True Temper 36-Inch Scratch Free Snow Brush Review
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True Temper 36-Inch Scratch Free Snow Brush Review

Breakdown of the True Temper Scratch Free Snow Brush

True Temper 36-Inch Scratch-Free Snow Brush - ABTT3612

True Temper, by the Ames company, is a tried and true product line that was created to provide affordable and useful outdoor products for every season. Everything from gardening tools and wheelbarrows, to winter weather aides, can be found to give you an advantage no matter what job you are faced with.

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Leaving your vehicle in the driveway during the winter months, or parked in a lot, is an invitation for extra chores depending on the weather. Nothing is worse than trying to clear that small bit of snow left down the middle of your windshield, or hacking away at ice accumulation with only a simple hand tool. The True Temper 36 inch Snow Brush is scratch proof, and long enough to use with a bit of leverage to clear off the worst of the winter weather when needed. The innovative design allows for peace of mind as well when used upon your favorite paint job, and is the perfect lightweight, long handled tool to get into those hard to reach, small spaces.


True Temper, by the Ames company, is a tried and true product line that was created to provide affordable and useful outdoor products for every season. Everything from gardening tools and wheelbarrows, to winter weather aides, can be found to give you an advantage no matter what job you are faced with. Their entire line of snow brushes are incredibly popular, but none more so than their 36-inch , aluminum handled option that allows you to add leverage to ice scraping and breaking motions, as well as to reach to those areas that are often a challenge to get to. The specialized foam brush is guaranteed not to freeze or scratch, and is durable enough to handle any snowfall it faces.


  • Very efficient in all snow types
  • Works well for rainfall as well
  • Durable scraper


  • Length may make it too top heavy for some people
  • Leverage from back is compromised by ice scraper
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Although simple in design, this dual brush and scraper has some pretty neat little details that helps make it a popular product with consumers. Although other size options do exist, the 36-inch is a best seller due to its versatility.


36 Inch Overall Length

The 36-inch length of this tool makes it a great tool for versatile winter use for any sized car, truck, or SUV. Not only can you reach the tops of most vehicles with it, you also can reach the tops and middle of your windshields with ease to clear snow, and most ice from the ground.


Aluminum is a popular metal alloy that can withstand most all weather with ease and does not rust. Nothing is worse than the moisture of snow and ice melting upon your handle and under your grips to create a wet, drippy, rust-colored mess the next time you reach for your tool. This type of handle provides you the peace of mind that after putting your tool up for storage either between uses, or for the season, that no little bit of undried moisture will compromise your snow brush, or stain your property.


Innovative Freeze Resistant EVA Foam Brush

Ethylene-vinyl acetate, more commonly known as EVA, is an elastomeric polymer used to create ‘rubber-like’ products known for their softness and flexibility. It is resistant to UV radiation, is stress-crack resistant, and can withstand severely low temperatures- making it a perfect material for use in winter weather. This is the same type of foam material used in car washes to ensure that you get a proper scrub without damage to your vehicle. This type of material is known for its long-lasting, dependable durability. The plastic bristles often used in snow brushes can harden in the cold, build up snow and ice, and can scratch the clear surface of your vehicle’s paint job. Over time this ruins the integrity of your vehicle surface, inviting in rust and sun damage. This EVA foam brush is guaranteed not to freeze or harden, and provides a soft, gentle wiping surface good for any type of precipitation through the year. This type of brush also makes it convenient to get into those hard to reach spaces and clear smaller areas. The space under your windshield wipers, and your side mirrors, often take the brunt of the weather and are difficult to clear completely. Because of the gentle nature of the brush, it is safe to use in those more delicate spaces to clear completely of winter precipitation.


Double Sided Ice Scraper

A flat and corrugated dual-headed ice scraper is located on the opposite end of the handle to provide both a chopping and scraping surface. This helps clear off the accumulated ice and wet, packed snow from your windshield and windows. Made from a durable plastic, it can also stand up to severe cold without becoming brittle or cracking under stress, providing you with a dependable product for years to come. The rough edge of the scraper is perfect for heavy, caked on ice that has resulted in long-term drizzle or periods of freeze and refreeze without clearing in between. It breaks up the ice enough to use the flat edge to scrape and smooth out the surface without having to wait for your car to warm up completely.


Ergonomic Comfort Grip

Due to the length of the tool, a durable, ergonomic, rubberized comfort grip exists midway down the handle shaft. This allows for added leverage when scraping or chipping at ice as well as another place to hold onto when brushing snow from your vehicle. The grip is also texturized to help keep your hand from sliding on it, and provide a true, tight grip when wearing thick mitten or gloves.

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Obviously, the more materials and size a product has, the more weight it will have to it- but this brush only weighs a mere 3 pounds, and has excellent balance for reaching and brushing movements. This is partially due to the lightweight aluminum handle, as well as the foam brush. The ice scraper and chopper side, considered the bottom of the tool, is slightly heavier in nature but is also the side you keep closest to you more often.


True Temper products are backed by a 90-day warranty against product defects and problems with workmanship. This includes full coverage of the product or the part associated with the problem. To see this product at work:


Costumers Review

The reviews surrounding this product are overwhelmingly positive with details surrounding use in almost every winter condition found within the United States. From heavy, wet snow removal, to ice caked onto windshields: it seems this is a good tool to address the many various problems that often arise from leaving your vehicle out of doors during the winter months. Most people appreciated the soft touch of the brush for their car paint jobs, as well as the amazing 36-inch reach that worked well for truck and SUV rooftops. The mid-shaft grip is also helpful addition, as the use of both brush and scraper benefit from it. They also often commented on the heavy snowfalls many areas get, and how well it lasted through the season despite multiple instances of heavy freezes and regular snowfalls.

Some complaints arose concerning the edge of the ice scraper that some people felt wasn’t flat enough to truly get up and under ice to clear it away. And others felt it was a bit long to get a good grip at the end due to the scraper, but these were incredibly isolated and due to more to personal preferences than anything else.


If you need just one good snow brush tool this winter to finish your winter weather tool checklist (also: a good shovel and a good snowblower), this may be the perfect choice for you: The True Temper 36 inch, Scratch Free Snow Brush is the ideal tool for the clearing of your vehicle both at home and in parking lots without having to first wait for your car to completely warm up. The foam brush is both innovative and modern in design to provide you with peace of mind surrounding your overall car care, and also is guaranteed not to freeze; keeping it useful no matter what the weather throws at you. If the 36 inches is a bit too long, you can check out the other variable sizes offered for your specific specifications.

We’d love to hear  your experiences with this tool, or answer any questions you may have about it below. And, as always, please share.

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