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7 Different Types of Fireplaces to Consider

Are you thinking about installing a new fireplace in your home sometime soon? If so, are you aware of the different types of fireplaces to consider? A classic wood-burning fireplace with a mantle is the first image that comes to mind at the mention of the word “fireplace.” But there are far more types of fireplaces to consider than simply an old-fashioned brick and mortar fireplace. In this article, we address 7 different types of fireplaces to consider before making up your mind on what to install in your house.

Types of Fireplaces to Consider

Indoor Fireplaces

The main types of fireplaces to consider investing in for your home are indoor fireplaces. A wide variety, indoor fireplaces include wood-burning, electric, ethanol burning, and gas burning. Indoor fireplaces are meant for heating the interior of your home, for decor, or as features of some traditional architectural styles. They come in many sizes, ranging from small-belly woodstoves to enormous gas-lighted fireplace walls.

Sitting by fireplace with dog indoors wood fire

Outdoor Fireplaces

As the name suggests, outdoor fireplaces are the opposite of indoor fireplaces. They are designed for the exterior of your home. Outdoor fireplaces usually sit near or are attached to, the outside of the home and consist of a basic firebox and chimney construction. Most outdoor fireplaces are wood-burning, almost to the point of exclusion, but (as shown here) some gas and electric options are available. Whether out in the backyard with the gazebo, or on the back patio, an outdoor fireplace adds a whole lot of charm and diversity to your home.

types of fireplaces wide outdoor gas fireplace

Fireplace Fuel Types to Consider

Gas Fireplaces

Aside from wood-burning fireplaces, natural gas fireplaces are among the warmest and reliable. Like traditional fireplaces, many gas fireplaces are vented, include a firebox, and have a chimney.

That said, some gas fireplaces use direct vents that draw gas straight from the source as well as drawing air directly from outside as well. These direct vented gas fireplaces require no chimney.

Gas fireplaces are cost-effective, require much less work than wood fireplaces, and are generally easier to install than traditional type fireplaces as well.

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Electric Fireplaces

Another extremely popular type of fireplace design these days is the electric fireplace. Easy to install, easy to maintain, and requiring less work to operate than most fireplaces on the market, electric fireplaces are one of the most preferred. There is a pretty wide range of electric fireplaces available, though many rely on an internal heating coil and fan. As the cool air is drawn into the fireplace, the heating coils warm it up and the fan moves it back out into the home.

Cutting edge electric fireplaces work with infrared technology, however. These electric fireplace types work by directly heating objects in the home. If you’re looking for one of these, our latest reviews on the best electric fireplaces may give you a few good choices to consider.

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Wood-Burning Fireplaces

The most classic and old fashioned fireplace in the world is the wood-burning fireplace. They are the most basic, technologically, but provide enormous amounts of heat at a low cost. They also require more work to operate, maintain, and clean.

Wood fireplaces typically consist of a firebox for burning wood and a chimney or flue for releasing smoke and harmful toxins created by the burning wood up and out of the home.

In addition, wood fireplaces make excellent centerpieces for social gathering places outside. Wood fireplaces are also the best for roasting chestnuts and marshmallows.

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Fireplace Safety Features to Consider

Zero Clearance Fireplaces

The zero clearance fireplace is one of the newer types of fireplaces to consider investing in to heat your home efficiently. The name “zero clearance” comes from the fact that, unlike most fireplaces, these nifty new fireplaces require absolutely no clearance at all between the firebox and the walls of your home.

As you can imagine, in homes with little space, zero clearance fireplaces are the best bet as they can directly touch the wood, sheetrock, and other types of materials that your home is made out of and cause no damage let alone start a fire.

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Ventless Fireplaces

Last but far from the least, ventless fireplaces are another great type to consider. These types of fireplaces are often natural gas or propane-fueled fireplaces. Likewise, they don’t need a chimney or flue to function properly and safely.

For homeowners who prefer the least hassle and upkeep possible, a ventless fireplace is the choice for you. Easy to install, operate, and maintain, ventless fireplaces take very little effort on your part to keep your home heated and safe from accidental fire damage.

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A Final Word About Different Types of Fireplaces

Choosing the best fireplace for your home, with all the various different types of fireplaces to consider, can be quite the challenge. Hopefully, our article helps you narrow down your choices and make the most well-informed decision possible. Do you know about a new or alternative type of fireplace to share with our audience? If so, let us know all about it in the comments section below.

Good luck with picking out the best fireplace for your home!