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24 Outside-the-box Backyard Play Sets

Children have access to a wide variety of entertainment options. However, outdoor play is still an essential part of a child’s development, offering countless benefits to their health and well-being. Outside-the-box backyard play sets are a fantastic way to encourage children to get outdoors, explore, and engage in physical activity.

They come in many exciting and creative designs, providing endless opportunities to play and have fun. Explore the many positive aspects of backyard play sets and highlight the benefits they offer for kids of all ages.

Giant Chess

Kid playing with chess
Image credits: Onfokus via Canva

Although this looks like something taken right from Alice in Wonderland, it is easy to replicate. All you need are three different colored sidewalk blocks, two of which half to be perfect squares. The chess pieces can be made from just about anything, including old tires, circular discs cut from a log and then painted, or old Frisbees.

DIY Sandbox

Image credits: Philip83 via Canva

Building a DIY sandbox is an easy and cost-effective way to create a fun play area for kids. They provide a tactile sensory experience that encourages imaginative play, developing creativity and social skills. With some basic woodworking skills and materials, you can build a custom sandbox to fit your backyard’s size and aesthetic.

Log Style Playground

Logs play set
Image credits: Ken Ng Yin Chern via Shutterstock

A log-style playground is a unique alternative to traditional metal or plastic play sets. Made of natural materials such as logs, it provides an authentic and organic play experience. Log-style playgrounds are also incredibly durable, require minimal maintenance, and offer endless creative possibilities for children to climb, balance, and explore.


kid in the treehouse
Image credits: benjaminik via Canva

A treehouse is a timeless classic that provides children with a magical and unforgettable play experience. It can be as simple or elaborate as you want, built on a tree or standalone structure. It offers adventure and freedom, encouraging children to explore and play in a safe and unique environment.

Create Your Game

playing jenga
Image credits: OlegMalyshev via Canva

If you live in a rental property, then altering the landscape may not be an option for you, nor will installing a permanent playset. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have options. Create backyard games that will fit your limited space and let your kids have fun playing them!

Sandbox With A Sunroof

Kids Sandbox
Image credits: moomin201 via Shutterstock

For the handy dad out there, this is a great weekend project. Assemble a nice, roomy sandbox for the kids, complete with corner seats and a sunroof to protect them and keep the sand nice and dry.

Reading Corner

Reading corner in the backyard
Image credits: Odua Images via Canva

Creating a cozy and inviting space where children can relax and read promotes literacy skills and encourages a love of learning. A reading corner can be as simple as a comfortable chair or a pile of pillows in a shady area. However, it can also be a custom-built structure with shelves, lighting, and bookcases.

Splash Pad

Splash Pad
Image credits: Fatcamera via Canva

A splash pad is a great way to cool off on hot summer days while enjoying outdoor playtime. These water play areas are designed with fountains, sprayers, and water jets that provide a refreshing and exciting play experience. A splash pad is easy to set up and can be customized to fit any backyard size or shape.

Playhouse with a Slide

Childrens wooden climbing
Image credits: fotosr via Canva

This one will take a bit of work, but with some basic DIY skills, you can do it! Not only is it a cool playset, but it’s also a fort and part of the backyard landscape. If built properly, it can be a fun place for your kids to play at any stage during their childhood.

Obstacle Course

Obstacle course
Image credits: Sergey Novikov via Canva

If you want your kids to not only have fun but also compete with each other, this obstacle course will be a perfect solution. Create something simple or more sophisticated, depending on your budget and DIY skills. Just remember to build a project appropriate to your children’s age.

Bowling Lane

Parents playing bowling with children
Image credits: vladans via Canva

The bowling lane can be customized to fit any backyard size or style and is made of various materials. With lightweight bowling balls and pins, kids of all ages can develop coordination and aiming skills while enjoying physical activity and fresh air.

Fort on a Tree

Backyard Tree Fort
Image credits: RyanJLane via Canva

Instead of building a treehouse, you can put in a bit less effort while creating something fun for your children and build this sophisticated fort. Your children will be happy to use it as their playhouse, having fun with friends.

Backyard Slide

Kid sliding
Image credits: AleksandarNakic via Canva

Backyard slides are a classic and beloved playtime staple that can provide hours of entertainment. They come in many different shapes and sizes to suit various ages and interests. Not only do they provide fun, but they also promote physical activity and develop children’s balance, coordination, and confidence.

Climbing Wall

Climbing wall
Image credits: mathieukor via Canva

If you have natural hills and mounds in your landscape, that’s perfect. Use them, play with the raw material they offer, and work on some climbing walls. All you need is some wood, a package of rock wall grips, and rope.

Monkey Wall

tire playground
Image credits: MrMuml3le via Canva

The wall consists of stacked tires, offering a challenging and fun climbing experience that helps develop strength, agility, and balance. It can be built in different sizes and shapes, allowing it to fit into any backyard space. The recycled tire material is environmentally friendly, durable, and requires minimal maintenance.

Fancy Playhouse

Child's Playhouse
Image credits: JCalvin via Canva

A fancy playhouse is a dream come true for many kids, offering a magical and enchanting space to play, imagine, and create. Playhouses come in various sizes and styles, including whimsical designs like castles, cottages, and Victorian mansions. A fancy playhouse provides a perfect space for children to socialize, learn, and have fun.

Tire Swing

Tire Swing
Image credits: south_agency via Canva

For those getting all sorts of great ideas to make tire swings, here’s a fantastic infographic on how exactly you should be doing it. It’s not a matter of stringing up a tire around a branch, but this makes a much better and stronger swing for the kids.

Simple See-saw

Image credits: colematt via Canva

A simple see-saw is a classic and timeless addition to any backyard. The simple design encourages children to use their coordination, balance, and communication skills while enjoying the fresh air and physical activity. It is perfect for families who want to create an affordable set that promotes socialization and outdoor play.

T-shaped Swing

Swing in a backyard
Image credits: slobo via Canva

A quick fix to keep your kids entertained without committing too much to your yard space is a T-shaped swing set. Only one cement footing is needed, but by creating it, you can hang two swings at once.

Tic Tac Toe

Tica tac toe
Image credits: hejdijpix via Canva

Tic-Tac-Toe is one of the simplest yet developing games. By implementing it in your backyard, you will keep your children entertained for hours. You can use some ropes and wooden pieces, but you don’t have to be limited this way. Simply find some other inspirations and build this game how you want.


Image credits: catlane via Canva

Another great way to spend quality time outside is by playing cornhole. A game for all ages to enjoy. Building a cornhole board won’t take too much time or extend the budget. 

Backyard Twister

Playing Twister Outdoors
Image credits: Kamchatka via Canva

Twister is one of the most entertaining games, no matter the age. However, most people play it inside, but why don’t you try doing it outside? If you don’t have a playing mat, don’t worry. Use spraying paint to paint the circles, and voila!

Backyard Trampoline

Big backyard trampoline
Image credits: rustycanuck via Canva

Jumping on a trampoline is a great way to exercise and will positively affect your child’s health. What’s best, after your kids are done, it can be your turn to have fun!


Image credits: wwing via Canva

Another fun game for everybody that is extremely easy to set up is croquet. All you need are six color mallets, six color balls, nine wickets, and two stakes, and you are ready to go. You can organize family tournaments and have fun for hours, thanks to this game!

Backyard Fun

Outside-the-box backyard play sets provide endless opportunities for children to have fun, be active, and explore their imaginations. From classic designs like treehouses and see-saws to more unique options like monkey walls and splash pads, there is a backyard play set for every family’s style and needs.

They promote physical activity and socialization while developing creativity, problem-solving, and communication. By investing in a backyard play set, families can create a safe, engaging, and exciting space for their children to learn, grow, and play in the comfort of their backyard.

Which backyard play set did you like the most? Comment below, and as always, please share!