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9 Types of Rhododendron for Your Landscape

Are you looking to bring some color and texture to your outdoor space? Whether it’s your front yard, backyard, or patio garden, adding rhododendron plants can help turn your area into a unique oasis. These perennials are beautiful flowering shrubs used for ornamental purposes, but their various varieties come in an array of colors that can add a spectacular touch of vibrancy to your landscape.

From its stunning foliage to huge flower displays, these hardy plants make the perfect addition for anyone looking to satiate the urge to get creative with their landscaping! Here are nine rhododendron species, so you can find one suitable for beautifying your little slice of paradise.

Dwarf Varieties

Whether grown in a container or planted in the ground, these tiny shrubs will bring long-lasting beauty and color to your outdoor space. The small size of these rhododendrons makes them ideal for smaller gardens and patios, while their vibrant flowers add an eye-catching splash of color so they stand out on your landscape.


dreamland rhododendron
Image credits: Peter Turner Photography via Shutterstock

If you’re looking for a beautiful addition to your garden that brings a touch of spring, the ‘Dreamland’ cultivar is a perfect choice. The pale pink flowers with darker gradient edges create a stunning display.

They bloom around mid-May, grow hardy in USDA Zones 6 through 9, and thrive in full sun to open shade exposure. Regular watering will also keep it looking its best. Not only that, but you can attract bees and hummingbirds with this plant too!


This beautiful ‘Nestucca’ Rhododendron has a lot to offer gardeners looking for an attractive and hardy plant. It provides a stunning display of showy white flowers in the late spring to early summer. The ‘Nestucca’ also works well in full sun to partial shade areas and is hardy down to zone 5a.

As if that wasn’t enough incentive, this rhododendron is also a great addition to a wildlife enthusiast’s garden. The fragrant blooms are sure to attract plenty of bees.

Tow Head

Rhododendron 'Towhead' pale blonde flowers
Image credits: Bad Birch via Shutterstock

Adding a bright burst of sunshine to your garden is simple with the cheerful ‘Tow Head’ Rhododendron. Its clusters of yellow flowers, light green highlights, and orange-yellow blotching make this variety stand out.

Perfect for adding a pop of color to your landscape, it loves the full sun as well as filtered sunny areas. This hardy shrub will thrive in moist and well-drained acidic soils. Blooming in April, it’s sure to bring smiles all season long.

Ginny Gee

Ginny Gee Rhododendron
Image credits: David_Maddock via Shutterstock

An ideal type for adding bursts of color, ‘Ginny Gee’ has white to pale pink blooms that appear in the spring. For best results, plant this rhododendron in part shade and water moderately, and remember that it doesn’t like wet feet, so provide it with good drainage.

In northern climates, this plant can tolerate more sun but may require extra protection if you live in a really hot one! Plant ‘Ginny Gee’ in zone 6 through 8 and enjoy the beautiful blooms every season.

Shrub Varieties

Rhododendron shrubs are beloved for their beautiful blooms and lush foliage. Here are some of the most popular shrub rhododendron varieties.

Blue Peter

Blue Peter rhododendron
Image credits: Iva Vagnerova via Shutterstock

If you’re looking for a hardy, beautiful addition to your garden, ‘Blue Peter’ might be just the shrub for you!

This evergreen needs full or partial sun. It blooms in the summer with stunning funnel-shaped violet-blue flowers with frilled petals. At up to 9 feet in height, this bushy shrub will fill your space nicely and make a bold statement.

Best of all, ‘Blue Peter’ is hardy enough to withstand cold weather conditions in USDA Zone 6, making it an ideal choice if you live in colder climates.


Elviira rhododendron
Image credits: Edita Medeina via Shutterstock

Featuring a deep red flower funnel with wavy edges and darker arrow-shaped spots, ‘Elviira’ blooms from late spring to early summer.

The fragrance of this beautiful shrub is subtle yet pleasant, making it perfect for those who want the look of an aromatic flower without overpowering odors.

Boule de Neige

The ‘Boule de Neige’ will bring beauty and joy to your garden with its delicate white blooms in late spring and early summer.

Although it may not offer a fragrant smell, this resilient flower will add something truly unique to your landscape. Plus, it can easily withstand temperatures as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit. Say goodbye to harsh winter weather ruining your outdoor décor.

Tree Varieties

If you’re looking for a stunning addition to your landscape, nothing beats the tree varieties of rhododendrons. With their wide array of colors and sizes, these evergreen perennials are sure to transform your garden into a vibrant sanctuary.


McCabe rhododendron
Image credits: Mike Russell via Shutterstock

The ‘McCabe’s’ magnificent glossy dark green leaves reach up to 11 inches, with greyish-white undersides. In early to mid-spring, the plant’s bell-shaped, pale yellow flowers bloom in large, dense rounded tethers.

This plant prefers partial shade and moist but well–drained soil for optimal growth. With an ultimate height of 39 feet, it is truly an impressive sight!

Great Laurel

Great Laurel Rhododendron
Image credits: CinemaPhoto via Shutterstock

‘Great Laurel’ is a beautiful evergreen tree, ideal for sprucing up your garden. Its size is impressive since it can grow up to 30 feet when planted in favorable conditions.

Its flowers are especially stunning since they come in clusters of 16-24 and have bell-shaped petals ranging from white to purplish pink with spots of color.

Get Your ‘Bud’ in The Garden!

Incorporating rhododendrons into your outdoor space provides beauty, vibrancy, and a sense of creativity to express yourself. From their gorgeous blossoms to the evergreen foliage, you can turn your backyard getaway into a paradise for all seasons. Whether it’s for garden entertainment or simply a great place for relaxation and appreciation, these shrubs won’t disappoint!

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