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Troy Bilt 27-Ton Log Splitter Review: A Convenient Power Option

Troy Bilt Log Splitter

Troy Bilt 27-Ton Log Splitter

The Troy-Bilt 27-ton log splitter is a popular model due to its durability and easy to use design. It is a great choice for homeowners who require a good amount of firewood, as well as business owners who provide wood splitting services.

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If you heat with wood or provide wood splitting services then you probably already know how convenient a log splitter can be. You can make short work of large, unruly logs and split firewood in seconds without having to put forth too much physical effort. Although there are many model options from which you can choose, gas run options are by far the strongest and most durable.

The Troy Bilt 27-ton splitter is a great machine to consider if you are looking for splitter to help with your wood cutting needs. Not only does it come from a dependable brand, but it also offers some great features to help make short work of any job you use it for. The Troy-Bilt 27-ton log splitter review below explains the make of this particular machine so you can better determine if it is a good match for you.

A Breakdown of the Troy Bilt Company

Most consumers want to know the brand they are buying from is a dependable one. Troy-Bilt has a long history dating back to 1937 when they first revolutionized the rototiller for the farming landscape. Since then they have strived to continue to provide dependable, durable machinery and tools for land and business owners; and their motto, built for life, is designed to help make the American dream a reality.

Today they offer a long line of landscaping products to help with lawn, garden, landscape, and seasonal care. They also manufacture various parts across multiple locations, all which strives to give back to their communities through various donations and charity participation.

Troy Bilt Log Splitter Claims

Troy Bilt 27-Ton Log Splitter

Troy Bilt Log Splitters are made from a heavy duty steel construction and use cast iron splitting wedges for long lasting, durable use. They consider their products to be easy to use and affordable for the average property owner, and provide excellent customer service and support.

The review found below breaks these claims into separate sections to provide you the details you need to determine if this is a tool capable of the job you have in mind. Our own ratings are based on company claims and detailed consumer reviews in reference to how well the splitter holds up to these claims.

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Features and Benefits

As with any product, a company wants to highlight the best selling features of what they offer. Although a log splitter is a fairly simple machine overall, the power and design can be highly influential in appealing to a potential buyer’s personal preferences and needs.

208cc Engine Power

The 208cc engine is a horizontal OHV (overhead valve)Troy Bilt product. This 4 stroke design is a popular choice for machinery as it is easy to maintain and work on when needed. Plus, it provides dependable power and is very portable.

The 208cc refers to cubic centimeters and is related to the overall displacement volume of the engine to provide a powerful piston stroke. 208cc is approximately 6 horsepower and is what fuels the hydraulics of the machine to provide tons of force (tonnage) it is capable of.

27-Ton Hydraulic Splitting Force

27 tons of splitting force is quite powerful and provides the power needed to handle just about any log you need split. Considered a higher end option, this amount of power is a middle of the line option for large firewood loads as well as land cleanup. This makes it a good choice for both property owners as well as commercial firewood splitting businesses.

Horizontal to Vertical Operation

Some splitters offer only horizontal splitting surfaces, requiring you to lift each log into place for splitting. When it comes to smaller, aged logs, this may not seem like a big deal, but what happens when you have a longer, heavier log, or one that is green and knotty? A vertical plane keeps you from having to actually lift the log into place and provide a place to set it at ground level to help you work through any job you need it for.

This design allows you to easily, and quickly, change from horizontal to vertical operation. You can switch between the two without any effort as you come across the logs that require a bit more effort on your behalf. This is an excellent feature that saves your back and keeps you working quickly through your wood pile.

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25-Inch Log Capacity

With the ability to handle logs up to 25 inches in length (that’s over 2 feet!) this is a splitter that is designed to get the job done. Although the company does not provide the diameter of log it can handle due to the variances in power needed depending on green vs seasoned wood, consumers have enthusiastically shared their experiences splitting aged wood up to 24 inches in diameter- making this a very capable machine indeed.

19 Second Cycle Time

The time it takes for the cutting wedge to return for the next cut is only 19 seconds. This is an excellent return time to provide you what you need to move or stack the split wood and get your next log into place. This rate of return allows you the potential to split close to 200 logs an hour, making it an excellent option for when you have large stacks of wood to get through.

2-inch Hitch and Jack Stand

The overall weight of the machine is close to 580 lbs, so easy transportation options are important. This product has a 2 inch ball hitch and durable jack stand so you can easily pull the splitter from one are to the next with a 4-wheeler, tractor, or truck. The jack provides excellent stability when cutting.

16 inch Pneumatic Tires

The large, treaded 16 inch pneumatic tires allow you to move easily over any terrain and keeps the splitter well balanced when in tow. Well spaced and designed to be worry free, these provide all the clearance you need for easy transportation.


Two Year Warranty Logo

A 2-year limited warranty covers the cost of manufacturers defects and provides new parts, service or replacement when needed. It does require a product registration and proof of purchase, and when a claim is needed, needs to go through the customer service department.

Their customer service is considered excellent with issues taken care of in an efficient, and timely manner according to consumers.

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What Consumers are Saying

Overall, this is a fairly new model created to replace almost the exact same design- but with a 208cc engine rather than a 160 engines to provide a greater cutting force. Consumer feedback in their original 27-ton model is overwhelmingly positive, as is the feedback the 208cc version has been getting.

How powerful, durable, and easy to use is consistently remarked upon by both landowners and business owners alike. The horizontal to vertical option is very convenient, allowing you to cut large, knotty logs very easily, plus it seems to start on the first pull almost every time. Negative comments seem to deal with defects covered under warranty which are few and far between. Suggestions relate to making a wider log tray for even more loading convenience, but this seems to be a very valued product by anyone who has purchased it.


Thinking woman voting in stars rating. Isolated

The only reason this product loses any rating points is due to the fact that it is not a product often found in garden centers to check out prior to purchase. This requires you to depend on online reviews and ordering, as well as the weight time for delivery. Although the set-up is considered fairly easy, it leaves you pretty much no option to buy it assembled.

This is a powerful option that provides a mid-range force designed for splitting large loads of wood. Created for property owners and small business owners, it can make short work of just about any size log you are going to come up against. Plus, it is incredibly easy to transport and is a very stable machine.


When on the market for log splitters, it can get a bit overwhelming to check out the best options available for your needs. Reviews and consumer ratings are a great way to help narrow down your choices and provide the information you need to research even further.

If this sounds like a machine you might be interested in, you can check the Troy Bilt 27-Ton Log Splitter out here. They also offer a 33 ton option as well if you feel you need to have something a little bit more. If you stick your own firewood or provide it as a service, this is a great product to consider.

If you have any questions or comments, or anything to share about this particular model we would love to hear from you below. And, as always, please share!