tree is an especially good option for the Summer months because it is a fast-growing tree. In just a few years, it can reach its full height of 80 feet. This rapid growth rate makes White Pine an excellent choice for screening or windbreaks.

If you are looking for a fast-growing, long-lived tree that is tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions, White Pine is an excellent choice for your outside home decor.

Red Maple

maple tree
Image credits: pieonane via Pixabay

The Red Maple tree is one of the most popular trees come Summer. It’s a beautiful tree that provides great shade and is known for its bright red leaves. The Red Maple tree is also one of the easiest trees to care for, making it perfect for those looking for an easy-to-care-for tree.

If you’re looking for those Fall colors, the Red Maple is the awesome choice! It’s also good wood for fires so gather all your friends and family!

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Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just starting, we hope this list of trees will help you find the perfect one for your landscape. Do you have any tips or tricks? Let us know in the comments below! And be sure to check back for more gardening goodness.