Troy Bilt vs Craftsman Blowers: Unparalleled Options for Powerful Results
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Troy Bilt vs Craftsman Blowers: Unparalleled Options for Powerful Results

With winter well and settled in over much of the Northern Hemisphere, you may have found yourself eyeing up your neighbor’s snow blower each time a snowfall of significance occurs. If you have been considering investing in one yourself, be assured the season is far from over in many places, and there is bound to be many hours worth of snow removing still to be had.

When determining which snow blower brand may be best for your particular climate, it can be easy to become slightly overwhelmed with the many options available to get the job done. Of the many popular brands currently available, Troy Bilt and Craftsman have over 160 combined years of powerful yard product dependability. If you are curious about the differences between snow blowers, Troy Bilt vs Craftsman, the following should help better explain these details.

Troy Bilt vs Craftsman Blowers Comparison Table

Troy-Bilt Storm 2625 Troy Bilt
  • Models Offered: 27
  • Professional capabilities: yes
  • Tracked wheels for terrain adjustment: yes
  • Comfort capabilities (i.e. adjustable handles, heated grips, etc): yes
  • Warranty: 2 year
Craftsman 88394 Craftsman
  • Models Offered: 14
  • Professional capabilities: yes
  • Tracked wheels for terrain adjustment: no
  • Comfort capabilities (i.e. adjustable handles, heated grips, etc): limited
  • Warranty: 2 year

Troy Bilt Pros & Cons


  • Wide range of models available
  • Powerful capabilities
  • Added comfort details on some models
  • Both residential and professional models


  • Belts may need adjusting
  • Large model controls need time to get used to

Craftsman Pros & Cons


  • Decent amount of model choices
  • Large housing sizes
  • Powerful engines
  • Both residential and professional models


  • Assembly time required
  • Belts need regular adjusting

Troy Bilt Snow Blowers

Troy Bilt

The Troy Bilt brand has been around since 1937 with the creation of a homemade rototiller that changed the face of how people looked at home gardening. Through the years, the company has stood up to their claims of ‘Built for Life’ with a long line of dependable lawn care products.

Their snow thrower series of models are no exception and are available for everything from residential to commercial use, and offer a wide variety of features and benefits to take care of anything Mother Nature can throw at you.

Model Range Offered

Troy Bilt currently offers 27 different gas powered models spanning from compact, single stage models, to durable two stage, and massive three stage machines. Choosing a model should be based on the average expectation of snowfall your climate receives, as well as your property size, and personal preferences to comfort, design, and storage capabilities.

Their series include the following:


Troy Bilt Single Stage

The Squall models define the single stage blowers built for homeowners that receive light to intermediate snowfalls. These machines generally can clear 3 to 9 inches with ease upon smooth pavement, as they leave a clean path behind them.


Troy Bilt Dual Stage

The Storm Series defines the dual stage models built for both residential and commercial use. This range of models can handle moderate to heavy snowfalls with ease, no matter how wet or icy the conditions.


Troy Bilt Three Stage

Three stage blowers are powerful machines made to chew through heavy, wet, and icy snowfalls and drifts with ease. These are made for serious residential and commercial use, and boast large, powerful engines.


design icon

Troy Bilt snow throwers have many features to choose from across their range of product models. Manual, remote, and electric chute controls, power steering, self-propelled drive, and one-hand engine control all provide you with the ability to keep you working without pause.

Track drives, airless tires, headlights, and even heated grips are all options for added traction and comfort for the worst of the winter weather, and to provide you with the ability to use your machine over uneven terrain no matter what time of day, or night it is.



Troy Bilt has a 2 year warranty on their snow throwing products which covers both housing and engine defects. Easy returns and part replacement are part of the deal, especially since the brand name is reputable with most businesses that offer service to these types of products. Their customer service hotline is considered to be one of the best in the business as well to help you determine which machine is best for you, and to answer any questions or concerns you have with your purchase.


Even though Troy Bilt has a solid reputation as a reliable manufacturer of outdoor equipment, a few issues can come up time to time with the machinery. No matter how dependable a brand name is, gas-powered engines do require regular maintenance, and part replacements depending on the heaviness of use.

Engine issues are usually attributed to gas, oil, or carburetor issues. Fluids should be drained at the end of each season, and carburetors cleaned or replaced over time when needed.

Snow can often become clogged within the chute as well due to moisture. Keeping this cleaned out after each use to avoid melt and refreeze should be considered. Belt wear is also normal and can cause your machine to not run properly, or at all. Be sure to check belts and replace frayed and worn ones to keep running smoothly.

Craftsman Snow Blowers


Craftsman products were first patented in 1927 by Sears, and offered their first yard care product in the form of a lawnmower in 1934. Synonymous with dependable power, Craftsman has become a name widely used around the world through a variety of home and commercial uses. Their large range of snowblower models includes electric, single, two, and three stage designs to meet the needs of both homeowner and professional business owner alike.

Model Range Offered

Craftsman currently offers 14 models of snowblowers ranging from electric single stage, to three stage powerhouses. The variances between each allows you to better decide which model is best for your particular job, and each offers a comprehensive list of specifications to make your comparisons even easier.

Their series of models include:

Electric Single Stage

Single Stage

Electric powered blowers run from your nearest electrical outlet, and are compact, powerful choices for areas that receive low to moderate snowfalls. They are best used with smaller properties – plus they store extremely well and have low maintenance issues.

Gas Powered Single Stage

Single Stage

Single stage blowers are made for lighter snow and easy homeowner use. These blowers have benefits of brushless motors as well as electric start options.

Two Stage

Dual Stage

These two stage blowers come in both compact and professional size models to get moderate to heavier snowfalls cleared with ease. Both forward and reverse drive systems and power steering are a few of the features highlighted.

Three Stage

Third Stage

Three stage models are heavy duty workhorses and are made for large properties located in extreme climates, as well as for professional uses. These machines have many options to help make your snow removal chore that much easier.


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Both electric and gas powered snow blowers have multiple benefits depending on the job you need them for. Snow removal can be quickly completed in comparison to the use of a shovel, and with the many easy start options offered by Craftsman, you can get the job started without having to prep and prepare the engine.

Options such as power steering, engine driven power, rugged, treaded tires, and remote chute controls help keep you comfortably working without pause to get the job done. Many models also include lights to allow you to work through any type of weather conditions, day or night.



Like Troy Bilt, the long standing name the Craftsman brand has provided an authority in the business backed by a 2 year warranty that also includes further coverage on the engine for up to 5 years. This covers manufacturing defects and supplies parts and service to those machines that are covered. Their customer service is also considered top notch.


As described above, as with any gas powered engine, maintenance and care should be a regular occurrence, and issues may arise through use as parts begin to wear. Although fairly inexpensive and easy to work with, it never hurts to consult with a mechanic familiar with the brand.

Three stage blowers can be more difficult to work with, however, and should be taken care of by a professional if something goes wrong. This is true with any brand model.

Your Best Choice Explained

Both of these names are reputable and honest in the snow blowing industry and are popular picks due to the range of model capabilities offered, as well as the customer service that comes with them. Although Troy Bilt offers more of a variety, Craftsman offers comparable models, including an electric version geared more towards small property owners in need of a dependable machine. Troy Bilt also has a few more comfort options overall, as well as a tracked-tire system, but Craftsman isn’t far behind in what they offer, especially since they do have all the same benefits that help drive your machine forward with ease.

What all comes down to between these brands, at least in my mind, is personal preference and the overall need for your specific job. Each offer excellent durable capabilities and have more than proven themselves in terms of brute strength and dependability through the years. If you have comments or questions concerning either brand, we’d love to hear from you below! And, as always, please share.